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    Recently I was messing with my extra action points (lvl 12 nothing else to do) and i put aside my lay hands and extra smites to see if I could boost my saves. Well i picked two paly feats that increase saving throws (can not remember them off the top of my head) one is supposed to increase all saves +2 the other +3. Not sure if its because of my +4 resist ring, but I only received a +1 to my saves....Any ideas or explanation here...If I am reading the feats wrong my apologies
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    I've seen something similar with some people that are lower level pallies being by higher level pallies.

    The high level palli didn't have the save bonus to their enhancement, but the lower level one did. For some reason the lower level palli's aura was overidden by the higher level palli's aura and hence their saves were lowered.

    The aura does stack with your charisma bonus, a resistance item (cloak/ring of resist, kundarak warding shield), a luck item (rabbit gloves), feats (luck of heroes, iron will, etc), enhancements (resistance of good) and spells (greater heroism).

    There's only one enhancement for your saves and if you take it your aura should go from 2 to 5.

    Try to stand off somewhere on your own and hover your mouse over the save score in your sheet and look at the calculation. If it looks wrong close your sheet and open it again.
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