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    Exclamation How, when, and why to use the Bug Reporting form

    This is a post about the bug reporting form and how it's being used (and abused) these days. Here's the short version of what you need to know about bug reports.
    • Bug reports are processed by QA. They are not read by billing, customer service, technical support, designers, developers, management, CEOs, or stockholders. They are not passed up the chain or to other departments. They stay in QA.
    • The only kinds of bug reports that QA can do anything about are actual bugs. Anything else is deleted.
    Now for the long version...

    If you load up the bug reporting form, you will see at the top in big bold letters: "IF YOU NEED HELP, please do not use this form. Use one of these other options to receive timely assistance". At the bottom, you will see: "This form is for reporting bugs only. Bug reports are read and investigated by the QA department during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 9am-6pm EST. You will not receive a reply to your bug report."

    The reason it says all this is because the bug reporting form is not intended for:
    • Asking for help.
      If you need help, contact a GM. If you're stuck in a corner and can't get out, if a quest objective didn't tick off, if a required NPC didn't spawn, if you lost an item, if somebody is calling you names, if a plat farmer is sending you spam -- then contact a GM first. QA cannot help you with anything in the game. The general rule of thumb is, if you need assistance from a human being or you need a timely response to your query, then talk to a GM first. This can be done through the Help menu, which is accessed by selecting the ? icon on your menu bar. Choose New Ticket to file a help request.
    • Giving us your opinions.
      The correct place for opinions is on the forums. The Community Team reads the forums and pass your opinions directly to the developers. The developers themselves often read the forums, too. On the forums, your opinions are very likely to be heard. Via the bug report form... not so much. Any bug report we receive that is a) an opinion (good or bad), b) a rant, c) an idea, or d) a question is deleted. Sending non-bugs through the bug reporting form has the effect of making it take much longer for us to read the bug reports every day, all without conferring any appreciable benefit upon you.
    I realize that occasionally folks really want to be heard, and thus attempt to get their message through by using as many forms and forums as possible. I'm hoping that this post will help make more people aware that the bug reporting form is only for bug reports. We encourage you to make use of the other channels available to you should you need help or wish to offer your opinion. I've listed some of them below.
    • Customer Service: To speak to a Customer Service Representative (GM) while in the game, please go to the Help menu, which is accessed by selecting the ? icon on your menu bar. Choose New Ticket to file a help request. Your request will be handled in the order in which it is received. Please stay online while you wait for a GM. For non-urgent queries, or to ask questions while not in the game, you can use the In-Game Customer Service Forum.
    • Technical Support: If you have a Technical Support problem, then first check the DDO Knowledge Base for a resolution to your concern before contacting Turbine Technical Support. If your issue still cannot be resolved, go to our Online Support page and click on "Technical".
    • Billing Support: If you need to contact our Billing department, you can do so from our Account Support page.
    • Feedback and Discussion: Go to our main forum list, pick an appropriate discussion forum or sub-forum, and tell us what you think.
    Other Helpful Links

    Thank you for getting this far!
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