Update 29 Patch 1 Release Notes

Here are the Release Notes for Update 29 Patch 1, released on Wednesday, January 13th, 2016. 

News and Notes:


  • Cormyrian Knight Training's Tactics DC bonus is now more consistently applied when using a shield, or when two-weapon fighting with one sword and one non-sword.


  • Master of Knowledge's Mental Honing effect no longer applies if the character has Enlightened Spirit's Eldritch Aura active.
  • Players with Construct Exemplar are now healed by tavern food and drink.


  • Legendary Green Steel damage-over-time effects now have cooldowns. Acid damage now has a half-second cooldown, and magma has a quarter-second cooldown.
  • Legendary Green Steel Call Kindred Being now summons its appropriate creature.
  • Legendary Green Steel Augment effects are re-applied to the player when logging in.
  • Legendary Green Steel damage effects general no longer scale with Spell Power.
  • Legendary Green Steel skill bonuses that incorrectly indicate an Enhancement bonus type are now Competence bonuses.
  • Items with Concentration benefits now list their proper bonus.
  • Ability Score Upgrade Tome Bundles are no longer considered ingredients, and will no longer go into ingredients bags.
  • Armor and shields should no longer gain weapon-specific effects (like Keen.)
  • Raid Rune trade-in recipes for new Update 29 shields now show their items' names.
  • Blinding Fear now properly blinds its targets.
  • Numbered versions of Deception found on non-weapon items now properly proc their Bluff on-hit effects.
  • Fixed the description for Insightful and Quality Sheltering.
  • The proper level of Tome rewards will now appear in high-level content.
  • The text for Riposte and Parry has been fixed.
  • Skills now state their proper Competence bonus instead of calling it an Enhancement bonus.
  • Several Spell Critical effects now have their correct names.
  • The Scarab of Protection has returned to the treasure table.
  • Randomly-generated loot will no longer sometimes appear "blank".


  • The stun from the Inevitable's Thunder Punch is now properly considered a Stun for the purposes of Stun immunity.
  • Magefire Cannons no longer express their love for "Pirates of the Thunder Sea (Epic) when they hit you.

Quests and Adventure Areas

  • Most non-boss and miniboss monsters in Legendary Elite raids now do somewhat less damage.
  • Legendary Shroud
    • There is no longer an extra chest in part one of The Shroud.
    • Arraetrikos now uses Delayed Blast Fireball much more frequently than Meteor Swarm.
    • Hit Points and Damage Reduction have been reduced for the portals in part one.
    • Raid groups must now have done all of the prior quest objectives before looting a chest in The Shroud.
    • A certain object in The Shroud no longer has physics.
  • Tempest Spine
    • Sor'jek now has his proper healing and wards in Legendary Tempest Spine.
    • The Opilar, Nular, and Talen Runes now drop on dungeon exit.


  • Implosion, Deconstruct, Mordenkainen's Disjunction, and Storm of Vengeance now work with the Embolden Spell metamagic feat.