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    I pulled one of these from the wiz king and the description of it's attributes looks interesting. Looking for someone who uses/used one to comment on it's effectiveness and if in fact it is a nice weapon to have.

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    Its broke.. Doesnt do a thing.. You should mail it immediately to my Cleric so he can Purify it and attemt to fix it for ya.

    Seriously though.... Its a great weapon.... THe Blindness works perfectly, the Telekenenesis doesnt work very often....
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    what he said. The blindness is very nice to have, the trip is a bonus. It's a sweet weapon to use if you have another fighter type in your party. Not so good if your'e the only fighter in a group full of ranged types.
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    I pulled one from same run and handed it down to my lower level fighter ... went ahead and invested heavily in improvements to her slashing weapon attacks right before hand

    I must say, I love it. The blindness does seem to be making a difference in runs, and I'm quite frequently able to knock various mobs on their bums (casters in particular). It's very nice to be able to walk into a pack of mobs who aren't crowd controlled yet, or resisted the attempt at crowd control, do a whirlwind attack, and blind about 4 outta 5 in one fell swoop.

    I really enjoy the fact that it also works against undead. A blind mummy is a lil more dealable and if you have any sneak attackers, this weapon only gets better I'm sure!
    Thank you all!
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    Your best bet....

    Make a fighter rogue TWF type character. Give them that and an off hand weapon with a generous sneak attack bonus. You get sneak attacks on blinded targets... Very very nasty! I have just such a character but don't have that nifty scimitar yet.
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    I use it on Fricken all the time. It lets me solo a lot of content most rogues can't normally do. Once the mob is blinded, you get your sneak attack, whether you have aggro or not. Whenever I have to use a shield (like when I'm the main tank) I usually slap that sirroco on and I'm good to go.

    Very nice weapon - gratz on the pull.
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