Update 57.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 57.1, released on Wednesday, December 7th, 2022.

Of Special Note:

The Jester of Festivult arrives on December 8th!

The Jester of Festivult arrives December 8th! Players can trade special coins found in chests throughout the game world in exchange for fun cookies and other rewards! Read more in our guide on DDO.com. Coins will continue to appear in-game through January 8th, 2023 and the Jester will stick around through January 15th, 2023.

The 7th Season of the Hardcore League begins!

Read more about the Hardcore League's seventh season on DDO.com. Begins on December 7th, 2022 and runs until 2:00pm Eastern (-5 GMT) on Tuesday, February 7th, 2023! The Hardcore server is open to all players. 

News and Notes:

Bug Fixes:

  • A previous change to the cooldown of skills that was released in Update 57 has now been reverted. Skills should now trigger as they did prior to the release of Update 57.
  • The Class Level Hit Point bonus granted by Heroic Durability and various combat styles is no longer improperly flagged as an Insight bonus, and should now stack with everything.
  • Corrected an issue that could cause a player's Creature Companion stable to not appear correctly. Any players who experienced missing stables recently should now have their proper stables returned.
  • Wish for Memories potions now function properly for half elves and humans.
  • Enhancements that add ability modifier options to your weapons, such as Sacred Fist's "Divine Dream" or Falconry's "Killer Instinct", no longer erroneously overwrite each other.
  • Humans from the Grip of the Hidden Hand adventure pack now properly count as Humans in the Monster Manual instead of Sahaugin.
  • Some missing Harpies have now been added to the Monster Manual.
  • Missing creatures from the quests "Killing Time", "Under the Cover of Darkness", and "Eye Know Who Dunnit" have now been added to their appropriate Monster Manuals.
  • Corrected a data error in the Monster Manual for Skeletal Sharpshooter.
  • Embodiment of Law and Harbinger of Chaos' Imbue Dice no longer drop on death.
  • Hunter's Mark no longer puts stances on cooldown.
  • Second Wind now properly works even if you have Deathward.
  • The ability restoration benefit of Panacea now works on undead.
  • Wrathful Weapons now has its proper tooltip.
  • The Core 1 toggle for Tiefling and Tiefling Scoundrel now works correctly.
  • Warsoul's Fires of Fury now properly toggles on.

Quests and Adventure Areas:

  • Order in the Court! - A named loot chest now appears after completing all three Trial optional objectives as originally intended. This chest had been erroneously appearing after finding all nine clues. Finding all nine clues now awards an additional optional chest.
  • Growing Pains - Pumpkin breakables are no longer stuck slightly under the ground, preventing them from being broken.
  • Army of Eternal Night - A lever has been added to help players and prevent the quest from being unable to be completed in certain situations outside of a trapped corridor.
  • Army of Eternal Night - Skeletons will now properly drop collectibles instead of empty bags.
  • Undead throughout the Grip of the Hidden Hand adventure pack now properly take damage from positive energy.

Other Changes:

  • The magic of Festivult has again changed the effects of some cookies and cakes!
  • Hardcore Season mounts will no longer display a specific number on their decorative elements moving forward. Existing Hardcore season mounts currently retain their numbers if they have them. The Hardcore 7 mount is the exact same mount as in Season 2. Players who earned the Hardcore Season 2 mount do not benefit from acquiring the Season 7 mount. 
  • The 150 Favor Reward for Morgrave Favor is now functional, and can be acquired by speaking to the favor NPC. Players who already earned the favor reward and who have already spoken with the NPC do not yet have their +5 Hit Points. This will be retroactively granted in a future patch. Players who have not yet acquired the Favor reward by speaking to the NPC can now acquire the favor reward.