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    I did, as I always do, run through the forest. It was late evening, still quite warm and slightly humid. A pleasant evening to be out amongst the trees and animals. I heard a sound from far ahead. Hideous and menacing. The sound of flesh being torn from flesh. No cries of pain though. Very strange. I sought to investigate, as I always do. Quietly, like a breeze, I approached. The same sounds assaulted my ears over and over again, accompanied with grunting noises and an gods-awful smell. What creature was it? Troll? Ogre? Perhaps some wild animal with its dead prey. I could see some light. A fire!? So it was atleast humanoid, and would be intelligent enough to know I am a threat. I moved at a miniscule pace, as quiet as the night air. Too many trees in the way, no matter where I moved. I moved in, prepared for the worst, an arrow knocked in my bow. The light grew brighter, flickering shadows danced around and behind me, but my focus remained on what lay before me. The sounds all stopped. I heard something drinking. Carefully, I peered out from behind the tree, ready for anything.
    "BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRP!" A wave of nausea hit me as the large barbarian belched in my direction, his eyes closed in satisfaction. Around him, I could see and smell an enormous collection of ham. And large containers filled with ale and beer. He grabbed another piece of ham, toasted I think, and began eating, tearing big chunks of meat in huge mouthfuls. Feeling he would not wish to be disturbed, I slowly crept away. I did hear some words form his lips as I left this brute to his meal. I did not know how he knew I was there, but he knew. His words remain with me to this day. A reminder of how I needed to improve my art of stealth.
    "Sillamy ranger."
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