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    Default Reflections in the Pheonix

    The two sat in the Phoenix Tavern around some hot boar shanks and ale, chuckling and wrapping bandages around the numerous cuts on their bodies. The taverns patrons knew them to be regulars but still the Human fighter and Halfling rogue were an unlikely pair.

    “That one Blackguard who reeked of cheese hit you real good at the entrance Casi,” the human chuckled, “thought you were a goner for sure!”

    “Yah, ‘scaped by the skin of my teeth on that one!” Casi replied shaking her head. Suddenly she burst out laughing.

    “Was’ so funny?” The human asked.

    “Sorry Ken, I was just thinking how you were screaming like a little girl when that Ice Flenser was chasing you around those rune pillars!”

    “That wasn’t funny! I almost died!! Thanks for stabbing him there by the way… when he turned after you it gave me enough time to heal up… he sure didn’t last long on his back eh?!” Ken replied.

    “Welcome!” Beamed the Halfling through her dirty and bloody face. Her smile twisted into a look of pain and Casima gripped her stomach.

    “What’s wrong?!” Kenneth demanded, fearful that his friend was more hurt then she let on. The Halflings look of pain disappeared for a moment, and she began shoveling food into her mouth.

    “Hnngffrry” Casi replied as best she could with fist-fulls of food in her mouth.

    “Thank the Flame,” Kenneth sighed as he chucked at the sight of Casi stuffing her face. “For a moment there I thought your little sight-seeing trip off the peak might have busted a rib.”

    Casima finished her mouthful of food, took a swig of her ale and smiled, “Nope! Still can’t believe how far he flung me….Thank the gods for Feather Fall” She winked and continued to eat at a little more relaxed pace.

    “Yeah, a fall from that height could be dangerous, if not deadly….” Ken replied and he began to pick at his meal. “You know,” he said after a long pause, “the two of us just succeeded where many large groups have failed.” Casi looked up waiting for Ken to finish, “Perhaps some higher power was, watching out for us?” Kenneth picked up his mug and sipped at it gingerly

    Casi shrugged and remarked, “Sure wasn’t looking out for your eyebrows… that Fire Elemental took care of them and I’m pretty sure House Jorasco’s healers won’t be able to help you with that little problem either, ugly.”

    “Ha…. Ha…” Kennth huffed sarcastically turning his attention back to his food. When he was sure Casima wasn’t looking he touched his blistered forehead and winced at the pain.

    “Well, at any rate I’m glad I was able to bring you back after that beholder hit you” Kenneth said, “I told you I’d take care of him, why did you stick around?”

    “No choice….” Casi replied, “Bugger held me with a spell. Good thing you bummed those ancestral rings from Kirris.”

    “Yeah, life savers they were. Remind me to give them back to her”

    “Yumpfh” Casi replied, her mouth cramed with food again.

    “Still, a little concerning seeing a Marut Inevitable in that volcano… and working for Sorjek none-the-less. It was my impression that they were Lawful, why would one bow to a Storm Giant wrecking havoc with the weather and threatening Stormreach?” Kennth asked, fully knowing what Casima’s response would be. She shrugged and continued to eat. “It’s of little consequence I guess,” Kenneth mused. “We’ll report it to the Twelve when they open the gates again.”

    The two continued to eat their meals and trade quips at the near death experiences the other had until all the drink was finished and all the food eaten. Kenneth then settled the tab with the barkeep and the two of them walked out giving each other playful shoves as they exited the tavern.

    Photo album of the event:
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    Good job duo-ing TS!

    PS. i like how the swear filter bleeped out fi****ls hehee <<<see?! me too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dariuss View Post

    Good job duo-ing TS!

    PS. i like how the swear filter bleeped out fi****ls hehee <<<see?! me too!

    Wow no kidding. How funny.
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