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    Mysterious Effect - Has 1 of 4 pairs of properties. 1. +3 Dex and +3 Resist 2. +3 Cha and Moderate Fortification 3. +3 Str and +3 Deflection 4. +3 Con and Minor Spell Penetration 6

    From the Definitive Named Item thread.

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    I thought the mysterious ring's properties varied from toon to toon, but my mysterious ring has the same properties on all three of my toons that can wear it.

    Are each ring's properties permanently set, or do they vary according to owner, account or (unlikely) toon? If they are permanent, I guess their properties are randomly generated when they drop and there's no way to tell one from the other w/o trying it on?


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    Default Con +3 Will Save +3

    My +3 con is providing +3 will save. I don't have it equiped anymore and can't be sure it's not also offering the spell penetration previously mentioned.
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    Mine has +3 to CHA but no moderate fort

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