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    Default Improving rest shrine healing effects

    What factors determine how many HP/SP are healed at a rest shrine? Constitution? Heal skill? What's the easiest way to improve it?

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    SP: You get all your SP back when you shrine.

    HP: It takes into consideration people's healing skill (people around the shrine). So if you shrine and someone with a high healing skill you get more HP back.

    (Technically constitution affects it but indirectly, the more con you have the more HP you have so you need to heal more to get back to full health)


    Best way to improve it? Either increase your heal skill or just shrine when everyone is around. (I would expect clerics to have a high one so shrine with them )

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    Quote Originally Posted by DDO wiki
    The exact formula is: 10 + 3 * (level + maximum score in heal of a nearby party member). Note that this does not apply to warforged, who rely on the repair skill.
    You can improve your Heal skill with skill points at level up, skill points from enhancements (Action Points), Sustenance items, and WIS modifier.

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    Default to improve wf hp have repiar skill up

    as bove

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