This build is from Sigtrent's build request thread

Ram Bow Neutral Good Elven Bard 8 / Ranger 6 / Fighter 2
Requested By: Gabrion

Gabrion had requested a bow using bard with stealth and some decent UMD among other details. So I whipped one up but I went too far in the casting direction and not far enough in the kicking but with bows direction for his tastes. So back to the drawing board I went and this time swung the pendulum far in the other direction. I missed one mark of his request, which was at least 9 levels of bard but I couldn’t resist this particular class set up so I hope I can be forgiven. Perhaps a more middle of the road build may be in order but this one is just too wacky not to post.

So I was waffling about how much fighter, how much ranger, how much bard, spellsinger vs warchanter and so on. In the end I decided it would be fun to mix ram’s might with inspire courage and to get a ranger archery prestige enhancement along with a bard one. Besides, deepwood sniper kind of worked nice with the stealth concept. I cranked up the strength and cut down the charisma from the other build. When to take what class is the hard part here. There is just no smooth way to do it. Either you get spells first or you get archery first or you wait until late in the game for both. I went archery first as ranger had the most oomph for low level.

I was close to done with Ranger 6 bard 10 and the final feat choices were kind of useless and spellsinger prerequisites were dead weight. But a couple fighter levels would open warchanter as well as some monster melee damage options so I went for it! It’s more fun this way. I did wait for Self cast haste before going for fighter though.

So in the end we have a weird critter. Bow damage is pretty spectacular and melee damage is not too shabby at all. Casting is limited due to mana but you have some key buffs. For control you are pretty useless except for fascinate which should work just fine. Songs are somewhat limited but since you don’t have inspire greatness that cuts down on things. UMD is solid if not amazing, good enough to throw out a raise dead or heal when things hit the fan. Skills are a tad weak. No concentration means you won’t cast much in battle, but this build isn’t meant to be beat on anyhow and you can generally flee to heal quite easily.

And you have lots of weird tricks. You have multishot and sniper shot and the warchanter DR song and fascinates and speed boosts etc. Lots of little buttons to play with. Again, divine power before multishot is optimal to get an extra arrow for some serious beat down. Between haste and sprint you can haul ass when needed and displacement and diplo offer plenty of “please don’t hurt me” options.

---------- Build Basics ----------

Starting Statistics (32pts)

:16 :15 :12 :10 :11 :14

Point Blank Shot, Mental Toughness, Extend Spell, Weapon Focus Slashing, Multishot, Improved Critical Ranged, Impoved Critical Slashing, Power Attack, Weapon Focus Ranged, Two Weapon Fighting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Rapid Shot

Haste Boost 1, Skill Boost 1, Sprint Boost 1, Inspired Attack 2, Inspired Damage 2, Inspired Bravery 2, Lingering Song 2, Warchanter 1, Elven Dex 1, Melee attack 1, Melee Damage 1, Ranged attack 1, Ranged Damage 2, Item Defense 1, Favored Damage 2, Deepwood Sniper 1, Hide 2, Move silently 2, Song Magic 1, Energy of the Music 2, BardCharisma 2, Ranger Dex 1, Strength 1

Skill Ranks
Concentration 3, Diplomacy 16, Hide 17, Move 17, Perform 19, UMD 19, Tumble 1

Focusing Chant, Rams Might, Remove Fear, Cure Light Wounds, Resist Energy, Detect Secret Doors, Blur, Invisibility, Rage, Heroism, Cure Serious, Displacement, Haste

---------- Number Crunching ----------

Final Statistics (Tomes: +1 Str, Wis and Dex)

:28 :24 :18 :10 :12 :22

Hit Points ~230 / Spell Points ~580
Fort ~22 / Reflex ~26 / Will ~17

Ranged Attack Profile (+5 Longbow)
BAB 14, Dex 7, Weapon 5, Elf Attack 1, Haste 1, Inspire Courage 5, Focusing Chant 1, Weapon Focus 1
Str 9, Rams 3, Courage 6, Wep 5, Elf 2, Favored Enemy (6), Rage 1
35/35/40/45 1d8 + 26(32fe) (19-20 X3) (Rapid Shot & Many Shot)

Melee Attack Profile 1 (+5 Great Sword)
BAB 14, Str 9, Weapon 5, Haste 1, Inspire Courage 5, Weapon Focus 1, Focusing Chant 1, Power Attack -5, Rams 3, Rage 1
Str 16, Rams 2, Courage 6, Wep 5, PA 10, FE (6)
35/35/40/45 2d6 + 39(45) (17-20 X2)

Full Armor Class (+5 Darkweave Studed Leather, +5 mithral light shield)
Armor 7, Dex 7, Barkskin Potion 3, Deflection 4, Shield 6, Haste 1 = 38

Key skills
UMD: Ranks 19, Cha 6, Boost 2, Item 3, Greater Heroism 4, Focusing Chant 1: 35 (can be made better with gear and such)

---------- Leveling Guide ----------

1st Level: Bard
Mental Tougness : Concentration 3, Diplomacy 4, Hide 4, Move 4, Perform 4, UMD 4, Tumble 1

2nd Level: Ranger
Hide 1, Move 1, Perform 1, UMD 1

3rd Level: Ranger
Weapon Focus Ranged : Hide 1, Move 1, Perform 1, UMD 1

4th Level: Bard
Str +1 : Diplomacy 2, Hide 1, Move 1, Perform 1, UMD 1

5th Level: Ranger
Hide 1, Move 1, Perform 1, UMD 1

6th Level: Ranger
Point Blank Shot : Hide 1, Move 1, Perform 1, UMD 1

7th Level: Ranger
Hide 1, Move 1, Perform 1, UMD 1

8th Level: Ranger
Str +1 : Hide 1, Move 1, Perform 1, UMD 1

9th Level: Bard
Improved Critical Ranged : Diplomacy 2, Hide 1, Move 1, Perform 1, UMD 1

10th Level: Bard
Diplomacy 2, Hide 1, Move 1, Perform 1, UMD 1

11th Level: Bard
Diplomacy 2, Hide 1, Move 1, Perform 1, UMD 1

12th Level: Bard
Str +1 : Extend Spell : Diplomacy 2, Hide 1, Move 1, Perform 1, UMD 1

13th Level: Bard
Diplomacy 2, Hide 1, Move 1, Perform 1, UMD 1

14th Level: Fighter
Improved Critical Slashing : UMD 1

15th Level: Fighter
Weapon Focus Slashing, Power Attack : UMD 1

16th Level: Bard
Str +1 : Hide 1, Move 1, Perform 3, UMD 1