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    Default Game Guides - A Guide to Writing Guides

    A Guide to Writing Guides:
    How to write a guide that will be used, loved and indexed!

    So you want to write a game guide. Great! Before you begin, lets start at the beginning.
    Below are some basic tips on how to write a good guide and how to get it indexed:

    • Be sure your subject matter has a purpose and demand. Writing a guide on how to buy an apple probably doens't have much of a purpose on the DDO forums.
    • Take the time to use proper spelling, punctuation and grammar and organization It not only looks nice, but it helps readers understand your guide better!
    • Make it comprehensive. Be sure to include all of the details related to your guide. You should be an expert on the subject you're writing about. Take the time to make it complete! A good guide should take no less than several days to complete, more if you are a busy person.
    • Keep it to the point and concise. Avoid stories, slang, and rambling.
    • Once you post your guide, tell people about it. Link to it from other websites. Tell your guild about it, or anyone else who plays the game.
    • Get feedback and listen to the feedback. You can always edit the guide at anytime to honor that feedback. Great sources of feedback for your guide will come from fellow guildmembers, players and even developers.
    • If a guide is popular, or has a high rating, it is more likely to be indexed.
    • A guide that is well written, accurate and has been rated highly helpful will very likely get indexed, although a guide does not need to meet all of these requirements to be indexed.
    If you believe a certain guide deserves to be indexed, please submit the link and title to one of our Community Team representatives.
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