Year of the Dragon - February 2024!

Get the Dragon Lord fighter archetype for FREE through March 26th, 2024! Visit the Silver Dragon named Xatheral in the Eberron Hall of Heroes to acquire the Dragon Lord archetype for your game account! You can find the Eberron Hall of Heroes in The Marketplace, near the location of the House Kundarak Bank, on any non-Hardcore game world. Xatheral is located in the lower level in the northeastern corner within the Eberron Hall of Heroes. Join us in celebrating the Year of the Dragon today!

Inspired by the legendary Dragon Lord prestige class from the 3.5e Dragon Magic book, this exhilarating new archetype empowers Fighters to channel the awe-inspiring might of dragons. Embrace the art of combat with tactics that mirror the dragons' unparalleled ferocity, designed to demoralize and overpower adversaries with ease. Excel in the battlefield domains of crowd control, impregnable defense, and the mastery of Draconic power!

Read the Update 66 Release Notes for detailed information about the Dragon Lord and its various abilities!


  • The Dragon Lord is free to VIPs! All players including VIPs need to speak with Xatheral in the Eberron Hall of Heroes in order to acquire the Dragon Lord archetype for their account. After March 26th, the Dragon Lord will be included in the monthly VIP benefit whether you have added the archetype to your account or not. Speaking with Xatheral prior to March 26th, 2024 will unlock the Dragon Lord for your account permanently!
  • You only need to speak to Xatheral once, on one game world, in order to unlock the Dragon Lord archetype for your account. 
  • The Dragon Lord will be available in the DDO Store after March 27th, 2024 for 995 DDO Points.
  • Xatheral is not available on the Hardcore server.