I got an invite to run Storm Cleave on elite for favor. I was in quest running the depths series solo to burn off some XP debt. I replied give me 5 min to finish and run to the bazaar and then invite me. Well over the next 2 minutes i got 4 invites from the same someone else. Finally fisished up sellling hit the potions and wand dealers stocked back up and headed for the anvil fire inn.

At fist we had a real cluster #$@ going on. Several folks started in early to Clear the Way, ha the early runners died, zone out we all went in withing a few seconds of each other but somehow got strung out. Death blindness diseases it was terrible, Well the person who sent the original invite dropped out do you beleive it! Well stopped and rested we all looked for anyone wanting to join, the new leader took over with advice from some others went from the third column straight through the end with only one death ( me my fire protect went out and i didn't realize and one of the greater memphits hit me for like 90HP) After the giant general went down, the rogue scooped up my stone and ran me back to the last shrine, I rezzed up and hit the chest the group finished out.

I guess it was the group dynamic at first it didn't click, then all of a sudden we were gellin'... (love those commercials) and couldn't do any wrong. lots of cross talk and tactics sessions before every major battle.

Thanks to APOK, Brockwall, VERGE and the rest of you still ened up in the plus colum for XP.