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Year of the Dragon

Celebration Calendar

In celebration of Dungeons and Dragons' 50th anniversary, DDO is launching the Year of the Dragon, featuring a monthly giveaway of FREE dragon-themed gifts! Don't miss out: starting on the last Wednesday of every month, new drops will be released and will remain available to redeem for free only until the next offering debuts. These aren't just any gifts — they're a treasure trove of select in-game items, special cosmetics, and spectacular surprises that promise to add a 'draconic' edge to your DDO experience.

Remember, these gifts are only free for a limited time. Be sure to visit the Silver Dragon, Xatheral, in the Eberron Hall of Heroes to redeem that months offer! You can find the Eberron Hall of Heroes in The Marketplace, near the location of the House Kundarak Bank. Xatheral is located in the lower level in northeastern corner within the Eberron Hall of Heroes. Join us in celebrating the Year of the Dragon today!

March 2024 - Gift of the Silver Dragon April 2024 - Curate your Xpack Cache May 2024 - Ground Bound Green Dragon Mount June 2024 - Dragon Hatchling Pet
July 2024 - Blue Draconic Wings August 2024 - Draconic Raiders Reward Box September 2024 - Prismatic Dragon Outfit October 2024 - Horde of Discovery
November 2024 - Pick of the Dragons Lair December 2024 - Dragon Path Aura Footprints January 2025 - Armor of the Dragon Cult February 2025 - Dragon Disciple Archetype

Dates and Content Subject to Change

* Limited to 1 per Account; Claim on Your Preferred Server

** Limited to 1 per Server