The Snowpeaks Festival is the most magical time of winter, when the ice, sleet, and wind arrive, bringing good cheer and treats to all who brave the Peaks!

Did we mention that there are also monsters who want to kill you? Oh. Ok, well, there's that. A new Champion type, Scourge of the Snowpeaks, has arrived, and if you slay these Champions, a chest will appear that will reward you with Bronze, Silver, or Gold Snowpeaks Coins. Turn these coins in to Flurry in the Hall of Heroes for great rewards! Snowpeaks Coins can also sometimes be discovered in chests throughout the game. 

Every time you defeat a Scourge of the Snowpeaks there is also a rare chance that the chest will contain a Frozen Key, which you can turn in to Flurry for access to the Snowpeaks themself! Frozen Keys can also be found in chests throughout the game while the event is active, but at a rarer rate.

While on the Snowpeaks, you will have your wits, reflexes, and ability to stay cool under pressure tested with a challenge to collect Coins as you slide, jump, and twist! Running a Snowpeaks challenge rewards you with a large number of Snowpeaks Coins. Anyone can run a challenge as long as they have a Frozen Key!

Some of the rewards may be familiar to adventurers who have visited during Festivult or the Winter Games, but there are new items in addition to some cosmetics that were once exclusive to the rarer Gold Daily Dice rewards!

Reward List - January 2024:


Snowpeak's Gifts: Charisma

Snowpeak's Gifts: Dexterity

Snowpeak's Gifts: Movement Speed

Snowpeak's Gifts: Imbue Dice

Snowpeak's Gifts: Dodge and Max Dodge

Snowpeak's Gifts: Cold Spellpower

Snowpeak's Gifts: Cold Absorption

Snowpeak's Gifts: Hamstring Ward

Other Rewards:

Festive Augment of Charisma

Festive Augment of Dexterity

Ruby of the Snowpeaks (adds Freezing Ice and Cold damage)

Ruby of the Iron Hand (Adds Cold Iron damage type bypass)

Ruby Eye of the Glacier

Sapphire of Snowpeaks Speed

Craftable Trinket (+5)

The Frozen Skull (rapier)

The Ice Dragon's Tooth (short sword)

Crystalline Frostaxe (hand axe)

The Sword of Snow (Greatsword)

Festivult Armor

Festivult Crown

Festivult Cloak

Crown of Frost

Snowman Pet Certificate

Polar Bear Pet Certificate


Candy Cane

Snow Elemental Gem

Icy Potions of Jumping, Haste, Superior Freeze V, Chill Shield, Feather Fall, Protection from Fire, Resist Fire, and Frostbite

Trade In: Gold to Silver

Trade In: Silver to Bronze

Available in the DDO Store:

Elixirs of Frosty Luck

Drinking this elixir grants your character an additional +5% bonus to the chance of finding Snowpeaks coins and keys from chests you loot. The effect lasts for the next hour that you are logged in and in a quest. (The effect timer pauses while you are in public areas.) Single use.

Frozen Keys

Turn a key in to Flurry in the Hall of Heroes to be transported to a Snowpeaks Challenge!

We hope you have fun visiting the Snowpeaks, collecting Coins, and earning seasonal rewards!