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    Default A Stormreach Guide for New Adventurers

    I figured...especially with the influx of new adventurers arriving at the docks....a Guide holding links to valuable information would aid many new citizens[and maybe some old]....and may just make their early days easier, and turn them into life-long adventurers.

    The Main Compendium

    Talk the Talk;

    Questions about Eberron?

    Plan ahead with you Enchancements;

    Ok, how do l Heal myself and others?;

    Ok lm injured, what spell will heal me?;

    Wheres my Adventuring Gear?;

    A Beginners Checklist;

    Know your Weapons;

    Know your Armor;

    Whats this stuff l keep picking up from Breakables for?

    How to save a gp or two;

    So, how many Quests are their anyway?;

    Whats this Favor used For?

    Wheres the great Treasure?;

    If the way of the Lonewolf is for you;

    Clicky items, a way to be self-suficent;

    Yes, theres a world beyound Stormreach;

    For all the Rules Information;

    For all the PnP Rules Information;

    Mythbusting, dont beleive everything you hear/read;

    Ingame Tips;

    Stormreach Museum

    Also, dont forget to check the Guides, Classes and Races Forums for many useful threads and good place to ask about your life in Stormreach.

    And if anyone can suggest other threads a New Adventurer may find useful, please list it an ll add it later on.

    Hope it helps
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