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    Default Rock and Roll!

    “Qilanthe, you won’t be able to get the elemental to dance.” Oh, Host, she is so much a child, Tamaila, Qilanthe’s sister, another drow, thinks to herself.

    “Oh, come now older sister! Even the ground we walk on knows the beat of life, the dance of a drum!” The sisters travels taking the two of them down into the steam tunnels and beyond into the Caverns of Shaagh all for the holy artifact, the Seal of Shan-To-Kor.

    Qilanthe turns her attention back to the large earth elemental and smiles. “Aww.. aren’t you a cutie? You know how to dance, don’ you?”

    All the while, the songstress was stepping backwards, sidestepping the blows of the elemental while the pious Tamalia stood by, face palming, yet trying to keep an eye on her sister.

    “I bet you do remember, don’t you?” Qilanthe rolls to the side, her eyes on the elemental as she rolls through his legs, dodging a blow. “Feel the love of the song, the touch of dance of my heart...” Lute now in hand, she strums a few chords.

    Oh, Host, please keep Qilanthe safe. Her intentions may be childish but her heart is in the right place. A silent prayer was whispered by Tamalia and as the paladin’s eyes turn back to the elemental, the sight was stunning.

    Qilanthe was dancing with an elemental!

    Rock and Roll


    “And so there I was, dancing with an enchanted creature made of Eberron itself!”

    Qilanthe had been talking of their tale for a whole hour now, her audience enthralled as the songstress and storyteller weaved magic through the air, capturing even the less-kind soul into her tale.

    As the night ended, Qilanthe found herself drained, exhausted, and her hair all a mess. “All this dirt is worth the praise I gained tonight..” She smiled as she said it softly to herself. Within moments of her head hitting the pillow, Qilanthe was deep asleep.


    A huge audience, perhaps even all of Stormreach was before the stage in Stormreach’s more prominent ward, House Phiarlan, for the concert of one popular drow. The crowd was excited, magical lights and pixies flew through the air while smoke billowed all over the stage.

    Qilanthe! Qilanthe! Qilanthe!

    The crowd was chanting her name. It was like electricity surging through her body, blood through her veins, her heart full of adrenaline.

    This was what she lived for.

    And it was then that the crowd went wild, Qilanthe wasn’t the one to move out on the stage, for a few moments they faultered yet they cheered louder. It was an elemental of the earth, dancing out onto the stage. His heavy footsteps pounding on the ground like two large drums.

    His rock arms up in the air as he danced to the growing music. From somewhere behind the stage, a female's voice filtered through...

    “I saw him dancin' there by the record machine, I knew he must a been about a hundred and ninteen, the beat was goin' strong playin' my favorite song. An' I could tell it wouldn't be long till he was with me, yeah me, singin'...”

    A scream roared at first then the crowd noticed too: Qilanthe danced out onto the stage, kobolds in tow all a dancing, as her enchanting voice flowed out like magic.

    “I love rock n' roll so put another dime in the jukebox, baby. I love rock n' roll so come an' take your time an' dance with me!”

    Qilanthe’s ego soared as she fed on the attention from the crowd. I’m finally here, I finally got what I wanted.. fame..


    Qilanthe didn’t hear it at first then someone in the crowd screamed, not a good scream but a ‘Oh my Host, run for your lives!” sort of scream as the elemental beside Qilanthe swooped down and knocked her out, darkness flowed as her world disappeared.

    Suddenly Qilanthe awoke from her dream turned nightmare and sighed softly.

    But.. I still had what I wanted.. for a bit..

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    Default Rock and Roll...


    Nice story.

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    Thanks, Mad It was a quick submission for Sarlona's short story contest.

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