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Thread: A Bard's story.

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    Default A Bard's story.

    The dark storm clouds gather on the horizon
    The party gathers, ready to make its way.
    Will they fail or will they succeed, as of now its
    to soon to say.

    The evil forces are gathering, intent on
    wreaking havoc upon the land.
    The party slowly moves forward, still
    uncertain on a final plan.

    With determination the party moves onward,
    songs of inspiration carry them on. One goal
    common among them, to the evil they say

    Battle after battle they fight, barely time to heal
    their wounds. The endless battle continues, yet
    to surrender would spell life's doom.

    Sword and Magic combine, which is quite a sight
    to behold. This group refuses to give in, their souls
    can never be sold.

    Songs of inspiration does this Bard sing, lighting
    a fire in the soul and eye. With this strength imbued
    "Onward, Onward" they cry.

    Masses of evil have been slain. The final battle is finally
    at hand. The group gathers together for strength, and one
    more of this Bards songs, which for this battle the Bard has

    "Carry on oh brave fighters, may your blades swing strong
    and true. You are this worlds last hope, with this song you
    will find the strength within you.

    Onward oh brave rangers, let your arrows fly on their way.
    Let them to the target be true, let you bring us victory this

    Prepare yourselves arcane casters, with the powers you
    posses. Only with you on their side can the challenge of
    this battle be met. Unleash your power and fury, unlike ever
    before, send this evil come to this land back to Hade's door.

    Be ready oh good cleric, the wounds will be many that you
    must attend. Feel pride in the knowledge that without you
    this battle would have a different end.

    To all in the group, the barbarian let thy frenzy fly, to the
    thief I say this, sneak in and put a dagger to the beasts side.
    The paladin is there, the God's wraith upon this land, look this
    beast in the face, with the strength of your God, steadfast do
    you stand.

    This Bard will be there with you, helping where he see's the
    need. A jack of all trade master of none, he will fill in any
    weakness, he will ensure that this evil does bleed"

    With this song they did move forward, no doubt or fear in
    their minds. Prepared for this last bloody battle, surely victory
    they will find.

    How long did the battle last? This is hard to say. Seconds
    and minutes melded as did hours into days.

    In the end, bloody and worn yet triumphant in their goal,
    the party gathered in celebration and now this story is

    Peace out


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    Don't like how the sentences were 'constructed' in the story but liked the content. Nice job.


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