Update 61.0.2 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 61.0.2, released on Thursday, August 31st, 2023.

News and Notes:

Bug Fixes:

  • The rewards for the Heroic Vecna Unleashed Saga has been updated. +1 Skill Tomes are now +2, and the XP reward for all difficulties has been increased to the following:
    • Normal: 21k

    • Hard: 29k

    • Elite: 45k

    • True Elite: 59k

  • Vecna Saga rewards no longer have a 100 hour cooldown.
  • Devils to Pay:
    • Corrected an issue where some monsters could not be targeted during combat.
    • Bearded Devil teleportation will no longer cause the final boss battle to halt.
    • Opening a door without speaking to the questgiver can no longer break this quest.
  • The Optional chests in both rooms near the entrance in Vecna Unleashed now properly unlock.
  • The end chest in "Turn the Page" is now the correct chest.
  • Undead in Vecna Unleashed are no longer healed by Positive Energy.
  • An Emerald Claw Warden in "Enemy of my Enemy" is no longer incorrectly set to Undead.
  • Two levers now properly unlock in "Grand Theft Aureon" after defeating all enemies.
  • The Balor no longer occasionally T-poses in "Vecna Unleashed".
  • The Hireling Vendor Carrikal in Morgrave University - Upper Commons now offers hirelings of the proper level.
  • Randall Lyric now has his proper pack-specific materials in his trades.
  • Melee Vistani Knife Fighter attacks now require their proper weapons.
  • Vecna Unleashed Artifacts are now properly Bound to Character.