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Thread: Wizard King

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparty55 View Post
    There's a secret door halfway up to one of the named bosses in the Wizard King. Every time i have opened up this door, there has been a mob behind the door. I was told that there is sometimes a chest behind the door. Is this true? I have never seen a chest behind the door at all.
    You can backspace the door and look for chest. If no chest, dont open. If you open i have seen a mummy prince and a clay golem.

    Quote Originally Posted by sigtrent View Post
    Ya, the chest is random. I "think" if you have found a random chest in one of the "lore" rooms then it won't be in there (aka there is only one random chest in the dungeon it just varries in location). The lore rooms seem to be the other location it shows up. I just open the secret door, its only one monsters so its not a problem.
    I have seen a chest in alot of random spots. Over the +1 weekend we had, about, 13 chest including 3 at bottom and 3 at genies.
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