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    Quote Originally Posted by Sporkfire
    Please note that the Risia and Shavarath servers previously announced will not be among the launch servers. We apologize for the error and any inconvenience this may have caused you.

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    Default A Jovial Jaunt

    A Jovial Jaunt
    Currently listed on the second part of the 'undeclared list'.
    We have declared Thelanis as our server.

    Check us out if you're a player that wants to join a brand new guild, and help it grow. A lot of opportunity for leadership positions and the great feeling you get from starting something from nothing in a new game!

    ~Fariwyn the Roamer

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    Default Sons of Denzar

    Sons of Denzar will be on the Sarlona server.

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    The Last Heroes will be adventuring in Mabar.

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    I'm going to make a guild named "Pee Wee's Playhouse"

    Not sure where we are gonna start up.


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    Since Risia got turfed, The Order of the Scarlet Leaf will now be on Riedra!


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    Obsidian Flame will be forming on Khyber.

    Obsidian Flame - Casual, laid back, friendly. Part of a larger guild (USKTA - With an established history in WoW, CS, and Planetside, among others. PM Mournwood or post an intro on our forums if you have questions!

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    Hi guys and gals...................

    The Guild of Random Encounters (GORE) will be playing on the Thelanis Server.

    We're just a bunch of RPGers from (currently) two different gaming clans with the same interest in DDO.

    We'll welcome any good players........

    We're not power gamers, just a bunch of people looking for a good game experience.

    We'll use voicechat and work together with other party members to get through what we need to do.

    As I said, we are currently formed from members of two gaming guilds here:

    and here:

    Hope to cya online tomorrow.

    Woody Evver
    Halfling Rogue with a +3 Can opener
    Remember to Pillage Before You Burn!!

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    Please add Hellfire to the Thelanis group.

    Mature players escaping real-life.
    No drama or BS.
    Ventrilo server

    More of a group of friends adventuring together than a guild.

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    Default Sons of Denzar Info

    I typed up some info for the guild description

    Guild Name: Sons of Denzar
    Guild Type: Moderate RP
    Guild website: none yet
    Guild Contacts: Oculus via yahoo or aol as Bastich25, email:
    Recruiting status: accepting new members
    About you: Sons of Denzar is derived from an old 2.0 PnP DnD campaign. All the members are experienced role players either in PnP or other MMOs. All the members are experienced MMO players on a wide variety of games. I personally, have played DAoC, COH (we were all on the Virtue unofficial roleplaying server), and WoW. Plus some smaller non-mainstream MMOs like Tale in the Desert.

    SoD will be moderate RP as we know the limitations and stress that RP-ing can put on someone. Therefore, we will notpunish non-RP-ing behavior (as long as it doesn't get out of hand). Likewise, we don't like RP-ing to get out of hand. If you have a problem with someone in the guild leave it out of the guild unless it is agreed beforehand to be a RP event, of course.

    One thing is that we love joking around. If you cannot take a joke, or are easily offended then this guild is not for you. If you have a problem with something that is said, I always advocate talking it out. If you are high-strung or easily angered, again this guild is not for you.

    Most of us are DnD PnP players, so be prepared for at length discussions about inane DnD rules and things like it .

    Any other questions, just hit me up, I am usually online.

    Oh yeah, most of our members are in the PST time zone, with 2 in Central.

    Classes so far:

    1 Rogue
    1 Paladin
    2 Clerics
    1 Sorceror (me)
    1 Ranger
    Oculus Mortis, your friendly neighborhood Chaotic Neutral Sorceror, of the Sons of Denzar

    Sorcz 4 lifez

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    Default Valiance

    Hey please ADD [B]Valiance[B] to your list we'll be on the Xoriat server.. I'm working with our leader right now to get a DDO section for our forums, for now I'm using a sticky.

    our URL is

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    Default The Order of the Scarlet Leaf now on Riedra

    how’s it going every one I just wanted to introduce the Canadian guild I belong to on there behalf. And let every one know that

    [SIZE="4"]The Order of the Scarlet Leaf will now be located on Riedra[/SIZE]

    i invite any interested players to come check us out and talk to are guild master Xanofere. A link to are guild website is posted bellow.

    thanks that’s all for now and hope to see you all tomorrow.

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    all requests updated

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    I am proud to annouce that the Raiders of Xen'drik will be arriving on Xoriat tomorrow. We are an old NGE displaced SWG guild and value intergrity, honor and teamwork above all else. For more information checkout the website @ or if you have any questions please feel free to PM me here!

    See you in game soon!!
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    Raelg Iron-Fist
    Others ruffians: Gog, Magogg, Quikksilver, Brux, Conor, Conspiracy, & Brewdawg

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    Please move the Challengers of Dol Dorn from Shavarath to Xoriat. Thanks!

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    Default Lords of Legend Guild moving off Risia. . .

    Please move the Lords of Legend guild from Risia to Sarlona.


    Looking to join a group of party-minded gamers looking for fun and adventure in DDO? Join the Lords of Legend now!

    Guild site:
    Last edited by Kilgar Flintsteel; 02-23-2006 at 07:43 PM.

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    good job Ret, make sure you change the color of our guild name, red isn't a good color for this backgrond
    Attention magic users looking for a casual guild
    (rangers and paladins included or Warforged of any class)
    Keepers of the Arcane
    May be the right choice for you.
    High Elder and Recruitment Agent

    Aundair server

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    Default intercessionists

    Any willing to join This guild please post name...... acepting all classes !!! i will post to u online remember if we recieve 25 members we get special items so if you dont have a home and would like one The Intercessionists are here.

    Back ground story on guild
    The Intercessionists started as a small guild of exthieves whom had changed there way.Lookingto help thoughs in need. The past few year some of the guild members have traveled the lands to expand this guid threw out the world. thus one of these people were raluesheo Shadowdancer. Traveling from the city of baldurs gate across the ocean to eberron. Raluesheo now makes his bid for you to join his noble guild.

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    Ret you still overlooked Grave Mistakes!
    Wot did we spit in yer ale at some point? We tend to do that sometimes.

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    Bregan D'Aerth will be on the Ghallanda Server.

    Those of you who are interested in a mature, relaxed, fun loving; family oriented guild based on the Dark Elf trilogy by R.A Salvatore. Find our forums from the main site link above; state your from DDO and your intended character name. TeamSpeak is required as we are a guild of multiple worlds.

    My character will be Kát, Kat, Jade, or Jayd, in that order depending on what's available. Looking forward to adventuring with friends old and new !!!
    Last edited by Jade; 02-23-2006 at 08:35 PM.
    Jade Kát
    L'Renor Cryso, @`--,-----

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