.... two hooded figures in a dark corner of the Rusty nail…….
“That’s what I am trying to tell ye, ya clot! If they had not made it to the lever, they could have never got in. Boss man needs to put more protection at the lever.” The yellow robed one said. “Those damn spiders give me the creeps! What kind of person has access to spiders?” The ale in his topped off mug sloshing onto the table from his involuntary reflex “By the mournlands, I should have never left Cyre.” Said Spider hater

“Well had it not been for that sound burst scroll, we may have ended up like the poor bastards on the higher platform. I mean what kind fool gives the high ground like that and just jumps into the water.” Said yellow robe “No doubt it was that mongrel barbarian that screwed up the Halflings plan” said spider hater. “I happy I got picked for the low ground now. Did you see how fast the yellow haired Halfling went down after he was stunned! And the red hair human with all that armor, just stood there dazed while Mole just kept stabbing and stabbing him.” Yellow robe said, his voice trailing off as he stared at the head on his ale.

“And can you believe the old man and that paladin actually ran back down here to get their bodies. And not a single cleric came to help us!” Said spider hater “We are working for the wrong people. I think we………………..” Said yellow robe as his voice was buried under a sudden flood of a noise as brawl broke out.