Isle of Dread FAQ

Can I purchase Isle of Dread with Store Points?

Isle of Dread features will be available for points in the DDO Store in December 2022:

• Isle of Dread Quests: 3995 DDO Points

• Tabaxi Character Race: 1595 DDO Points

• Trailblazer Iconic: 1395 DDO Points

• Tome of Destiny +1 (Dread type): 3495 DDO Points

Is Tabaxi Character Race free to VIPs?

Yes. If you are a VIP you can automatically access the Tabaxi Character Race so long as your
subscription is active.

Where is Zalnathe located?

Zalnathe is located in The Harbor, on the docks past the trainers located near the Hut from Beyond.

Zalnathe won't talk to me, what do I do?

If you were logged into the game at the time of your purchase you may need to log out of the
game and back in before the changes take effect on your account.

For the Heroic or Improved Epic Otto’s Boxes from Collector’s and Ultimate edition, are they granted once per account, or once per server world?

Zalnathe will only deliver one Bound Heroic Otto’s Box (for the Collector’s edition) or one Bound
Improved Epic Otto’s Box (for the Ultimate Edition) per account, to the first character that claims
them from her. She will not grant them again on subsequent servers.

I misplaced my Collector’s or Ultimate edition cosmetics. How do I get more?

Speak with Zalnathe again! So long as you own Collector’s or Ultimate Edition Isle of Dread, any
time you need another one of your cosmetics you can return to Zalnathe and ask for another

What level are the Teal the Raptor Hirelings? Are they permanent? Is it even wise of me to travel with velociraptors?

Collector's Edition comes with a Permanent Gold Seal Heroic Level 7 Teal the Raptor Hireling,
while Ultimate Fan Bundle Edition comes with a Permanent Gold Seal Legendary Level 32 Teal
the Raptor Hireling. Teal the raptor is quite safe for you to travel with, but whether or not it is
wise to try and domesticate raptors is a philosophical question if you’re not from the Talenta

How many quests, raids, and such are in Isle of Dread?

Isle of Dread includes 12 quests, 1 raid, and 1 wilderness area.