Introducing our VIP Loyalty Reward Program!

We are updating our VIP program in addition to all current offers with new benefits and gifts! Unlock something special every month with our VIP Loyalty Rewards Program! Starts May 1st, 2024!

How it works:

When the program starts, VIPs can claim the latest reward which updates every month based on how long you’ve maintained VIP:

1st Time Signup Bonus Gift:  

Bonus Account Storage Slots 

Get 5 additional slots of Shared Account Storage while you remain VIP.

1st Month Completed:   

Bonus +500 DDO Points

Get a bonus grant of 500 DDO Points for the month. This is in addition to the 500 DDO Points awarded every month for being VIP. 

2nd Month Completed:

VIP Bag of Many Things 

Select one item from the bag for free: 

  • Raid Bypass Timer 
  • Ethereal Rest Shrine Statuette 
  • Flawless Siberys Dragonshard (Feat swap token)
  • Sentient XP Gem Worth Sentient XP 
  • Glamerdust x50 
  • Mirror of Glamering 
  • Omnispell Dust x2500 
  • Legendary Raid Bypass Timer 

3rd Month: 

Bonus Character Slot

Your game account gains an additional Character Slot while you are VIP. This stacks with any other Character Slots you own. 

4th Month: 

+10% Item Durability Ward 

Get a +10% chance to avoid item wear on all characters while you are VIP. 

5th Month: 

VIP Bag of Many Things 

Select another item from the bag. 

6th Month: 

Lightning Storm Trail 

Get a cosmetic lightning effect on your character that leaves static behind when you move (that doesn’t prevent footprints from displaying). 

7th Month: 

VIP Artisan’s Advantage 

While you remain VIP get +10% to Crafting XP. In addition, each time you click a Collectible node you get a chance to gain a Crafting Material Token. 

8th Month: 

Greater VIP Bag of Many Things 

The Greater VIP Bag of Many Things allows you to select from one of the following items: 

  • Heroic True Heart of Wood 
  • Heroic True Heart of Blood 
  • Epic Heart of Wood
  • +20 Lesser Heart of Wood
  • Iconic True Heart of Wood
  • Extended VIP Elixir of Discovery that lasts 12 hours 
  • VIP Sovereign III Experience Elixir of +50% XP that lasts for 12 hours 

9th Month: 

VIP Discovery Boost 

Get a +1% increased chance of named loot dropping for your characters in chests that stacks with Elixirs of Discovery. 

10th Month: 

VIP Bag of Many Things 

Select another item from the bag. 

11th Month:  

Bonus Account Storage Slots 

Get 5 additional slots of Shared Account Storage while you remain VIP. 

12th Month: 

Storm Cloud Rider Mount 

Get a cosmetic mount that looks like a storm cloud that you ride! 

Each month’s gift may be claimed after the 1st of each month, so if you subscribe during the middle of a month you’ll get the immediate gift, and then after the 1st of the next month you’ll be eligible for the first month’s gift. This list of gifts will change in future years. 

New Always-Available VIP Perk!

We’re adding a new always-available VIP perk related to spell swapping. While you are VIP you can swap spells in any public area, and you don’t have a cooldown when changing spells at the trainer. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I become a VIP? 

You can read more about the many other benefits of VIP membership and get more information about how to subscribe in an article here. You manage your subscription through the DDO Store inside of the game. 

How do I get each month’s gift? 

You will need to speak to an NPC named Violet Peregrine located in the Hall of Heroes. Speaking to the NPC will award the gift to your game account. You can acquire further versions of various cosmetics as well by speaking to this NPC. 

If I subscribe on say, June 10th, when do I get the first month’s gift? 

You will get the 1st Time Signup Bonus Gift immediately, and you would be eligible to get your 1st Completed Months gift after July 1st 

I have a question or issue and need assistance with my subscription. Where can I go for help? 

For any questions related to the VIP program and your subscription, please contact Account Support through 

Do these boosts stack with other boosts? 

Yes!  For example, if you get a Discovery Boost with the VIP Loyalty Rewards, it will stack on top of other boosts. NOTE: The Extended VIP Elixir of Discovery and VIP Sovereign III Experience Elixir DO NOT STACK with their non-VIP versions of these potions. Similar to other potions, once the time runs out on one potion the next-available benefit becomes active.

What does the Lightning Storm Trail look like? 

What does the Storm Cloud Rider Mount look like?

If I am no longer VIP do I get to keep the Shared Account Bank space?

No, your additional storage space is available for as long as you remain VIP. If you have full storage and lose your VIP benefit, items will remain in your Shared Account Bank 

Can I summon my VIP Loyalty Rewards mount or activate the Lightning Storm Trail if I am no longer VIP?


What is a “Crafting Material Token”? 

The Crafting Material Token is a new item that VIPs can obtain from collectible spots inside of the game world that will let you select a collectible of your choosing.

How do I know what Loyalty Reward Program benefits I have active on my account?

Click the main menu button then select "VIP Loyalty Reward Program".

Do I need to re-acquire the Lightning Trail cosmetic effect after a True Reincarnation?

Yes, you will re-acquire this cosmetic effect by speaking to the NPC Violet Peregrine in the Eberron Hall of Heroes.