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    Post Turbine, here’s how to get more money from me: Platinum Hirelings & Cheap/Easy TR

    First, this is the first MMO that I’ve enjoyed enough to pay money to play (I’ve bought the Starter Pack and 5 adventure packs during the last sale and a few other goodies) and the first game where I cared enough about the game to setup a forum account. And here are a couple suggestions to get even more money from me.

    Second, I’m a solo player. It’s how a prefer to play. When needed, Elieri (the lvl 3 permanent gold hireling) and a normal hireling have seen me through most quests. At level 15, it’s finally to the point where Elieri is getting really squishy and I’m having trouble with at level quests as most quests are now for balanced parties.

    My proposal: Platinum Hirelings.

    I would also love to play with the party I have used in the PnP game. I don’t want to create and run all 5 characters by themselves I want a party of them. And platinum hirelings would help me get close to that.

    Platinum hirelings are permanent and except for what is outlined below, act like the permanent gold hirelings players can currently get (which includes using up inventory space or needing the hireling folder - more money for you - since this makes the hireling folder more desirable).

    1. Platinum Hirelings start at level 1 and level with us! You can handle this different ways: they get 75% - 80% of our xp when in a quest with us, or they always stay 1 - 3 levels below the main character are two ways. (Could make it so purchased hirelings start 1 - 3 levels below the main character instead of level 1 to get purchases from established characters).
    2. We choose the race, class, gender and name we want for each hireling (and possibly the look of). The hireling is that class forever, no multiclassing.
    3. We don’t have control over their leveling - just create templates. You could either allow us to choose a path for our hireling (the same ones from the character creation screen) or just have a single path for each class.
    4. The only problem (i.e. requires more programming then the rest of this) is how to let us have some level of control over their shortcut bars. Because we would need that - especially for the spellcaster types. I want my cleric hireling to always have Divine Vitality on the bar (as I play a wizard), but a melee character would rather use that slot for something else.
    5. As they level, the game would have to adjust their equipment to match current hirelings of the same level. Otherwise you would have to give us a way to give them new equipment. Easier to just let the game adjust their equipment.

    A better name for them would probably be henchmen or followers. And for that reason they should be BtC. We’re creating henchmen/followers here, so they would be BtC (literally) not to just anybody. And as BtC then in a TR these hirelings should also be reset back to level 1.

    I would buy at least two of these immediately for around $10 each and up to four of them if platinum hirelings could also enter raids!

    Now, for those who want to complain how this would make it even harder to find and fill PUGs. I don’t think it would make much difference. Those who like to group, still will; those who don’t, still won’t. It won’t really be an option for the f2p gamers. All this does is make some quests doable and easier for those who don’t like to group (or get few opportunities to) and gives Turbine some more money. Also a group of live people will still have an easier time (especially in raids) than a solo player with a bunch of hirelings. So grouping is still the better option for those who don’t mind grouping.

    Thanks for the great game!

    One last thing: with all the talk about changes to reincarnation, here’s my 2 cents.
    Make TR cheap and/or easy (around 100-200 turbine points) why? If TR is expensive or a hassle, then I may continue to epic levels and quit (if I go that far, I’m not enjoying the higher level content as well - too long of quests and most require parties - give me platinum hirelings to help with that ). Make it cheap and/or easy, and when I TR with my character (which I will in this case), I guarantee I’ll pick up more adventure packs (there are still many low/mid level packs I don’t have yet, and there is no reason to buy them now at level 15). Make it cheap for me to TR and I’ll spend more money on adventure packs and other goodies with each new life (more money for you). Make TR hard or expensive and when I top out, I’m then done (no more money for you).

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    You could implement the feat "leadership" thus taxing characters that want this, also limits the "Cohort" to your level -3(i think its based on cha too)

    I would love to see something like this included. and to pull form a different game, the Heroes in Guild Wars 1, in particular when you could use your other toons that you leveled, unlocked skills for and geared, as your heroes, that made it worthwhile.

    now. i understand that a team of your personal level 28 characters may be a bit overpowered, unless they affected scaling, though in this game the skills are much more difficult to manage than GW.
    something similar would be awsome. Also, limit it to one "Cohort"

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