Update 56.1 Release Notes

Here are the release notes for Update 56.1, released on Wednesday, September 14th, 2022. 

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected an issue that could cause the game client to hang when entering or leaving a dungeon.
  • Dark Apostate's spells that take damage-boosting Metamagic Feats now correctly scale with those Metamagics.
  • Stormsingers will now see their correct spell lists when swapping out spells.
  • Stormsinger's Eye of the Storm proc now lasts a little longer.
  • Stormsinger's Core 5 Enhanced Bolt III now has its stun proc working correctly.
  • Unlocked Favor upgrades now persist through Lesser and Epic Reincarnation, but continue to not persist through True or Iconic Reincarnation.
  • House Jorasco's favor buffs no longer take ten times the amount of gold asked for when selecting "Give Me the Works".
  • The Doom spell once again deploys its debuff.
  • Invisibility no longer causes your displays movement speed to fluctuate.
  • Salt Ray now does its correct damage and is now properly considered an offensive spell in some cases it was not.
  • Salt Ray now has a randomized cooldown when cast by enemies to prevent overly stunning players.
  • Salt Ray will now only stun players for three seconds.
  • Gust of Wind now properly works against players again, but has had its knockdown duration lowered to four seconds against players. Its slow effect has had its duration reduced to six seconds against players.
  • Enemies will now cast Gust of Wind on a longer cooldown.
  • Gaining Strikethrough through a temporary method no longer removes your ability to get Strikethrough once that temporary method wears off.
  • Whirlwind Attack now does its intended 2[W] on each hit, and now properly hits behind you.
  • Shiradi Champion's Pin attack now properly scales with Attack Speed. KNOWN ISSUE: While using this with Thrown Weapons the attack is now faster than it was prior to this patch, but still slower than it should be. This is due to a Thrown Weapon animation issue we intend to correct in the future.
  • Shiradi Champion's Pin attack now uses its current animations and number of projectiles in all ranged styles.
  • The Path of Light is no longer exclusive with other religions and players can no multiclass without losing the feat.

Game Changes:

  • Crystal Cove has arrived! The Crystal Cove Collection Challenge can now be played up to Challenge Rating 37. Read more in our guide on DDO.com.
  • Temple of Elemental Evil
  • Several elemental nodes now have additional Optional Objectives.
  • Some random encounters have been thinned in the elemental nodes.
    • First Level and Earth Temple:
      • The Ballista no longer slows targets it hits.
    • Lower Temple Complex
      • A note has been added at the start to give additional direction to the Air Temple quarters.
      • The Water Temple key encounter has had its difficulty adjusted.
      • The end fight elementals now count towards Monster Manual gains.
      • Jotun Rimeblade will no longer fall into the water as easily.
      • The Goristo now has its correct CR and Hit Points on Legendary difficulty.
      • Temple Harpies now properly count in the Monster Manual as generic Harpies.
    • Depths of the Temple
      • Monsters that spawn in the Zuggtmoy fight can no longer be Champions.
      • Earthquake has been removed from Zuggtmoy's spell list.