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    Default Devs changing character names.

    So all of you probably know someone who has had their characters name changed by the dev's in game. There is no warning about this, it just happens. Typically it is because you have something offensive in your name and the devs' are just being "nice" and not banning your account instead they choose to change the names. Now sometimes this is good, for instance using sware words in names. However, I have seen a few instances were it was controversial at most and slightly offensive to not offensive at all. The part that I don't like about it, is the characters who have had their names changed have no choice in what the new name can be. sometimes it is a modified version of the name and other times it is completly different. I will give some examples.

    Back in beta, My friend created a character with the name Drizzit do'urden (correct, exact spelling although mine might be off.) He then created this character in the early release and it was an elf with dark skin and a dual weilding rouge. He has had this character for months, and then they released the drow. My friend did not reroll his character and make it drow or change anything about the character. however, I am sure all of you remember the threads about people recreating drizzit and etc... A few weeks after the drow had been released he noticed his characters name was changed to drit.

    He did not have an offensive name, but it was still changed. Is this right, should he have been allowed to choose the name for his new character?

    Smoking Magnus for breakfest; was the name of one of my guild members. this character was a sorc created for pvp purposes. And yes there was another magnus on the server. Now let me tell you about magnus, At the time (havent seen him on too much lately) magnus was arguably the best most natorious pvp'er on my server. Everyone new him and died by him. My friends main was also a sorc, but not built for pvp. Although he could put up a fight against magnus, Magnus still had the upper hand. So my friend created smoking to pvp and ultimatley beat Magnus. Now, when he created this character he contacted magnus and told him the names for fun and theres nothing personal about it. The name was more or less respecting magnus in an odd way. and asked if he had any problems with it. magnus said no and they went on playing. A few days later he logs on and notices his characters name has now been changed to smoking. he contacted magnus and asked him if he reported him, magnus said no and that he has not complained to anyone about it.

    I ask you, was this right? should the devs have changed his name? or is this too offensive.

    Last but not Least; I have a guildie who is one of those guildies who uses the same name for all his characters. This guy uses Clan as the prefix for his characters names: IE Clanhealer, Clanwarrior. One day he creates a new character named ClanPower. he thinks nothing of this name other than the fact it is using clan in his name. However, the first or second day of creating it someone complains that it is racist. He discusses with them that he didn't even realize it could be connected to the KKK when he created it. Obvivously it can be now that he thinks about it but that was not his intentions and informs him that all his characters names start with clan. The guy who is complaining does not care and wants him to delete his toon. Later that day Clan logs back in only to notice his name has now been changed to some random thing like crucil or something like that. He contacts a dev to talk to him about it explains what happens and ask if he can choose his new character name. The dev says no it would cause to big of a problem and if he had any other offensive character names his account would be banned.

    Once again, is this right? Should we be allowed to choose our new character name.

    If you have any stories or want to comment on this please do so. Lets respect, laugh and scold the original names, new names and devs for the in game name changes.

    I know you can now pay 20 dollars and get your names changed, I think that is a wonderful idea and thank turbine for doing that. However, I believe that some of these name changed people should be able to create their characters new names.

    (Disclamer) I am sure there is a warning or something stated in the users terms and agreement. I have read it but have not memorized it word for word or reviewed it to see what it states about offensive names. I am not trying to bring a legal action or slander turbine in any way. rather, letting them know of some game play issues that might be able to be adjusted. I also have no idea if allowing people to pick their new names would cause a burden to turbine, but I think they should hear what we have to say.
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    First one is a trademarked name.

    Second one is a cut at another player.

    Third one can easily be construed as racist.

    I can see why every one of those names was changed. And from the GM's point of view, is it really an innocent coincedence that they're bad names, or a fabrication to generate plausible deniability?
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    I would recommend that if you have a "pirated" name for any of your characters that you change it immediately. I can already see what is coming. I mean I have seen several exact spelling VERY well known names from Tolkien, etc. I am just saying there is a reason for being able to pay to rename at this point. Plus it's just silly to steal your name from a book that someone else wrote :/
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    Sadly my first character after release was renamed. Long live Ipee Freely. Evrard just doesn't have the same ring.

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    My bard was renamed... I was Jackblack of the D. I was told this was copywrighted...
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    I can see the coryright issues... for sure.

    I can see the "Smoking Magnus" issue - even though he didn't complain, it looks like a cut at another player...

    But the whole "clan" thing? "Easily construed as racist"? Ever been to Scotland or Ireland? Ever read a fantasy novel with a dwarf in it? Ever looked at any of the ancient world's cultures? They all use "clan" to mean family - heck, I still call my wife, kids, grandparents, and extended family my "clan". It's "clan", not "klan".

    Ya know, maybe "clan" would be acceptable if DnD was based on medievil Europian cultures and mythologies where the term "clan" would have had a culturally relevent meaning... OH WAIT, IT IS!!!!!!

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    Well firstly, the problem isn't the word "Clan".

    Or I should say, it's not the world "Clan" alone.

    Clan + Power however, comes very close to a common white supremecist slogan. So even though unintentional... yeah.

    That said uhm... and I hate to be an arse... but >.> What's this got to do with strategy? <._.>;; Like, are we trying to think of ways to avoid getting our names changed? Err... what? >.>

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmitri View Post
    But the whole "clan" thing? "Easily construed as racist"? Ever been to Scotland or Ireland? Ever read a fantasy novel with a dwarf in it? Ever looked at any of the ancient world's cultures? They all use "clan" to mean family - heck, I still call my wife, kids, grandparents, and extended family my "clan". It's "clan", not "klan".
    You have to remember that a large company like Turbine or WotC has to develop all their policies on this type of thing with the lowest common denominator in mind.

    It sucks, but in today's p****fied, PC society that's just how it works.

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    This thread is Off Topic. It has nothing to do with strategy.

    Please close this or move it.


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    Well, in all fairness, when I used to DM in PnP I would have never allowed a name like clanpower.

    Seriously, what parent would hear "congratulations, its a boy", and think hurray, I'll name him clanpower.

    In the short time I've played DDO, I've viewed it as a more mature type game, for those who want to avoid the WoW leet kiddies.

    So, to make this a strategy discussion, I would suggest using a name, to name your character, not a descriptive phrase.

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    touchy subject, individuality and TOS in conflict, everybody wants a good, recognizable, and personal handle, but so does everybody else (alot like our forum names). Place this in an interactive MMO environment and it gets to be a bigger issue, now I have to come up mith multiple handles, for a variety of characters/playstyles, it gets hard.

    I appreciate good names, I feel good when Wauchout gets complimented on his, and probably spendd more time than I should when on the character creation screen.

    I personally wouldn't intentionally copy a name from books I've read, but that gets harder over the years, especially when looking for period names, and being a scifi/fantasy reader. (Anne Rice claimed to have spent a bundle researching for an "unused" name to apply to Memnoch, it was the only one she was able to come up with) It's entirly subjective, though, when I see a name from books I liked, and if the name/concept is obscure enough, I usually want to give props, it's nice to see the odd ones that slip through. But, at the same time, when I see names like.. anyway, ones that come from mainstream fantasy sources, like that particular Drow, or names from campaign settings (heed the warnings of one who came before, eventually somebody will see it...) or series of books like the WoT, or SoT, that sort of thing drives me nuts.

    This rambled on a bit longer than I intended. Read the agreements, and when it comes down to it, they can and will change your name if they feel like it, for whatever reason occurs to them when/if asked. That is the nature of this sort of game, and typically with any of those agreements we automatically agree to when installing software, buyer beware, and all that.
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    I once read that "Nerf" should be read "Fix", I agree.

    And would like to add, when you see:

    "It's like that in PnP."
    try reading, instead..
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    can you imagine how much of a pain it would be if people got input on their new names? the GM would be sitting there for hours trying to negotiate with someone who is already ****ed about having to change.. no good could come of that.
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    I havn't heard a name change yet where I didn't think.. "Ya, should have known better"... or at the very least "Ya, might not have known better but now he does."

    The problem with letting you change your name is many fold...
    1. They might need to change it when you arn't playing, not like the DM has time just to wait around to see when you are on.
    2. If you let them pick a new name you generaly don't trust them to do it without supervision (they made an offending name the first time, may well do it again). Supervision leads to problem #1 as well as #3.
    3. As a DM you have better things to do that sit around ****ering with some guy trying to justify why his name is ok or how you are a name nazi or how he's quitting because of this, or go through 15 different offensive names that are only slightly differnet because the guy is missing the damn point of why he had to change it in the first place etc...

    I've never seen a name change that didn't in some way keep to the spirit or general sound of the original name. Sometimes it seems the DM goes out of thier way to stick to the intent. Had a friend called RU Four Eighty Six (for those that don't know this is the name of the "abortion pill") The idea being she was "aborting kobolds" or some such thing. Clever, plays on WF names etc, but clearly it's provocative and not in the spirit of naming characters. The GM changed it to RU Kobold Killer. Much more appropriate and keeping with what she said it was representing.

    I think I saw one example where a GM somewhat mocked the players name by giving them a "fluffy bunny" type name but the guy really had it coming as his name was really really bad to begin with.

    The system they use has big advantages....
    1. Its fast and efficient, no arguments, no BS, no process
    2. It's fair, everyone gets the exact same treatment
    3. It's considerate. They pretty much never stick you with a name that isn't somewhat similar to what you started with if they can manage it.
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    When I think of a name, I ask myself:

    If I can't explain the reasoning behind a name to my own Grandmother, without getting a beating from her with her 40lb. purse, maybe I shouldn't use that name.

    It has kept me out of trouble, and I like all of my character names.

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    Default i would say a few things about it if it happend to me

    i mean i have a theme too i use the sufix -blade so like

    i only have these toons steelis my main i dont see -blade a offecive thing
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    Quote Originally Posted by Viza View Post
    This thread is Off Topic. It has nothing to do with strategy.

    Please close this or move it.


    If you want it closed, report the post instead of posting in the thread. Kinda makes you look like a killjoy.

    As for being renamed, it sucks, but theres nothing to be done about it. You name yourself after a trademarked character or thing, eventually that name may be changed. The clanpower one was just a shame that in todays world we have to sacrifice our gaming names because some people feel threatened and offended by a fictional name that in their eyes is a political statement.
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