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    The sun was beaming down on Warblade as he stood outside the warehouse. The dock was too quiet. People with their heads held low hurrying by him as if they were trying to avoid him. He looks down at Damane and says " Why is it that everywhere I go, I feel so out of place? I know you can see this as well as me? I just helped all these people be rid of the kobolds that infested the Inn and this is the respect I am shown?" He looks at her quizzically and she see's him for the first time. The sunlight reflects a hundred brilliant blue crystal facets outlining his face and paler thick purple crystal growing from his arms. She just looked at him with a almost blank expression as she takes it all in. Warblade pokes Damane. Startled she say's " Well... this is going to be hard for me to explain.. but it does seem to make sense.. all this time, my grandmother told me a day would come when I would come.. and she trails off perplexed... Warblade starts to get angry and begins walking towards the door when she says " Wait! I can explain! It makes sense now!" He turns back to her and she holds out her grandmothers necklace he had recovered. You see these crystals? This is what covers your body, it was the way the Wizened Council made you. After the war, it was outlawed for the creation of the Forges, but it was rumored that the magi Council had found a new power outside of the arcane and infused it into you... into these crystals." She hands him the necklace and the turquoise begin emitting a feint glow in brightness. The necklace fits fluidly around his neck and the mark on his forehead glow red, outlining the mark of making." I can explain all of this later, lets just get out of this street and get the scrolls back shall we?"
    Heaving the huge door open for Damane he softly closes it behind the. Sunbeams shine through the poorly thatched ceiling reviling huge crates stacked upon each other and along with cobwebs and the light dust of the hay something seemed wrong. Searching the room Damane notices a bedroll on a patch of hay that looked as if it had just been used. Pointing this out to Warblade he too knew of the presence of another. His senses began to heighten as his auroa began to glow a pale blue. He could feel the energy from the necklace as it spread through his entire being. Damane takes a step away from him as he let the axe drop and held his hands by his side with open palms drunkenly soaking up this new found power. She heard voices that turned to yells as the thieves grew closer. Readying her crossbow she flips the notch and takes aim at the door where the sounds were coming from. "By order of The Coin Lords you are to be taken into custody, give yourselves up you fool's!" She heard wicked laughter and taunting remarks as their laughter grew silent. She heard a noise at another door and quickly took aim, only to see another shut door an quiet laughter. She turns to look at Warbladewho was now on his knees with a dark purple glow that seemed to pull in the light from around him. "Warblade! Do something! Were going to be killed!" He opens his eyes and bright red energy beams emit from inside. He booms in a voice made without moving his lips causing the building to shake " You are the fools!" Both doors burst open and three men start to rush forward when Warblade rises and begins to grow in size, the rune on his head was spiraling around the mark, which looked somewhat like the number 8. Damane could not believe what she was seeing. The run actually seemed to be expanding in front of him pulling and expanding him with it. He looks directly at the door in front of him and he roars and a crimson ray emit's from his mouth enveloping all three men. The color wraps around them all and turns dead black as they all fall down. Damane had to tumble away from Warblade as his head almost touched the roof. Rolling sideways with the bow tucked firmly to her chest her right knee holds the bow steady as she centers on the man in the middle. His chest between the iron crosshairs she pulls the trigger and the bolt flies straight through him and sticks to the wall. His hand moves to his chest and he doubles over.
    The rest of the men panic and try to flee. Warblade rears back as if to backhand them as his arm transforms into a blade. Lashing out he chops them down in one giant strike. Looking to Damane who is hiding in the hay he starts to cry as he makes the best laugh he has ever had. Pure joy and energy start to fade as his body returns to normal and he hits the floor. His eyes start to close as he is dimly aware of a figure running toward him he lets go and sleeps for the first time.
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    Oh what sad times are these that passing ruffians can say "NEEEE" to old women at will. ~Robert the Shrubber

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    Looking down on his small frame through something like a dirty mirror, all bluish grey and smokey. He knew his soul was between this world and the next, he struggles to give an answer to a question he didnt know he asked but seemed to know it was there all his life. A decision must be made soon.. the wispy world he floats in growing larger. Time is the fire that makes it burn
    Harkonin DeathBringer WF - Myhdrill SoulStealer Drow
    Oh what sad times are these that passing ruffians can say "NEEEE" to old women at will. ~Robert the Shrubber

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