Beyond Level 30: A Look at the next Level Cap

The level cap for Dungeons & Dragons Online will be raised to level 32 with the release of Isle of Dread, and with it comes new changes and new ways to play! You do not need to own Isle of Dread to experience the new level cap.

Legendary Experience and Legendary Levels

Once you have reached level 30 (meaning you have leveled up from level 29), you will begin to earn Legendary Experience toward your Legendary Levels! Every dungeon in the game that is currently Legendary will grant you Legendary XP. Legendary dungeons are those where the base CR is 30 or higher. Legendary level quests will continue to award Epic experience to Epic level characters. Once you have earned enough Legendary XP to level up you can speak to the Fatespinner in any of her locations to take your first Legendary Level.

Here is how your character will level up:


  • More Power: Every Legendary Level grants you a copy of Legendary Power, which gives you +6 Melee Power, Ranged Power, and Universal Spell Power per copy. Every two Legendary levels will grant you +1 Caster Level and +1 Maximum Caster Level with all spells. Your Base Attack Bonus will not progress through Legendary levels.
  • More Destiny Points: Each Legendary level corresponds to four Destiny Points, which means that characters who reach level 32 will have eight additional Destiny Points to spend in their Epic Destinies.
  • More Feats: Characters will to earn Feats at the same rate they did previously, meaning they will earn a new Destiny Feat at levels 33, 36, and 39 in the future when the game reaches those levels.
  • More Destiny Feats: Characters will earn Destiny Feats as they increase in level at the same rate they did previously, meaning they will earn a new Destiny Feat at level 31, and in the future at levels 34, 37, and 40.
  • More Stat Points: Characters will continue to earn Ability Score increases at the same rate as previously, meaning they will choose an ability score to increase at levels 32, 36, and 40.


Epic Tomes of Learning will continue to grant you Epic Experience, even in Legendary Dungeons. As long as you are able to earn Epic experience the tome will continue to apply! However, Epic Tomes of Learning will not boost your Legendary Experience.

Destiny Feats

We have dozens of new Destiny Feats available and will be making new feats (both Epic and Destiny) in the future! With the increase to level 32, Epic Destinies will also now receive their 4th Core abilities. The 4th Core abilities have a minimum level of 32 to use.

Reincarnation Past Level 30

Characters may continue to reincarnate beyond level 30. For now, there is no Legendary Reincarnation available, but Epic, Heroic True, and other forms of Reincarnation remain the same. Your Legendary XP total is preserved through reincarnation, so once you acquire level 30 on subsequent lives your Legendary XP will be set to wherever it was before!

Legendary Loot 

Legendary loot with a minimum level of 31 will debut with Isle of Dread, as well as an all-new set of basic augments at level 32. Cannith Crafting is also being expanded to allow for the crafting of level 31 and 32 items! As you adventure through brand-new Legendary Dungeons, power up with brand new loot tailor-made for your Isle of Dread adventures.

Questing with Friends

Group with your Epic or Legendary level friends – together! Legendary level characters can group with Epic level characters without concern about a hard level lockout, regardless of whether the quest is Epic or Legendary.

We can't wait for you to see the adventures planned for Isle of Dread and beyond! You can find out more about Isle of Dread here, and get more information about Update 55 in the Release Notes.