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    Default Solo farming Xorian Cipher

    awhile back, i found a guide here on the forums showing people how to solo this quest without investing TP into gold-seal hires. (if someone could provide me a link for reference, i'll put it here) TY Spoprockel

    it was somewhat complicated, requiring you to manipulate skeletal archers into position.

    There is now an easier way. (untested)

    If you happen to have an Artificer, it is now possible to solo the Xorian Cipher with just a single Hireling, and no dancing around with Skellie Archers.

    Step 1: Clear the East and West Hallways

    Step 2: park your Hireling and Puppy on the pressure plates in East Hall, run to West Hall

    Step 3: Summon a Flame Turret on top of one Pressure plate, stand on the other (needs testing)


    the doors should open, allowing you to progress into the west area.

    clear the mobs, then taget the lever below and order your Hire/Pet to throw it.

    call both your Hire and pet up to you (so they dont get slaughtered), solve the puzzle, then clear out the skellies below
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    Here's the other guide, using skeletal archers and skeletons to trigger the pressure plates:

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    There is a better way to farm Xorian Cipher:
    1. Create a Warforged character in a class with good fortitude and reflex saving throws
    2. Level up to 20
    3. Get a Deathblock item
    4. Get a Fire Resist 10 item
    5. Get a Cold Resist 30 item
    6. Get an Electric Resist 20 item
    7. Equip all aforementioned items
    8. Bank all unbound scrolls, potions, and stackable items
    9. Zone into the Xorian Cipher after completing the Jungle intro quest
    10. Do not touch any levers or runes!
    11. Kill the three drow in the first portal room
    12. Follow the chaos orb to the first closed portcullis
    13. Notice how the orb follows a set pattern and gets stuck on the portcullis, sometimes for minutes at a time
    14. Stand right in front of the portcullis so that the orb hits you when it gets stuck
    15. Press Esc
    16. Click Log Out
    17. Make sure the foremost dialog box reads, "Are you sure you want to Log Out?"
    18. Go take a nap
    19. Come back later
    20. HAM!
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