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Enhance your Epic Journey

Become a DDO VIP

Upgrading to VIP unlocks access to extra benefits and features in game! DDO’s VIP program offers game perks, rewards, and more for your characters and your account. An excellent value for players that want to get the most out of their adventures!

How to become a VIP

Choose the Plan That is Right for You

    * compared to the standard monthly price

    NOTE: Purchase of VIP plans is only available in-game.

    Please refer to the FAQ on how to upgrade your account. Cancel in-game at any time.

    Benefits Include:

    • XP Boost
    • Free Dice Rolls!
    • DDO Points*
    • Expanded Adventures
    • Build More Options
    • Monster Manual
    • Saga Skip
    • Test Your Skills
    • Move Faster
    • More Characters
    • More Storage

    *Terms and conditions apply. DDO Points are distributed monthly based on the day of the month of your subscription activation.

    For existing subscribers upgrading their current subscription to the multi-month plan, the upgrade will take effect at the expiration of the subscription plan that is current at the time of the selection.

    Menace of the Underdark, Shadowfell Conspiracy, Mists of Ravenloft, Masterminds of Sharn, Fables of the Feywild, Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh, Isle of Dread, and Vecna Unleashed are expansions and are not included with VIP membership.

    Be sure to check the DDO Store to upgrade many items featured above!

    VIP Loyalty Rewards Program

    Unlock something special every month with our VIP Loyalty Rewards Program! Get a variety of new perks, accumulate benefits, and enhance your gameplay experience like never before.

    Speak to an NPC named Violet Peregrine in the Eberron Hall of Heroes after the 1st of every month to claim your latest account reward! Read more about our VIP Loyalty Reward Program on

    VIP Loyalty Rewards Schedule

    Frequently Asked Questions Expand AllCollapse All

    1. Log into game.
    2. Open the store by clicking the "Store " button.
    3. Click on "Become a VIP" in the top menu.
      Choose the subscription option that best works for you. Click the Currency button of the plan.
    4. Choose your Payment Method.
    5. If you don't have a payment method on file, enter your billing information, and click "Pay Now".
    6. You'll have confirmation that your payment for your subscription went through. You're now a VIP!

    Once you have a subscription, you can view and maintain your subscription in one of two ways: 

    1. Clicking on "Subscriptions" in the DDO Store.
      This page will show you your active subscription, your next billing date, and the ability to renew immediately if you choose. Click on "Continue". You'll be brought to the "Payment Method" screen. Simply choose a Payment Method that works and click "checkout". Just like DDO Point purchases, you will be charged immediately, and the time added to your account. At that point you'll be in the new subscription plan.
    2. Clicking on "Manage Subscriptions"
      This page will show you in more detail the plan and billing information for your subscription. Clicking on details will expand the window. As in the "Subscriptions window" you can renew right now, hold, cancel, or change the subscription you're on. Scrolling down you can see more about your Renewal Details and past Payment History. 

    Expansions are not included as part of VIP membership. An Expansion is an addition to the base game, containing specific packs, areas, raids, and other content. Expansions must be purchased separately for all users, regardless of VIP status. 

    Your 500 DDO Points grants will be automatically added to your game account each month on your billing anniversary/renewal date. You can see your current Points balance by logging into the game and opening the DDO Store to view your balance in the upper right corner. A history of your balance changes is also available by clicking the dropdown menu next to your username in the upper right corner and selecting "History". Your VIP bonus grant will be listed as Type "VIP Monthly Bonus" in history. If your 500 Points do not arrive on the date you expect, please wait 72 hours for any delivery delays before contacting Customer Service. 

    Yes, the VIP membership subscription is a recurring charge, meaning that you will be automatically charged at the beginning of each billing cycle until you cancel. If you have purchased a multi-month plan, you will be charged upfront for the full amount of the plan and then at every cycle. For example, if you purchase a three-month plan, you will be charged for the first three months and then automatically every three months until you cancel. You may cancel your membership at any time.

    Once you cancel your subscription, you will retain your VIP access for the duration of the original subscription period. On the date that would have been your renewal date, the subscription will be cancelled, and the account will be downgraded to Premium status.

    No, VIP membership cannot be transferred to another account.

    At this time, we do not have an automated way to gift subscriptions to other players.