The sun was not particularly hot, nor did the wind whip terrifyingly through the hollow. it was, as many may describe it, an uneventful and quite forgettable day. The rustle of rodents in the underbrush could trick you into assuming the natural order of things, that there was no overwhelming pressure to keep moving, and it was entirely commonplace to lie down for a liesured nap. The thought tugged at my hesitation for a second too long, manifest in a drawn out gasp for air, and immediately i knew it to be a mistake. The bite-flies that swarmed at flesh broke, the first sign of disaster, and the hurried rush and crash drew closer. I sprinted, razorleaves pleading for me to stay, lines of blood welling along every inch of exposed skin each a penance for losing focus. One thousand lashes of negligence, the sting of guilt helped refocus my mind and the way ahead cleared from the fog. I leapt, the ground fell away and changed scenery to a wash of blue. The sea swooped up to meet me, the salt dancing in the foam as it wished to find purchase and finish the job the leaves had done. Before the embrace, i looked back, and saw nothing. That did not bode well, but i did not have the time to reflect. The sea enveloped me, and everything changed again.