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    Default List of DDO Guilds

    guilds listed by server

    Adar: "refuge" innocent could flee from persecution, humans, psionics, the kalashtar

    Aerenal: island of the elves

    Argonnessen: continent - "land of the dragons"

    Aundair: one of the Five Nations in Khorvaire, home of The Arcane Congress

    Fernia: "the Sea of Fire", plane of fire

    Ghallanda: Halfling House of Hospitality

    Khyber: the underdark of Eberron

    Lhazaar: country in Khorvaire, confederacy of pirate lords

    Mabar: "the Endless Night, plane of darkness/shadow

    Riedra: country in the continent of Sarlona, humans, psionics, the Inspired

    Risia: "the Plain of Ice", plane of ice UNAVAILABLE

    Sarlona: continent, human civilization, influenced by the Inspired; unofficial RP server

    Shavarath: "the Battleground", plane of eternal war between archons, devils, and demons UNAVAILABLE

    Tharashk: half-orc/human House of Finding

    Thelanis: "the Faerie Court", plane of "lush forests and crystal clear waters"; unofficial RP server

    Xoriat: "the Realm of Madness", plane of chaos

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    "refug" innocent could flee from persecution, humans, psionics, the kalashtar

    • New group of players were about 50+ strong always looking for new friendly people to join our ranks we run a TeamSpeak server age doesnt matter maturity does. We look forward to playing with you all

    Guardian Knights

    Eridani Light Horse

    Monster Hunters
    • Type: Mixed - Casual Gamers, RPers, Hardcore Online Gamers (no acronym pun intended)
    • Recruiting: Open
      • Greetings all!

        The Monster Hunters guild has been formed on Adar.
        We are a group of mature (in some cases ancient) players dedicated to keeping the RP in MMORPGs. That does not equate to "hardcore" RP as some may have experienced - after all some OOC levity always helps...

        We will be recruiting members from all regions and age groups (who act mature). We are more than capable of assisting member PCs who speak mostly spanish - many of the Monster Hunters are bilingual.

        Feel free to contact any of the following re: Monster Hunters
        Aerindel (Elf Cleric) - Guild Leader
        Lorthalio (Human Paladin) - Guild Officer
        Sneeks (Human Fighter/Rogue) - Guild Officer

    Swords of Light
    • Leader/officers: Rebarty, Olou, Raginlynn and G
    • Class Requirement: none
    • Level Requirement: none
    • Statement: We are guild made up of folks that like to have fun playing the game. We come from many different back grounds, Old Tabletop D&D and other MMORPG (SWG, WoW, DnL, EQ2). We have many ages in the guild and play styles. All we ask is team players and having fun. We run one to two adventure groups day/night. And do many quest on the weekend.

    Knights of the Lost Order
    • KotLO has been on several MMO's and now im bringing it here. I've played many MMO's and built this guild on all of them to include.
      Diablo 2
      Lineage 2
      Everquest 2
      Guild Wars and several other games.
      We are currently forming on Adar server and are looking for mature players. It is our goal to help others along with the game. The guild is very helpful and we are planning to put into action some quest groups to be lead by officers to help other guildies to learn the game and get some exciting loot. All members so far are founding members and played beta. If interested in joining contact me on the server.

      Erin Von Darkmoor
      Xixendar Xilocient

    the Longbeards
    • experience(mmo): EQ, SWG, WoW, EQ 2, Rose Online, Ragnarok Online,
    • experience(RL): a group of fun loving guys who all play D&D at least two nights a week. the core group of our guild are all RL friends and are based in NJ. Always looking for some rowdy individuals who like to RP and kick some ass. we are very group based, we like to make sure everyone is well equipped and leveled evenly. we have lost lots of people to the pitfalls of other games because of not sticking to that formula. Dwarves prefrered but not required.

    J Unit
    • We are currently 15+ and counting. We are looking for all types of players. we want people who enjoy playing not just wanting to run though the game.

    The Forsaken
    • Type:moderate to hardcore rp only
    • age Restriction:none
    • lvl Restriction:none
    • Class Restriction:none
    • Maturity Restriction: only mature players allowed
    • Guild Master:
      • Trysten Renfield (other contact names Gidian Darkwood)
      • Race:Vampire
    • Interviews:yes
    • Requirement of play:
      • at least once a day unless unable
    • Quote:
      • I am that which cannot be seen nor heard only felt for the breifest moment at the end of your life
    • Recruiting: open
    • other mmorpg's played:
      • Diablo
      • Diablo 2
      • EverQuest ( and most exp)
      • Ragnarok online
      • Rose online
      • Furcadia
      • GuildWars
      • World of Warcraft
    • information:we (or should I say I) are a fun loving guild that has started with the old table top games and would like to keep the D&D spirit alive with it's computer counter part I want to keep gameplay in character unless otherwise specified (meaning just type ooc) we still have a lot of room and want people that love to rp not just dungeon crawl (Replies may also be made by or by yahoo im:johnny_boy_53032

    Eternal Wrath
    • The leader is Manders.
    • we are looking for any lvl chacters but just be active mature players.

    Circle of Nations (Place of all peoples)
    (websites listed below)
    • Keeping it simple and sweet. (K.i.s.s.)
    • I am part Cherokee and want other Native americans to feel free to be themselves here like anyone else.
    • I am highly tactical, and can get anyone throu anything usualy.
    • We like to work together.
    • We like to share.
    • We like to communicate.
    • Most of the Guild works during the day.
    • I aint Gonna bog your mind with advertising scheems.
    • You can come and be apart of the family, or just be one of the "others".
    • We have quite a few members around 70-100 I believe.
    • Ask officers to help, if they are rude to you they will get a warning and possably a demote.
    • If anyone gives ya any problem, guild members or not, let me or the officers know and we will do what is ever in our ability to do. Game or guild wise.
    • If you need real life help, I will listen and see if there is anyway I can help.
    • we have 2 web sites- people use or dont use according to their free will.

    • Give/ Recieve help for anything here: Pen pals encouraged.

    The Fearless Legions
    • We are a fun guild, with mature, yet often silly, players. Can be found online at almost any time of the day, we don't really seem to have set schedules
    • Our website is at
    • Feel free to drop in and si HI! on our forums!

    Wicked Gypsies
    • Invite only. Wicked Gypsies is a fun-loving, mature, and active guild. We support one another, and take our time to enjoy the quests, not rush through them. We strongly emphasize teamwork.

    Remnants of Syn
    • Website under construction/member only
    • no real pre req to guild just usually people we group with least once or twice to learn play style / personality.
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    island of the elves

    Knights of the Old Code
    • At last count we had over 55+

    • About us:
      • Our aim is to create a fun and friendly guild, within DDO, for mature members.
      • We are a clan that was put together to bring like-minded folks together for games, communication, and a generally good time.
      • We have branches in many MMOs (DDO, RF, WoW, FFXI) and other online games (Diablo 2, Guild Wars, Socom 3, CS).
      • We will be on the Aerenal Server.
      • I am the guild leader for the DDO chapter (Olplyn in game, hopefully ).
    • Recruitment Requirements:
      • We accept any class/race.
      • A desire to play well with others (or the ability).
      • We believe the best way to figure out if you should be a part of the guild is to get to know each other.
    • A few things to note:
      • RP is not required, but is welcome.
      • Our membership is currently at 15 (due to the limited admitance to our site before it goes live)
      • Our site ( is still under construction. . . it should be up within the next few days.
      • Participation on the site is not a requirement for guild membership, but it is a plus (as it is a better way to get to know you).

    • Integrity:
      • A circle of friends.
      • Mature Players.
      • Casual Atmosphere.
    • in·teg·ri·ty ( P ) Pronunciation Key (n-tgr-t)
      • 1. Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.
      • 2. The state of being unimpaired; soundness.
      • 3. The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness.
        Synonyms: candor, forthrightness, goodness, honestness, honesty, honorableness, incorruptibility, incorruption, principle, probity, purity, rectitude, righteousness, sincerity, straightforwardness, uprightness, virtue

    Anamai de Gaoth (Spirits of the Wind)
    • guild is a secondary elves-only guild

    Pee Wee's Playhouse

    Griffon Fires

    Order of the Pheonix
    • We are a guild dedicated to having fun, plain and simple. All of the founders are long-time PnP players, and we feel that the best way to enjoy DDO is with a great group of other players. The more the merrier! So we formed a new guild to bring people to us. We are looking to expand and grow from our humble beginnings to become something extraordinary! Several people have already heeded our call, but we want more. Anyone is welcome, as long as you can treat others with respect and honour (remember that whole have fun thing?).
      • We believe in teamwork and mutual assistance.
      • We accept all races and classes.
      • We don't have an age requirement as long as you can act mature.
      • Newbies or veterans are equally welcome.
      • We do not require RP, but neither do we ban it. If you enjoy RP'ing, by all means, go to town. All we ask is that you respect the wishes of those who do not like to RP with you.
      • Our website is: - It is still under construction, but we do have our Code of Ethics written if you wish to read it. It's quite simple, but all Members of the Order are required to follow it.
      • We are offering Officer status to anyone willing to maintain the website. While I can do it, I only have so much free time, so progress will be slow. I'd like to have someone who could handle the site so that we can have a good resource for our Members without much wait time. If you're interested, let me know.
      • While things are still just getting started, what with the game's release and all, in the future we plan on having guild events for our Members to participate in and enjoy. Right now, the only schedualed play time is Tue evening/night, when all three founders will be playing. If you need something from us in-game, that's when to find us (Sun is also a good time to look).
    • Well, that pretty much sums it up. If you're interested, you can either reply here or look for us in-game. Our main character names are:
      • Daryus
      • Elijah
      • Myddion
    • To those of you who can show your bravery...WELCOME!!

    Order of the Day Knights
    • Let me tell you a little about Order of the Day Knights!! We are a friendly fun guild. We formed so it would be easier to get together with friends to do missions (dungeons). We are currently recruiting friendly people that want to have fun while playing D&D Online. Any class and race is welcome and any type of player is welcome. Come check our website at Order of the Day Knights!! If interested post in game name or register with our website and put your characters name in our roster. And remember anyone is welcome from the hardcore gamers to the casual gamer. All we ask is be yourself and have fun doing it!!

    Ungodly Heathen NBC
    • Looking to have fun
    • For Mature Players (our language slips sometimes)
    • Accepts all Races (though halflings will be made fun of with height jokes)
    • No immediate acceptances, run a few quests with us first to see if WE are compatible.
    • Make a joke = Take a joke. No hating or whining
    • We take time to go through the quests and take care of each other.
      No Experience runs, though will reenter quests for those that haven't not done.
    • We work, and have lives, so won't be rushing up the levels, so no one should be left far behind.
    • NBC = A secret for members only
    • Have fun and see you all on the battlefield
    • I am usually Fadred Darkling or Shadra Nightspawn

    Legacy of Stormreach
    • mature palyers
    • casual or hardcore welcome
    • voice chat usage is heavily recommended
    • any race/class allowed

    Rusty Pickle Jamboree
    • Invite only casual guild, we do not look for applicants. We are prone to use Press Gangs to get new blood, and we are an Aeranal guild. I am the founder of this guild, and my word is law, I have yet to be overthrown.

      We can be serious, very serious about role playing. We kick people for doing OOC things when we have our RP raids. If you want intense angst role playing then look for Rusty Pickle Jamboree, but we won't recruit you so that sucks to be you.

      - The Adventurer formerly known as Kooter Milfbane

    The Church of Lost Salvation
    • The Church of Lost Salvation is currently accepting members of all class and skill for mature players only. Off color voice chat is common along with massive expeditions into unknown territory with little or no chance of survival. Please contact Deth, Xantel, Stragen or Blackdeath for an interview.
    • Aerenal server! (when it's up!)

    Adventurer's Guild

    • We're the Wolverines and some of our members have been in the guild since the original mud circa 86.
    • Tag: Rock you like a hurricane
    • Leader: Tobin
    • Recruiting Officers:
      • Firehawk
      • Keplin
      • Salario
    • Rock & Roll & Everything Soul . . .

    The Fellowship Eternal
    • If you are interested, contact an officer. We are a real laid back, come as you are guild with players from North America and Oceana (Sp?) so you are almost always guaranteed players to work with you at any time of day.

    Divine breath of the dragon
    • Everyone is accepted.Its a french guild
    • we have 3 officer,3 members and 1 leader for now but i think we can make a little bigger.
    • leader: Dyzmo
    • officers:mio,ultimo,promax
    • Here the adresse for the forum.
    • If you want enter ,register in the forum and i will add you in the guild,if im online send me a tell.

    Souls of Insanity
    • If you've ever joined a guild and couldn't find anyone on to play with, then this is the guild for you. If you find yourself not fitting in with all the rules and demands of most guilds, then this is the guild for you. If you are out to play the game to have a good time, then this is the guild for you.

      We are not going to make you use a microphone. We will not make you contribute to the guild. Most of all we won't get in the way of fun. Because what is the most important thing about the game. The Fun!

    DnD Explorers Inc.
    • DnD Explorers Inc. is a new guild that has almost, quite literally spawned overnight. We are also active members with in a CS:S guild that are not branching as much as broadening our horizons.
    • As of right now, the guild is formerly 2 people strong and looking for more. We wish to be a place for adults, who enjoy the game, to come and relax without pressure of mass group involvement. Although, as our future progresses, we would like to have planned guild raids and the like.
    • My experience with MMO's extends to Ascheron's Call 1 & 2, Horizons, then impatiently awaited the arival of DDO. I for one, learned to play AC1 as a loner, and wish, the solo content was more substantial for DDO. But, as I have found, the small group really is nice compared to some of the quests I remember in mass with other MMO's.
    • Please feel free to visit our web site @, we will look forward to seeing you.

      DnD BrassDraggon
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    continent - "land of the dragons"

    Dragonmark Knights
    • Guild of friends playing the game for fun. Mostly east coast U.S. with a large concentration in the Northeastern U.S.
    • Centered on having fun, adventuring, and player interaction. Striving to be a respected and respectful guild in and out of game.

    Hammer & Axe

    Order of the Silver Dragons

    • RESURGENCE is recruiting for DDO membership!
    • Filled with veterans of Shadowbane, WoW, and other MMO's, Resurgence will be forming on the Argonnessen server, and we're looking for gamers of all types and experience levels to join us in our adventures.
    • Made up of both hard-core gamers and weekend warriors alike, RESURGENCE focuses on fun and friendship over "phat lewt", but uses our close-knit membership to our advantage as we work through the highest-level content together.
    • All levels, all classes, all skill levels welcome.
    • Visit for more information about who we are and to apply for the guild.
    • See you in game!

    House of Stormrune
    • We're a US DoD Military Members guild. Accepts all RotC (college), active duty, reserve, guard, veteran, and prior service.
    • Mature players and in particular, advanced and expert D&D players.
    • Serious and swift, yet fun and not obesessive.
    • Role-playing is optional, although encouraged to give the game more atmosphere.
    • The guild will hold numerous "officer" positions to those who are commendable leaders.
    • Contacts:
      • Saris
      • Hexin

    • We are a small group of friendly, helpful people who love to roleplay. The family name of all founding members is Bloodmoon. We have chosen the Shavarath server, but are not actively recruiting. If anyone is interested in a guild familiar with DnD, Eberron and loves roleplaying, we will most definately consider the offer. Most of our times are overnight 10pm to 7am Central and Mountain

    Souls Hunters

    the Rouge's Island
    • We are looking for guild members who are into the role playing aspect of the game not just the hack and slash part of it. We welcome all types of classes and love to have a safe, non harassing, and helpful environment

    Nomads of Time
    • We are a group of kind and mature gamers. Our guild is aimed at letting people enjoy the game to its fullest. We like adventuring together and are keen on helping each other out with equipment or in any other way we can. We prefer quality to quantity and strive to become one of the prominent guilds on Argonnessen. We put emphasis on our website as a tool for communication. If you are a mature and good-hearted person, please feel free to visit us at and apply, or contact me, Rackhir, or any of our Officers in-game.

    Valhalla Raiders
    • casual play for mature minded people
    • contact Serafe Or Shibboleth in game

    Kingdom of Chaos.
    • Greetings, I'm Sinafira Jessikari of the Argonessen server. I am the leader of the guild Kingdom of Chaos.
      We are a guild that is dedicated to having fun, Sharing storys about D&D Experiences, talking about other D&D based games and enjoying D&D Online.
      Hopefully in the future we plan on getting into the end-game portion of the game.

    (MUD) Mug of the Ugly Dragon
    • Council Members:
      • Jaxxs
      • Binford
      • Barley
      • Crrom
      • Marvin
      • Bagst
    • Guild Charter
      To All prospective New Members

      Please read the following Guild Charter. If you agree with it, please then post your application for acceptance.

      MUD is a guild comprised of adult gamers (over 21 years old) who enjoy playing online games. Many members of MUD have played MMORPG's with each other for nearly three (3) years. We are a group of fun-loving adults who enjoy each others company online.

      Jaxx is the Mug of the Ugly Dragon Guild Leader. Marvin, Binford, Baggers, Crrom and Barley are MUD Guild Founders. You can contact any of us in-game with questions.

      We do have some expectations of guild members. Members of MUD must respect other guild members and other online gamers. Malicious name calling, duping or any other behavior that takes advantage of other players or reflects poorly on MUD will not be tolerated. Infractions of this basic expectation will be addressed with a warning and, if the behavior continues, removal from the guild.

      MUD uses a voice chat program called Teamspeak to communicate in-game. To download Teamspeak, go to: Ask Binford, Jaxx, Marvin, Baggers, Crrom or Barley in-game for the MUD Teamspeak address once you have it downloaded. Using Teamspeak is REQUIRED by MUD guild members as it enhances the gaming experience and makes in-game communication instaneous.

      Basically, we just expect people to have responsible fun. Be an adult and treat others as you would want to be treated. If you can meet this most fundamental of guidelines, you will likely make friends and greatly enhance your gaming experience. We look forward to seeing you online!

      By replying to this post, you agree to abide by the MUD guild charter and understand the expectations of MUD members.

      Thanks for your interest!

      Please let me know if you have any questions

    • Leader/Officers: Votary, Sputtnick, Pie, Strale, Flitt
    • Info: We're a multi-MMO guild with presence in several games. We like to keep the atmosphere family friendly and drama free, as we know that real life is always more important than the games we play to have fun and relax. We'll accept all levels and classes. Check out our forums for more info!

    Champions of Io
    • In-game contact: Herion of Arc
    • Description: Casual guild, not invite only, but annoying morons aren't welcome.

    A Universal Mind
    • Hello, my name is DreamTheater; I am the leader of a new guild called “A Universal Mind” in the Argonnessen server, one of the busiest servers in DDO. I would like to invite you to check out our web site at .
      A Universal mind is a New DDO guild in the Argonnessen Server, Created for DDO players who want more out of the game than just repeating quest and power leveling, also welcoming off-hour players from all over the world.
      DDO is a great game and a good way to make friends, A Universal Mind will offer players with day and night guild events, such as: weekly favor parties, guild raids, low level parties, high level elite runs, Weekly Elite Loot runs, and guild wide contest where members can enjoy some friendly competitions.
      Everyone is welcome! If you are in another server and want to join us we will happily be willing to group with you and get you up and running in our server.
      As long as you are mature and willing to help and be helped by the guild, you will be welcome among the ranks of A Universal Mind. Members will be required to fill out a membership form so that we can get to know each and every guild member better, and make the gaming experience as good as it can be for all playing styles.
      If you are interested in joining please send me a personal E-mail at:
      Or send an in game mail to: DreamTheater: with your character name/s and time you will be in game, so I can send you a guild invite.
      Guild web site will be up and operational very soon with member forums, e-mail, and live chatrooms on the site.
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    one of the Five Nations in Khorvaire, home of The Arcane Congress

    Keepers of the Arcane
    • We accept all classes but only casters (ranger/ paladin included) and any classed warforged may become elders
    • We are a mature casual guild who are RP friendly.
    • Questions contact:
      • Ret Greenwood on the DDO Boards
      • Brther Maynard on the guild site

    The Northern Dominion
    • The Northern Dominion is open to all RP adventureres!

    Heroes of Vanguard

    Twilight Avengers
    • The Twilight Avengers are an organization which has been around for over 4 years.
      With this comes alot of experience in maintaining and running a guild/clan/group.

    The Circle of Chaos
    • The Circle of Chaos is now a fully established guild on the Aundair server. We are going to be a group of laid back folk just looking to enjoy our game and have fun with others, with a little chaotic mischief mixed in.
    • Age limit is 17 + for maturity reasons, sorry youngins. Anyone interested, PM me, or check out our forums (the website will be up soon):

    • Contacts:
      • Pikk
      • Lingling
      • mann
      • shank
      • seeing
      • yevgeni

    The Stormreach Mercenary Company
    • Must sign up on boards first
    • Mature Applicants only please no time for children we deal with those in real life.

    • Talonclaw is a new guild made up of a variety of people from the young to the old (40+). The guild's was founded on the value of teamwork and respect with the goal of having FUN.
    • My wife and I (Founders) started this guild during the Head-Start aspect of DDO's Launch. The members are people we have met and played with that were friendly and worked well in a team environment (groups).
    • Uber players are always nice, but our guild is a mix of newbees and experienced PnP and MMO players. The main thing... to join our guild is simply to have the desire to have a lot of fun with a great attitude which works well with people of any age.
    • Our guild's goal is to have friendly people that like to play together online.
    • In the near future, we will be setting up an external webboard to help in facilitating group-play by offering schedules as to when ppls will be online.
    • If you are interested in joining... send my me a message ingame or email me at

    • A Guild for casual players:
      • Slow play styles - No more racing to get to the end
      • Group Cooperation - Everyone helps one another, increasing enjoyment for all
      • Mature - No hard age requirement, but a mentality requirement
      • Roleplay or Not - Play with others who play like you
    • We're just starting, so we need members to make this a reality.
    • Check out our forums:

    • Small guild started by 5 Real life friends.
    • Send tells to the officers (Saerick, Sorell, Taye, Sally) and run a instance or two with us, if we like you, feel free to join up

    Shadow of the Dragon's Wing
    • For those brave enough to stand in the shadow of the dragon's wing.
    • We are located in Aundair.
    • The guild is just beginning and looking for members. A website will be up within the next couple of weeks. We are looking for members with the following qualifications.
      • works well in parties (does not go off on their and leave party members alone to fend for themselves in dungeons)
      • mature (be a gracious player, not a jerk)
      • active
      • willing to help new players
    • As we are a new guild, I am open for any suggestions from members and looking for someone trustworthy that will help out in the guilds creation and maintenance.
    • Contact Agarwayn if you are interested.

    Order of True Magic
    • Officers: Mithhand, Clowd, Duncand, Aeradar, Raistilinnn

    • Want to join a very large guild?
    • The Band of Gypsy's is always recruiting
    • The Band of Gypsy's is always active
    • The Band of Gypsy's is always friendly

    The Dragon Order of Arcanix
    • Guild Website:
    • Guild Master:
      • Yendreath Shi'niart
    • Officer Contacts:
      • Riven Ala’Cossar
      • Shaunassey Bloodaxe
      • Valorian
      • Guntir Nogrod
      • Dorgan Bloodaxe
      • Gera Hammersdotter
      • Radyl Mandon
    • Recruiting Status: We are currently recruiting all classes and levels, we would like to build our base up with new players to DDO, as we enjoy teaching them the ropes, and helping them to become well rounded players, seasoned players are also welcomed

      We are a strong guild (family, friends, and growing strongly) filled with pride in our guild and each other. The DOA is a committed group of diverse individuals who respect and enjoy each other's company.

      The Dragon Order is a select group of talented adventurers commissioned by Aundair’s Arcanix Magic Academy to explore, catalogue, and collect all things magical from the mysterious lands of Xen'drik. As for treasure, we use a need-before-greed approach. If someone gains an item they cannot use and will probably sell to a vendor, make them a fair offer (no more than 50% the base cost) and the item is yours. We always do our best to share our treasure fairly.

      The Dragon Order of Arcanix expects a decent level of maturity from our members and those we adventure with; we will not tolerate flaming, ganking or baiting. Our goal is to build a stronger community while developing our characters and guild. We strive to explore the Lands of Xen'drik and help each other adventure til our hearts' content... if you like to mix up a pint of Roleplaying with a dash of Gaming, drop a petition because we would love to share an adventure with brave the lands, sharpen your steel, test your magicks, and most importantly – HAVE FUN!

      We are Approx.. at 90 Active Members and growing.
      Our goal is not to become a Huge guild, but to be a very potent one with our active members, as we perfer quality over quanity!
      So come check out our website, drop us a post or contact one of our officers in game, we're always looking for a great grouping experience

      Fair Travels til next we meet...

      Shaunassey Bloodaxe- Guild Officer of The Dragon Order of Arcanix

    Guardians of Daghda
    • Guardians of Daghda consists of both the experienced player and new. We are a laid back group of people here to have fun. There are no specific set of rules as to having to be online or being the hardcore gamer as a few other guilds pertain to. We like to have fun and believe thats what gaming should be about.
    • If your interested please stop by our forums in the "Membership" section and leave a few comments about yourself.

    Night's Shadows
    • Hey there. Night's Shadows is on Aundair. We are a small guild (very small) of friends who like to play quite frequently. We are looking for people of any class/race/level to join us on our quest for fun and adventure. You can send any inquiries to the following members:
      • Nightshadow
      • Ardreth
      • Ogthor
      • Vilya
    • We are a casual guild that just wants to enjoy the game. We are looking for like-minded, mature (attitude, not age), fun folks to join our ragtag little group.
    • Nightshadow
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    ”the Sea of Fire", plane of fire

    Iron Phoenix
    • IRON Phoenix is a gaming community dedicated to providing its members with a mature, fun, and exciting gaming home. Here, we ensure that our members will be treated with respect. In this way we guarantee that IRON Phoenix will be the best gaming experience you have ever had.
    • Our community consists of members over the age of 18. Most of which have families and jobs that may limit their play. What this means is a more relaxed style of play for everyone. IRON Phoenix is built on the foundation that you play when you can and you take care of what matters most, real life.

    The Phoenix Guard

    Clan BLUD
    • BLUD stands for Be Loyal Until Death, and the core of our group was formed by some pen & paper roleplayers that have since played together (and gathered more friends) in online games such as Mechwarrior 3, Unreal Tournament, Star Wars: Galaxies, EQ2, and WoW.
    • We prefer to game with mature players that realize having fun is a priority, drama is not. Check us out at!


    Order of the Dark Hand
    • All are welcome. If you're looking for a fun, friendly atmosphere - then we may be right for you. Whatever class you play, whatever race you are, whether you multiclass 57375 times; we don't care. We want to have fun and help you to achieve that same goal. Rp'er's, powergamers, casual or otherwise - all are welcome

    New OutRiders
    • “Have fun and help others do the same”.
    • We are a multi-game guild that was founded in the game “Shadows of Yserbius” in 1992, since then NOR has expanded to many different games. We are a family oriented guild with a very rich history. Our members are of all ages and come from all walks of life and backgrounds. We are united in the common goal of having fun and helping others. You may find out more about our charter, guild history and how to join at our website Please post on our forums and introduce yourself as well.

    Habeo Imortalis Baiulus (Holder of the Imortal Burden)
    • Our guild is very laid back. We group a lot for exp, quests, fun, etc. If you like to group with others, help out, and have fun, this would be the guild for you! If you are interested in joining, please post on our forums, email a GM at, or contact someone in game.

    Kindred Spirits
    • Looking for mature, experienced players to group up with on release?
    • Have the need to ensure DDO has that PnP feel?
    • Want to be involved with an organized, laid back guild?
    • Intent on creating a mature, casual atmosphere for people to chat, explore the game, and to set and meet goals for your character.
    • Light RP flavor is planned

    • We're about as casual as it gets. Once the headstart begins I'll post more detailed information and our website. Anyone who wants more information, feel free to send me a pm

    Berserker Brigade
    • Guild was created by and D&D Pen and Paper group.
    • Seeking members constantley that are mature and polite.


    The Adventurer's Guild

    Vicinity of Obscenity
    • Vicinity of Obscenity is a guild started by close friends who are all about the fun aspect of games.
    • We aren't against number crunching and power gaming, it's just not our style.
    • We role play our characters mildly and it's very casual. Role playing is not a prime factor here, but we let everyone play how they like.
    • Website was created yesterday and is still in progress as we speak. It is currently useable, but very ugly to look at and doesn't contain info on any of the members. Feel free to check it out anyways though, the forums still work.
      VoO guild website

    • you might of heard of them from such games as lineage 2 and battlefield 2 and many more
      recruiting mail

    • Rolling up on Fernia.
      Advanced tight-knit players that have become family.
      Roleplayers welcome and tolerated. ; )

      No specific class, age or level requirements.
      You are required to act maturely and express frustration by communicating solutions; as no game is without err.

      Contact Moonglumm in game.

      Currently have 17 guild members and growing.
      Ventrilo server and guild-website info available at request.

    The d6 Mafia
    • The d6 Mafia, Now recruiting, is a guild for the casual gamer, but not the faint of heart. We exist to help out fellow guild members with character advancement, quests, and eventually raids. There will be more to come in the future as the game progresses.
      Check us out
    • This guild was founded by military members, so, if you are offended by foul language this may not be the guild for you.

    Order of the Flame
    • Hail and well met! My name is Sephrenia WingRider, and I am the guild mistress of the Order of the Flame. I have led my guild since 1997 in a variety of games, and am proud to call DDO our new home.

      The Order exists to uphold Truth and Justice in the land, and are the ideals we strive to uphold and abide by ourselves. The Order is a brotherhood of Knights dedicated to defending these ideals. While working together to further these ideals, we also grow in strength as individuals and as a whole, so our second loyalty is to each other. We are committed to growing together as a team.

      If you are a mature player that would like to become a part of something great, join the Order. We welcome you with open arms. Please seek me on the Fernia server. You may contact me via /tell, email (, or through private forum messages. We look forward to seeing you!

      Warmest regards,
      Sephrenia WingRider
      Order of the Flame

    Beauty And Brawn Elite (BABE)
    • We are a guild with chapters in several games (SWG/WoW/MxO/CoH/CoV) and stress friendship, fun and respect. Due to the various time zones we all are in, one can usually find a guild member in one of the games most all the time.

    • The Refugees have been called many things since our inception three years ago, but now we are mostly known as 'home' and 'family' for a small group of tight-knit, like-minded souls. We are, after all, a home away from home for those intrepid souls whom choose to spend their 'free time' within the alternate universe of the online gaming community.
    • This guild is a family of people whom share common goals and interests within the worlds in which we play. We are not an "uber" guild or an "elitist" guild nor do we wish to ever become one. We pride ourselves in the diversity of our people and the skills which they possess, because diversity brings strength and solidarity to any group of open-minded and intelligent people. We are simply a group of mature, intelligent, experienced individuals who have come together in the hopes of creating a fun, helpful, and satisfying online gaming experience.

    Dragonmark Alliance
    • Casual (no rp), mature, but actively playing guild members. The guild is mid sized and used the website as well as VIM and IM to keep organized.
    • Still room for a few more during HS.

    The Crimson Knights
    • We are a guild of mature and fun loving players who have been gaming together since 1998. We have been in Dark Sun Online, Ultima, EverQuest, Dark Age of Camelot and now Dungeons & Dragons Online.

      To learn more about our brotherhood go to


    Keepers of the Borderland
    • A few long time pnp D&D players have united once again, but this time its online. We are called Keepers of the Borderland and the guild is open to all mature 18+ year old gamers who play for the love of the game, but also have real life committments that keep us from leveling too quickly. We play on Fernia and currently have a dozen or so members. Its not the numbers that impress anyone about our guild but the characters that it is made up of. We focus more on quality rather than quantity. If your Interested, seek me out.
      Mondo Grunday

    • Asylum is a fun, growing, guild based on the Fernia server. Most but not all of us are experienced with various other online RPGs and some of us (but again, not all) know each other in real life.
    • We hope to function as a team. That being said, we only have one all-encompassing rule: Be nice. After all, there are no evil characters in DDO - we don’t want evil players either. That is not to say you have to be perfectly straight-laced. You can be chaotic-neutral as you wanna be.
    • If you're interested in joining, visit our website or contact Emerald the Muse, Lightfinger Lil or Ezekiel Fisher in-game.

    Bloodright (aka House Bloodright)
    • Lord: Dane Bloodright
      Lady: Feldane Bloodright
      (two different people - a real boy and a real girl even, hehe)
    • Play Style: Casual RP / community based. Alts are welcome.
    • Website:
    • Contact:
    • This guild was created the first day of preorder, but, because I have been so darned busy I did not get the website up until the second of April. So now that we have a website, it is time to see if there are like minded folks who would like to join. The site is, of course, still in development.
    • There is a long and detailed story line to this guild - and characters with backgrounds, while not encouraged, are much appreciated, whether they fit the story line or have their own histories (diversity is applauded).

    Ripped Dragon
    • We are just starting up and excepting new members. The base foundation of this guild will be
      • Casual
      • Friendly
      • Multi game format
      • Shaped by the members
    • Join now and help shape the future of this guild!
    • C U in Game!
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    Ghallanda :
    Halfling House of Hospitality

    Explorers of Eberron
    • Family-friendly guild.

    Old Timers Guild
    • A cool group of mature players interested in having fun in the game and enjoying it for what it is. Win, lose, or draw; the objective is to enjoy ourselves. We'll do our best to guarantee that there will always be a group of folks ready to go out adventuring and exploring with. And all of our members will always be more than willing to help fellow guildies out. Pretty much a collection of mature folks who are looking for fun and adventuring without all the BS of a "normal guild".
      Yeah, that'll about do it.

    Noobsauce Brigade

    House Paladin
    • A family style guild which has been active since AC1, based around the motto: Honour, Valor, Philanthropy.
    • DDO is our 8th MMORPG, we have well established forums, a private vent server, our own domain and related services for our members.
    • House Paladin offers a fun environment to explore and socialize in game, we have a diverse membership across many timezones and cultures so respect for others is required.
    • We have traditionally been a questing and exploration guild, with few roleplayers or powergamers, we encourage members to enjoy themselves as long as it is not at the expense of others.

    Titanium Lords
    • We have our own domain & forums.
    • We will be taking recruits as of 2/24.

    Bregan D'Aerth
    • Those of you who are interested in a mature, relaxed, fun loving; family oriented guild based on the Dark Elf trilogy by R.A Salvatore. Find our forums from the main site link above; state your from DDO and your intended character name. TeamSpeak is required as we are a guild of multiple worlds.

      My character will be Kát, Kat, Jade, or Jayd, in that order depending on what's available. Looking forward to adventuring with friends old and new !!!

    Destroyers of Hope
    • We are a guild established and gaming since 1999. We're a small group that enjoys gaming as friends and have a high respect for one another. The guild is exceptionally family oriented, we have father and sons, husbands and wives, and those soon to be married, the whole gamut. We're always looking for mature individuals who are seeking a place to call home.

    Crimson Knights

    • Forming on Ghallandra Guild of freinds and thier new to MMO significant others. Any couples or singles interested in joining a newb freindly atmosphere. We will basically always be doing training runs until everyone is on board.
      We have site and forums.

    The Underground

    Lost Legends
    • Hello I'm Strega of Lost Legends Guild for more information on our guild please visit register and goto the forums. We will be on server Ghallanda with the main force but we will have a presence on each server after it settles in a little. The average age is probally 30-35 altho I'm a young 46 we take it slow and maximize the experience of the quest and believe in people playing their characters.

      May your journeys be safe and your rewards plenty.
    • Lost Legends - Old Ways Forgotten
      We have a simple outlook on gameplay as we do on guild life.
      Rarely a day goes bye that is taken in haste.
      A quest taken in haste often leaves much to waste.
      We understand that real life comes first.
      Characters perform their class related roles.
      Parties pattern is rogue, tanks, range fighters, clerics.
      We keep groups tight and move at a normal pace.
      Areas of the quest are entered together.
      Experience is maximized do every part of each quest.
      Guild life is simple not many rules except moral ones.
      keep the chat clean, have respect for yourself and others.
      Lost Legends does not put up with any disrespect .
      Old ways have been forgotten in Mirage they are cherished.
      Have fun, meet friends, go slow and enjoy the scenery.

    the Company of the Empty Keg

    Silver Flame Apprentices
    • This is a cleric-only guild.
    • This guild will start off based on the Ghallanda server, but will eventually migrate to having separate groups on all servers. The guild will be led by the character named "Fenrir Gleipnir" on each server, except for Mabar, Khyber, and Tharashk, where the character will be named "FenrirSilver Gleipnir".
    • The cause of the guild is simple: heal those in need.
    • The effects of the guild are many:
      • Healing people in taverns will help keep the taverns clear and more lag-free.
      • The playerbase will be able to resume playing in dungeons more quickly due to lessened time in taverns.
      • Players with "permanent" debuffs, such as Curse, will be able to make a request of any guild member to have the debuff removed.
    • Each guild member will be assigned a tavern based on level. As characters who need healing enter, the guild members will heal the person back to full health. Guild members with the appropriate feat will also help restore SP of the players that enter. Guild members will heal with or without donations, but donations ARE accepted.
    • The guild leader will collect 10% of the earnings of each guild member once a week. All of the collected earnings will be used to buy Potions of Curse Removal and other such expensive items that individual low-level players cannot easily afford on their own.
    • If you wish to be a member of this guild on any server, please send XaxioBrandish a private message on the messageboard, or if I am on your server and online, send me a tell requesting it.

    The Twilight Dawn
    • The Twilight Dawn is an open guild that was created to commenrate the Orcish Gatekeeper Druids of the Eldeen Reaches (which is why its in lower case) and is a heroic high adventure guild, scriptured in prophecy and destined for greatness.
    • Guild Motto: "Bringing Light to the darkest areas of Xen'Drik"
    • Guild Type: Moderate RP
    • Who is Welcome?: All.
    • No profanity will be tolerated, and any repeat offenders will be kicked from the guild.

    The Sons of Stonehammer
    • Leader: Jaze
    • What we have to offer:
      • An actual story behind the guild name, and how the guild was founded
      • Great friends, loyal companions, and great opportunities for each and every one of our players.
      • A responsible leader, and likewise responsible officers
      • If you join before headstart is over, you are garunteed an Officer spot!
      • All are welcome to join!
    • This is an RP guild about loyalty to your fellow man. A guild about honour. A guild about friendship. And most importantly, this is a guild about protecting the innocent and ending the evils that plague Stormreach, and the rest of the world. Join me, Jaze Stonehammer, on my quest to put an end to the foul creatures that dwell within Stormreach, and making Eberron a planet of peace. As they say, if you want peace, prepare for war.

      I cannot promise you our own forums (not yet anyways). I cannot promise you a website. But what I can promise you, is hospitality, polite players, and an open ear and open arms. If at any time you are in need, it is my solem promise that I will do what I can to help pull you through on your adventures in Stormreach. But mind you, when you join, you are expected to do the same for your fellow comrades, as we must all stick together.

      Today is not for man, and nor is it for dwarves, elves, halflings, or warforged. Today is for Stormreach, and tomorrow... is for Eberron!

    Carpe Noctum

    Clan Ravenwynd
    • A family & friends guild with a small membership, most in there early thirties. We are very diverse and offer a harrasment free enviroment! We encourage folks who have a regular adventure group that game joined DDO to apply, we are willing consider the group as a whole as oposed to individuals. Roleplayers are welcome, raiding is great when people want to - hey, we are easy going!

    The Shadowguard
    • The Shadowguard are recruiting in Ghallanda.
    • We are a small roleplaying guild looking for mature members. You can read more about us on our website or on the Ghallanda Forum page.

    Elder Dragons

    • Easy going group with mature individuals who are veteran MMO players. Looking for people who are similar. Who just have fun playing the game...
    • Leaders: Jeckle and Anthius

    Guild of St. Martin
    • New guild growing for casual roleplayers. We're in our 30's married and old time gamers of PnP. We like to support newbies and don't like to rush through everything.
    • Look for Mattus, Usip, or Satiric

    The Dragon Marked
    • Well met citizens of Ghallanda.

      I am Davion Aldure, cleric of the 5th season. Tri-fold guild leader of "The Dragon Marked". The co-founders of the guild are Hemwyn and Justadiva.

      After the initial rush of guild creations for 'helmet' purposes we decided to form a quality guild for friends, family, and mature players we meet along the way. We keep all chat and discussion clean and welcome those players that prefer a professional, mature atmosphere for their gaming groups.

      We are not heavy RP, but gladly welcome it. We prefer taking the time to go through an adventure and feeling the full depth of what missions have in store for us through storyline as well as the dangers of the dungeons themselves. We prefer smart playing and strategy over fast power killing head-strong mindless destruction.

      We are not a huge guild and may not ever be too big, but we are selective in our membership.

      Thers is also rumor of a merger soon to be in the works with another small guild on the Ghallanda server. Hemwyn has been in coordination of these efforts with a guild of like minded players, who prefer a clean family oriented atmosphere.

      Feel free to contact us in Stormreach or go to the forums and sign up.
      The forum was just created this day as I post this, so understand as the activity there has yet to begin. However, there is a place to sign up if your interested or ask any questions.

      We have an age preference of 21+ in the guild, but understand that age does not always reflect maturity and can make exceptions.

      (Remember the forums are still slightly under construction as of this posting, but you can still sign up there, be sure to bookmark it, and see you in game!)

      Davion Aldure

    The Order of the Emerald Dragon
    • We're a small, Ghallanda based guild of mature adults, looking for casual gamers who are primarily interested in having fun, making friends and fully exploring all the game has to offer. We're always looking for other like-minded invididuals, so if you're interested, feel free to stop by our website and say hello.

    Jayne's Reavers
    • Casual Gamers, Sense of humor required..
    • Must group w/ officer before receiving invite. Feel free to message Yenja or Kasimyr in game.

    Second Foundation

    Templars of Eberron's Arcane Mysteries (TEAM)
    • Now recruiting new members!
    • Fun and mature players who enjoy questing together for fun and excitement.
    • Helpful group of officers
    • Guild is run by ALL members
    • We are planning on having special events weekly.
    • Active forum and website - feel free to add to site and make suggestions!
    • Special medals and points for completing quests and levels.
    • Complete roster of all your characters and classes and a reference library on site.
    • Stop by and say "Hi" today - all are welcome!

    The Warriors of Destiny
    • The Warriors of Destiny are recruiting currently, and all easy-going players of all classes and races are welcome. The only requirement is a willingness to destroy evil everywhere. Check the guild matchup forum for further info.

    Blood Guard Brotherhood
    • Guild Type: Casual, no pressure, Friends and Family
    • Guild website:
    • Guild Leader: Founder since Beta is EnasYorl aka Beldavian
    • Guild Contacts: Any guild member
    • Recruiting status: Always Recruiting
    • About you: We are a Clan based on family and moral code, Lots of members have Pen and Paper Experience, we always help other members and I try and save Magic items for new members at no cost.
    • We have many skilled Level 10's in guild. (see our website forums)
    • Last but not least everyone has the ability to recruit.

    Monsters 'R' Us
    • Guild leader: Allannah Brialla
    • Guild officer/co-founder: Jhoven
    • Guild officers: Crovax, & Retsam, Assich, Bashtard, Harmzuay, Mattina
    • Guild overview:

      This is guild was created with the belief that EVERY member is important. In this guild members work together to help members and non-members on quests. If a guild member is looking for specific items we try to keep an eye out for them and will trade items between guild members. When it comes to quests, we like to take them slow so that nothing and NO ONE is left behind. Although we will speed through quests when needed. When running parties, we try to keep everyone together. If we don't then the party can become chaotic and party members CAN miss out on things in the quest. We try to split the breakables. So that everyone gets a chance to gain loot beyond the chests. We also try to split the picking of locks and disabling of traps so that every rogue gets a chance to practice their skills. We try to have fun too. The most important thing is that I DON'T want anyone to feel useless while in the guild.

      this guild could be a good opportunity for players with busy schedules who don't have time to complete longer quests (CO6, Thangleroot, etc.) in one sitting. A chance to do these quests in parts and still have a group to help finish them without having to start at the beginning. Anyone interested can PM me or Nilbog (he's a co-founder of this guild) here on the forums. Or they can send a tell to Allannah Brialla, Jhoven, Crovax, or Retsam.
    • A thread has been created for guild members under the Ghallanda forum it's called "Monsters 'R' Us"

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    the underdark of Eberron

    The Blood Of Vol

    DDO Offpeakers
    • built for the Off-Peak player community for Dungeons & Dragons Online

    • A guild for light to medium roleplayers who play in offpeak times.
      (Based in the Oceana area, but open to all offpeakers)

    (TST)The Shadow Thieves
    • A mercenary guild seeking those of an evil nature or willing to work with such. RP strongly encouraged.

    The Death Guard Legion
    • In short: An army of mercenaries with close ties with House of Denieth & The Silver Flame
    • We're mostly an Asian guild (Malaysian, Singapore) but all are welcome specially Australians and NZs, Off-peak US players are welcome too. Come join us!

    Legend of Drake
    • A medium role-playing guild, focused on enjoyment of the Stormreach experience, rather than a race to the endgame. Objectives include resources to find regular party members for adventures into Eberron as well as a place of comraderie and tavern tales

      Server will be Khyber and guild will be launched the evening of the Head Start

      Applicants to the guild must complete a new member application ( and at least one adventure with an established guild member to be eligible for membership

      Website under construction at:

      -The Drake'Amours



    Obsidian Flame
    • Casual, laid back, friendly. Part of a larger guild (USKTA - With an established history in WoW, CS, and Planetside, among others. PM Mournwood or post an intro on our forums if you have questions!

    Brotherhood in Arms

    Green Cherry
    • We have very few rules;
      • No idiots, please.
      • Voice chat is required.
      • Newbies are welcome, so long as they are willing to learn the game.
      • ALWAYS, even when grouping with strangers, play FOR the team.
    • A group of MMO players, spanning many games, looking to enjoy team-based challenges in the world of DDO.

    Grave Mistakes

    Phoenix Rising
    • Strong foundation
      • Group of players that worked together on past MMOs
      • Over 10 years of past MMO experience from the strong foundation
      • Advancement: Show yourself to be a leader and you will be promoted
      • Advancement: Feel left out/unnoticed, /tell an officer we will make note
      • Democracy: Big issue for the guild? We will vote on it!
      • Tie Breaker: Goes to officer only vote, leader abstaining
      • TieTie Breaker: Leader vote
    • Any and all are welcome as long as you have a friendly disposition
    • Strong social aim
      • We believe friendship, not content, is what binds us together
      • You don't have to agree with others personal views/lifestyles
        However, you must respect their choice of having them
        (/irony) We have no tolerance for intollerance
      • No class restrictions for membership
      • Want to roll a wizard that concentrates on melee, NP
        as long as you bring friendship to the table
        (the above isn't recommended )
    • We highly encourage and will do Quest runs and high end content
      • We will organize necessary quest runs/quest running days
      • But that is not the main spirit of this guild
      • You will be expected, WITHIN FLEXIBLE REASON, to participate
      • The content side of a guild ends when it imposes on or threatens friendship
    • Website and guild forums are in the works
    • Want to make trustworthy friends for DDO and MMO's to come? Then Phoenix Rising is the group for you.

    the Vorpal Bunny Guild
    • The Vorpal Bunny Guild is open for recruitment.
    • The current members of the Guild are also members of First Veterans Battalion, which is the largest AA:SF online Active Duty/Veterans community in the world.
    • We are a group of mature adults who offer a mature, fun, team-oriented playing environment.
    • If you’re interested in the Vorpal Bunny Guild visit our forums at
    • Sir Robin and the Tim the Enchanter need not apply.
    • For information about First Veterans Battalion please visit our main site:

    The Order of Fire and Shadow
    • "Induriel's shield blazed with light as he interposed it between Elurian and the acid spewing from the black dragon's mouth. The wizard's outstretched hand darted under the shield and unleashed a bolt of coruscating red and black energy as Elurian shouted, 'Flankers! Its scales have been weakened; give it something to think about!' Grazzit, already in position on a ledge above the fell beast, unleashed a hail of arrows as Shayda shadow-stepped and used her short sword to sever the tendons of the dragon's left leg.

      'Good work! Induriel, you've earned the title of Illuminator ten times over. Grazzit, Darken that thing's vision with an arrow through the eye!'"
    • We're looking for roleplayers who understand strategy and teamwork.

    Dragon Masters
    • We are a small close knit guild with older mature members,with a ventrillo server.We are looking for members that want to have fun and take there time in quest to get all the bonus's,so you don't have to repeat quest so much.If your interested send chadster a tell in forums or send tell to guild leaders in game.

    Silver's Privateers
    • pirate themed guild. leader is Lavayn and we already have 30+ members. if you are looking to go to arrrrrr-bys then come on by. we have alot of fun and gaming should be done at its loudest.

    Stormreach Thieves' Guild
    • Guild Type: Laid-back, mature gamers, mostly Australian
    • Leader: Arj
    • Status: Open
    • Greetings all,

      Me and my mates (or is it my mates and I? I never did figure it out...) have started an easy-going guild for Aussies so that we're mostly online the same time as each other. People from all around the world are welcome to join of course. And don't let the name fool you - all professions are welcome as every rogue knows the occasional spellcaster and swordwielder can help, sometimes, in the pursuit of trinkets and baubles.

      We are a friendly, funny (we tell ourselves) laid-back group of about 12 so far that are looking for like-minded, mature gamers who don't want to tear through quests like their Boots of Speed don't have an 'off' switch. If this sounds like you, send me a PM.

      See you all in Stormreach!


    • We are open recruitment for now

    The Grey Knights
    • Leader: Arcanist
    • Status: open
    • We are a easy going guild that is looking to recruit players who love the game and are out there to have fun. Only thing we ask is that players be willing to work together within a party. We also like to get new players and help them to become better beceause DDO is a game of skill. So if anyone out there is looking for a good guild with good people and good players then come hang out with The Grey Knights.
      Hope to see you on.

    faith of the fallen
    • anyone who wants to join a new guild called faith of the fallen in khyber please sent a tell to ducky rahl, sala rahl, or nimbow greycloud.

    Blood Ravens
    • Status: Open
    • Guild Type: Informal, very laid-back gamers
    • Current Leader: Gallandro (or PM Dett Orc-foe on DDO Forums). Also contact any officer in the guild
    • Who Are We:
      • Initially formed from players that worked together (and still play) on past MMOs - WWIIOL, EVE, SWG, WoW, AoE, etc.
      • Many with PnP D&D legacies that go back 20+ years
      • We have folks of all ages from all across the USA and several from points well beyond
    • Guild Rulez:
      • No DDO class or race restrictions for membership
      • Any and all players are welcome as long as you have a friendly disposition
      • Strong social aim - come and have fun with friends
      • We expect civil behavior to other guild members - have fun but don't harrass anyone
      • Got a Problem: Feel left out/unnoticed, /tell one of our guild Officers - we will hear you out
      • For Major disputes: The Leader makes the call for any issues with members and/or officers

    the Obsidian Order
    • Leader : Aerrith/Kurg
    • Officers : Warden, Phayden, Svarina
    • Timezone : EST

    • Aerrith <emotes> *passes the DM a scribbled note*

      (it reads):
      The Secret Society of the Obsidian Order is a close knit group of mature players who have been drawn together thru various games. Individuals who prefer to work together as a team within. This society is based on secrecy and eliteness much in the honor of old school AD&D. All members are avid AD&D buffs and thru this guild appreciate the aspects of this game. We go about our business quietly and lend hand to those in time of need.

      We are currently recruiting players who fit our ethical beliefs, ones who enjoy the nostalga of vintage AD&D and have alot of fun along the way.
      For more info contact Aerrith, Phayden, Warden in game.

      Aerrith <emotes> *grins evilly*

    Praetorian Guards
    • Leader/Founder: Charnak
    • Forum:
    • Info: We're a laid back, mature, and casual guild of members who have many different gaming experiences - our latest being World of Warcraft on the Kilrogg server, also as Praetorian Guards. We're home to many Hawaii residents, as well as West and East Coast players

    The Avengean Guard (TAG)
    • Welcome, the The Avengean Guard (TAG) Guild is coming to Khyber!
      We are a tight-knit guild of over 300 players that play many different games from DDO to WOW to SWG.

      We provide all the tools and assistance to succeed in the game of your choice. We play together and invite people we have adventured with. If you are looking for a family adn not a group of people that talk around you then you are at home with us.

      Visit for more info.

      *** UPDATED Officer List ***
      Send either Diab, Spyder, Garog, Haroku, Jaden or Zulfur a message. We will welcome any questions or issues and enjoy growing our online family.

      Look forward to seeing you all!

      Safe Travels,

    Cult of the Gargoyle
    • Cult of the Gargoyle is another of the many Khyber guilds. We are also not on the main list of guilds, but no hurt feelings here. Just wanted people to know we are out there. We are very laid applications...just get online and contact Taso, Odessa, or Fandis if you have any interest in joining. Goodluck to all and happy questing

    The Soulforged
    • Leader Designation: ZenithPrime
    • Objective: The Soulforged shall unite the warforged nation and their warfriend allies.
    • Credo of Guild
      1. All warforged have souls.
      2. All warforged are united by destiny.
      3. All warforged are superior beings.
      4. Warfriends (friendly non-warforged members and officers) are honourary warforged.
    • Desired Members:
      • Any and all warforged
      • All artificers (i.e. arcane spellcasters with 'repair' spells)
      • Any PC that is friendly towards the warforged nation and wishes to become a warfriend (an honourary warforged!!!).
    • Join the Soulforged now for role-playing and questing

    Silent but Deadly
    • Guild run by Raj Salot, David Xanatos, and River Tam.
    • Basically its an 18 and up guild, for people with voice who wish to have fun, do a little roleplay and adventure.

    Khyber's legacy

    • If you are looking for a guild of mature players who are just looking to enjoy the DDO experience we may be the rightone for you! We currently have a webpage under development at: where you can send an app for the guild.
    • We are not big on rules and don't expect much except to respect your fellow guildies and other players. If you think this type of environment might work for you drop us a line on the webpage or contact any of the following guild officers on Khyber.
      • Selki
      • Maldred
      • Avengard
      • Silaqui
      • Mike
      • Zylar

    King Galifar's Boogeymen (KGB)
    • Leader: Draen
    • Officers: Unger, Connor, Praga
    • We are a group of mostly RL friends as well as founders of the Argent Dawn WoW guild Stormseekers. We are casual players who like to enjoy the content instead of rush through it. We are RP-Light and heavy on strategy instead of hack-and-slash. We are trying to keep an organized guild of appropriate number of each class for optimum grouping and balance. We always welcome players who have similar playstyles into our groups if you are in need of fun and adventure, though recruitment into the guild may be limited.

    Elder Fire
    • Type: Adventuring Casual 30+ familly guild style
    • Age Restriction: 30+
    • Level Restriction: None
    • Class Restriction: None
    • Maturity Restriction: Only mature players allowed.
    • Guild Master: Joppa (other contact names rowwann and trinityy)
    • Race Restrictions: None
    • Interviews: All casual players welcome as recruits. If you are 30+ familly guild style player your more than welcome to join in.
    • Requirement of play: You must sign up for our forums at:
    • Recruiting: Open
    • Short Bio:
      Elder Fire was formed to help the casual player along the way in DDO. We have 15 members currently. Our target crowd is the 30+ familly casual players. We dont expect you to be on everyday or take the all of a sudden moment AFk's to help your kids in RL. It's a guild to help you get a group quick ingame for the short time we have to play. it's a nice way to get to know people and trust to group with in a guild atmosphere. Only restriction is age limit. We have a range of people from married couples to casual home player. Dont care where your from US, Asia, Canada, Euro, Down under. Just give more player to interact with at different times. We are just here to have fun and enjoy DDO with ou tall the raid style guild rules. RP's are welcomed also

    Collegium of Shadows
    • Leader: Faen Everlorn
      New Guild looking to reach great heights. Great atmosphere, RP(roleplay) encouraged, but not required. We intend on raiding, once the membership is able. *ALL* Welcome, Shadows do not exist without the Light to create them. Paladins and Clerics (you Lawful Good folk) are highly encouraged to join as are all others. Diversity is the basis of a good balance. Seek out Faen or Laucien for more details and/or membership. Look forward to hearing from you.


    Alfa Wolf Guild
    • Here to have fun - share equipment - and grow

    Exiled in Eberron

    • The guild is limited to 12 dedicated characters (2 parties) that are only played every Wednesday night at 9pm ET for approximately 3 to 4 hrs (Khyber server). We have a set schedule each week and are completing every quest by their level of difficulty. The guild is very organized and playing with the same people every week helps build friendships that give our guild a PnP type feel. We usually have one or two open spots due to changes in members work schedules that prevent them from remaining in the guild. To gain additional information about our needs please PM Thing on the DDO forums or visit our website.
    • Additional info:
      • Guild's portal
      • follow exiled in Eberron and new member links.
      • Consists of mature members of varying experience playing DDO and PnP.
      • We have a lively forum.
      • There is an inactivity process to remove those that do not participate regularly.
      • The guild is roleplay-light/very light, meaning, your characters should hold true to D&D outlines, names should be appropriate and text should try to be written in-character. However voice chat is conducted in real life terms.
      • Game play is slow moving and is seen as a way to experience all the game has to offer without rushing to gain levels or repeating solely to obtain rewards.
      • We have one party that plays using DDO VC and another that plays using Teamspeak.
      • An open sense of humor is encouraged as some of the topics can become off-color or adult in nature. However, conversations are reasonably nonoffensive.
      • The guilded characters are only to be played during scheduled guild events and characters are encouraged to use only the loot they find, buy or are given to them by guilded members.
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    Portland OR

    Default Fellowship of the Golden Night

    We shall be playing on a particular server; Been planning this for some time now. This information, until further notice, is privy to members only.

    We are now established on the following server: Lhazaar.

    Heavy Role-Play; "Fellowship for Ever!"
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    -- ahopian. means "to hope" in OldEnglish.

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    country in Khorvaire, confederacy of pirate lords



    Jalon's Irregulars

    Sonic Firestorm
    • I'm currently prepping to start a small guild to run on the Lhazaar server, composed of people who mainly play late at night between 10-6 am EST, all classes and races accepted. The guild will be known as Sonic Firestorm, at least for know. I'm open to suggestions too.

      Anyone interested in having folks to party with in the late hours email me at before or during the head start. Our core group will be available that Friday night till late. This will be a good fit for anyone that already plays D&D, or if you're a metalhead.

      See you at head start


    • Come check us out in the Headstart and feel free to hang around if you like what you see.

    Band of the Hawk
    • We are a group of casual gamers with a few hardcore gamers mixed in. We will be running some pretty regular groups. Unique builds are welcome. Both min-maxxers and casual gamers are to be expected.

    • My guild prime focus is to go out, have fune and make new friends. We are not starting off by being a raiding guild but are aiming to get to that point in the future.
    • If you would like to join our family, send a tell to Yirrlaar, Endar or Omble for a guild invite

    The Covenant
    • A heavy RP guild, designed after the Harpers of Forgotten Realms. A secret brotherhood of bards, rangers, druids (once added), and the like, devoted to ensuring the safety and sanctity of the common man of Xen'drik.

    • Hellfire is a guild that was originally on SWG Lowca server. We are a mature group of players that spend an equal amount of time adventuring and socializing.

    Fellowship of the Golden Night
    • Internationally based in the UK & US; Sleek, Mature RP Guild, not constrained by either Good or Evil, seeking only Active Recruits. Guild, Glory and Gold. Together we can realise our Dreams!

    The Black Watch
    • The Black Watch is looking for members to join a small friendly guild. Looking for people of all levels and ranges. Non elitist attitude, casual friendly guild.

      Do you enjoy playing the game? then we are looking for you.

      Experienced guild members from various MMO's Experienced Guild Leadership since Ultima Online! Years of guild leadership experience, so you know we are not a drama based fly by night guild.

      PM me here, or Visit and PM me there or post in general.


    Silent Lightning
    • The DDO Guild for Silent Lightning has been created and we are actively looking for male and female players that enjoy the game and have a minimal level of maturity.
    • While the goal of the Dungeons & Dragons Online Guild is to have a guild of players who possess the skills and race/class toons that will balance our teams, we're more interested in those that enjoy quickly teaming up for quests and the occassional late night gaming.
    • Silent Lightning was established in 1997 and has consisted of mature gamers (for the most part!) from the beginning. With our members ages ranging from 18 to 50+ we've enjoyed many a game on many a night. While our team members game throughout the week, we have been known to set up static game nights for longer quests or raids so that players know well in advance and can arrange to take part without scrambling around with that LFG over their heads!
    • Interested in joining our Guild and possibly the core Silent Lightning team? Use the Team Membership image on the right of our site to fill out a form or simply find us in-game on the Lhazaar DDO server. For those of you as lazy as me, just find one of the SL DDO players on XFire and let them know you're looking. (check our roster on the website for team member listings)
      Even lazier than that? Get on our TeamSpeak server and tell us you'd like to join the Silent Lightning Guild for DDO! (be sure you're speaking to an SL Member and let them know you're interested in joining the SL DDO GUILD since it's a free public server we host for gamers.)


    North Ontario Beer League
    • We are a guild comprised of 5 real life friends who mainly use the guild to facilitate playing together. We aren't recruiting, unless some more of our buddies sign up. We mostly play for fun and whatever we have or have accomplished we've done for ourselves (or gotten the occasional handout).
    • members you're most likely to see:

      • Jinkanell
      • Drakhen
      • Raydnn
      • Steeve or Taviss
      • Jaerel
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    Bloodguard will be here

    Lhazaar: country in Khorvaire, confederacy of pirate lords

    Come check us out in the Headstart and feel free to hang around if you like what you see.

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    the Endless Night, plane of darkness/shadow

    • Any halfling is welcome in our strong party oriented guild.
    • Please have a look at our website and feel free to join at startup.

    House of the Silver Oak
    • calling to all fellow guildmembers on vidalis server and all those that would wish to join, we will be forming the guild under the name House of the Silver Oak on Mabar server at game start up. for all interested please email me at with name; names; or possible names before startup or for all after please feel free to continue to use same email.
    • Maturity is a MUST.! We are a share and share alike guild based on the advancement of ALL within the guild and all other players within the game. House of the Silver Oak will be aligned and allied to Kinderhome and all treaties, co operations and co dependencies are subject to High Council vote. Thank you all JeffHargitt aka Justanother Kender and SThomasFife aka Stormbearer Axebleeder.

    Vigils of Whytehurst
    • We are a guild for all styles of play based on the US West Coast.

    Disciples of Dissonance

    Dragons of Tamera

    Diamond Lake Freelancers



    Extra Crispy

    Order of the Black Claw
    • requirments: no jerks... everyone else welcome
    • started as group of New England players that has roamed near and far, we have finally ended up here. all races/class's welcome. we thrive on helpful people how can take a verb jab here and there all in fun. we all range from heavy to no RP (an odd mix but fun), hardcore to casual players.

    The Last Heroes


    The Knights of the Deathguard
    • We play on Mabar and are a casual group dedicated to having fun above all else. We would rather crawl through a quest then complete it a fast as possible just for the XP.
    • RP is not required but is more that welcome. (A few of us have seperate characters for this)
    • We are always on the look-out for like minded individuals. So if we have peaked your curiosity come in and join us or just pull up a chair grab a tankard of dwarven holy water and chat for a bit
      or look for Saeran, Varinn, and/or Hank in game

    Troublesome few
    • Leader: Suzushii
    • Founding Officers: Tsct, Zeandra, Zendar, Amras, Gilorm
    • Great group, with lots of experience - looking to expand.
    • Selectively looking for great players that work well within our guild. Must party with at least one Founding Officer - if you are well liked an invite will be extended.

    Killer Bunnies of Doom (KBoD)
    • Leaders: Mouselemur, BadKharma, Bluescreen
    • Completely casual guild, comprised so far from cool random folk we've grouped with a few times on Mabar. Name inspired by the killer bunny from Holy Grail

    The Oathbound Kindred
    • Guild Leader: Trixie511
    • This guild is about loyalty to each other and the strength that unity brings. It is for players who enjoy camaradarie and have
      a willingness to share their extra items to strengthen the whole guild.

      There are certain times throughout history when people of exceptionally strong will and character encounter others of the same ilk. Occasionally, these
      uniquely strong individuals band together...and legends are born of their deeds.
      Respect forges the oath that binds us to one another,
      making us stronger than we could ever be by ourselves.
      With this oath we become kindred in ways closer than blood.

      Eh, who am i kiddin? We are just some good sports who love crackin jokes and kiddin around. We'll take players of any rank and profession, who just wanna have a good time and whack a few monsters, loot a few chests. Our main goals are to have fun and take care of each other while doing so. And of course, conquer Eberron!!! Come join us, and no pinching the guild leader's tush, it's black n blue from too many pinches already.

    Circlo de Leit (Circle of Liet) Guild
    • We have several Latinamerican Players, and founders are from Mexico. We are small guild, but we intend to grow. Everyone is welcomed. Our play times are mostly nights around 9:00 pm central Time.
    • Leader: Arex
    • Officials: Aleena, Vanbasten, Merlin, Cirith.

    The Guild of Amber
    • Type: Friendly/Casual
    • Maturity Restriction: Only Mature Players Allowed
    • Guild Alliances: Kenderhome, Exalted Deeds
    • Guild Leader: Dworkin of Amber - On the Eternal Quest for Ham
    • Guild Leftenant: Kalten
    • Guild Council: Alida, Brida,Chainsawhand, Davos, Dorian, Kryillion, Murok, Ulysseus
    • Guild Officers: Anuka, Blackson, Lachiebon, Saffron, Victorius
    • Recruiting: Selectively/Open (Party with Officer first)
    • TeamSpeak Server: Yes, for Members
    • Other MMORPG's Played by Our Members:
      • Diablo
      • Diablo 2
      • EverQuest
      • EverQuest 2
      • GuildWars
      • World of Warcraft
      • CoH/CoV
      • Auto Assault
      • Final Fantasy XI
      • Neverwinter Nights
      • Dark Age of Camelot
      • etc.
      • etc.
      • etc.

    • Information:
      We are a Guild who knows no bounds. We started as just a bunch of friend's hanging together and have grown to a group of people who like to do and know everything they can about the game and it's history. We have over 100+ people ranging from Level 1-10 with over 80 Level 10 Toons, and we do run Alternate Character nights. We work hard and party harder. We are always looking for other mature players to join us, as we have several husband-and-wife teams who play in the Guild.

    Money Guild
    • Join Now! Money Guild of Mabar!
    • We have over 30 members on different time zones. A guild treasury! AND LOTS OF CLERICS! We have members from lvl cap to lvl 1. As well as Drow alt groups! If you want to have fun and be rich! GOTO Guild Money!
    • New Interactive website: Post screen shots, goto our own guild forum to ask question, share stories, and a calender with Guild Events! to apply to the guild!
    • Join one of the top Guilds on Server Mabar! And lets have some fun! Never a dull lonely moment
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    country in the continent of Sarlona, humans, psionics, the Inspired

    The Thousand Eye's
    • We are a headstart guild. Band of freinds and
      12 Founders banded together and recruiting others
      to Protect Riedra from the threats and evils that may arise

    Born of Ash

    Bringers of Hope
    • Acceping Applications for all classes/ Alinements
    • Websight can be found at
    • We are a End Game Content based guild.
    • We will see what only few shall see in the line of content

    Order of the Scarlet Leaf
    • how’s it going every one I just wanted to introduce the Canadian guild I belong to on there behalf. And let every one know that

      The Order of the Scarlet Leaf will now be located on Riedra

      i invite any interested players to come check us out and talk to are guild master Xanofere. A link to are guild website is posted bellow.

    The Order of the Silver Hand


    Hell's Elves
    • Leader: Hextor
    • Officer: Bull
    • We are aiming for a guild to provide the experiences we had as PnP players. Our style is not dripping with RP but some RP will be played (busch league). Most of us had PnP for 10+ years.
    • Not race, class or alignment specific.
    • We are looking for players of similar nature and background.
    • We aim to be big enough that someone is usually playing but we will still know all the players.
    • No level grinding dungeon running hackers will be accepted.
      (Though I do understand the running of harbor quests)

    Brotherhood of Valor

    House of Shadows
    • The House of Shadows Guild has been established on the Riedra server. We are currently seeking active membership. The House of Shadows is a guild with strong PnP roots and has also been established for Guild Wars. We are looking for dedicated and mature players that want to have a good role playing experince. Some of the things we are looking for/offer are listed below. If you are interested or would like more information you can pm myself or Mystical. Currently we are playing under KST (Korean Standard Time) timezone due to location, however weekends we are pretty much on all day. You are also welcome to join us on our teamspeak server ( for any Q&A's you might have. Guild website is currently changing servers are being redesigned but look for it at
    • Current Leader: Caedon BeoWolf
    • Current Top Officer: Mystical ChaosShadow
      • No class or level restrictions
      • Looking for strong team interaction
      • Dedicated and mature players
      • Democratic Guild. Your voice counts
      • Personal bio space on our webservers
      • Community oriented
      • Promotion based off playmanship not level

    Guardians of Xen'drik
    • If you are on Riedra and wish to know more about us, You can send a tell to either; Irumi or Myself (Skywise El'yan).

    Artificial Heroes
    • Artificial Heroes is a guild intended for those of us who love the Warforged race; most if not all members should be among the 'forged, themselves; non-warforged Arcanists with the Repair spell (and a willingness touse it) might bewelcomed as "Honorary" or "Auxiliary" members.
    • "We" (well, it's just me right now) do have a forum, and hopefully AH can attract members able to provide other off-DDO benefits (a website with a character gallery would be nice, for example).
    • Points to consider:
      • Specifically intended to be CASUAL PLAYER FRIENDLY - rushers and zergers probably need not apply (no offense);
      • All levels of character and player are welcome, especially newcomers to DDO;
      • All character alignments welcome, but players must be able to act as part of a team;
      • All classes welcome;
      • Warforged only! (Well, okay, as mentioned above ... pro-'forged Wizards and Sorcerors who have, and use, Repair Damage spells might be let in as "honorary" or "auxiliary" members, heh. ^_^)
      • AH is a complete, from-scratch startup guild - just about everything beyond it's pro-'forged theme is "open for negotiation"
      • Appreciation for the Eberron setting is mandatory ... but you don't have to be an expert. ^_^

      Especial note: as of right now (the morning of Tuesday, 21 March 2006), the Forum is very much "under construction" ...

    War Force Clan

    The Trinity Guild
    • Greetings, a guild has been formed on the Riedra server that is growing bigger everyday. We are looking for new members to continue to grow and build on what we have now.
    • The guild is actually three guilds. The three guilds are considered sub-guilds to the larger organized group. The first guild is for levels 1-3(Divine Calling), the second for levels 4-7(Devoted Acolytes) and the last for levels 8-10(Holy Warriors). This organizaition does two things. First, it means that when you log on you will be looking at a list of people in your level range to join with on your questing adventures. Second, as you grow you will not have lower levels constantly asking you on guild chat to help them on quests that you do not benifit from, nor will you be left out of quest because you are not high anough level.

      However, we are one guild. So that the different levels CAN communicate when they want to, we have a forum set up online.
    • When you look at our webpage (listed below), it first appears that we are a heavy roleplay group. We actually leave the roleplay level up to the individual and often have some fun, informal groups running through a quest and having fun on voice chat. On the other hand, some of our group would love to get into some serious roleplay if that is your thing.
    • We do not have set schedules that we force our members to adhere to, nor do we have a set age or type of person we are looking for, though I will tell you that many members of our guild are older, mature gamers who have been playing the tabletop games for many years (I've been playing pen and paper D&D for 21 years myself).
    • Check us out at

    • If you are interested in joining, drop by our forums and leave us a message in the "Want to join" section of the boards.
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    In Hell, Wanna Join Me?


    Twilight Avengers will be on Risia.


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    "the Plain of Ice", plane of ice


    The Descendants

    Tactical Gamers

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    continent, human civilization, influenced by the Inspired

    Frostfell Nomads
    • We are a small, light roleplaying guild that prefers to enjoy the content at a leisurely pace rather than rush through it. We are not "uber" or "leet". We prefer to take things slow, to enjoy the game, dungeons, and experience it all with others who prefer the same.
    • We enjoy roleplaying, storytelling, and making each other laugh. It is not necessarily our intent to be best or first at any particular aspect of the game. Any race/class combination is welcome.
    • Please visit us at:

    • Infamy is characterized as non-role-play with an emphasis on power gaming and was founded for the sole purpose of uniting mature dedicated players in order to enhance the gaming experience. If you are interested in an environment where members of a guild treat each other casually, but approach each game's challenges aggresively then please check us out

    Exorcists of the Silver Flame
    • Exorcists of the Silver Flame is a role-playing guild that will form up upon Head-Start. We cater to those who like to play a character, be part of a continuing story-line, but still like to get out and adventure with friends. Please follow the link above and check us out.


    Dragons Guild

    Gems of Ebberon

    Celtic Knights

    Chaotic Shadows of Luskan

    Chaos Ordained

    The Wrecking Crew (TWC)
    • --> A Gaming Clan -->
      • The Wrecking Crew is a strong and always growing clan across three games. Fighter Ace, Planetside and now the soon to be released Dungeons and Dragons Online!
      • TWC is a mature Clan and unfortunatlly at this time we cannot admit people under the age of 13 into the guild. Since we use a live Team Speak server at all times, the conversation might not always be PG!
    • --> Goals -->
      • TWC is a fun based Clan that belives in bringing others together for the sheer excitment of a gaming experiance. You will never be in need for a single thing as a Crew member, but in return, if a member requires something, it is expected that you return the favor. We accept people of all Factions: Chaotic, Neutral, Lawful, or anything imbetween, Races, and Classes.
      • Currently the DDO section of the clan is small, but growing ever so quickly.
      • As the clan grows we have every intention of offering weekly events and other fun experiances. The best part of joining up with the crew is you can almost be gaurenteed that somebody will be on weither it be The Guild Leader or any other of the Officers or Recruits!
    • --> Joining Up! -->

    • Guild Type: Lite RP, Casual
    • Guild Contacts:
      • Fayde Der'Mani
      • Evyn Der'Mani
    • Recruiting status:
      • (Not currently recruiting)
    • About you: We move slowly, use tactics and complete everything there is to do in a quest. If we have done a quest many times then and only then will we move faster, we may decided to skip things but only if the entire party has done the quest before. We are small there are 7 of us total but only 4 are highly active. We are spread across the country which further limits us at times. We are actively seeking to form alliances with other small guilds if this interests you please contact Fayde or Evyn Der'Mani in game and we'll go from there

    Circle of the Pale Cross

    The Heroes of Stormreach
    • Hello everyone! The Heroes of Stormreach was founded on June 10, 2006 by a group of people who came over to DDO from Starwars Galaxies. Caspin, The guild leader is experienced at being a guild leader from running guilds on other MMO's so this is a fairly well run guild. We like to take our time playing the game we are NOT power grinders! We are not primarily a RP'ing guild although if we get enough members in that are interested in RP'ing we would organize RPing times and events so that our members can enjoy that as well.

      We are looking for mature 18+ players that are cool to hang out with and are more interested in having fun than getting the "best items, highest levels, etc". Once you get to know us you could not find a better group of people!

      Our only requirments are that you are a mature, fun person, and are a semi-active player, say at least one session a week. You can visit us on the web at for more info and to apply, or contact us at Thanks for your interest and we will see you in Stormreach!

      --Caspin, Guild Leader - Heroes of Stormreach

    Clan Sackett
    • Guild Type: Casual - Roleplayer
    • Guild website:
    • Guild Leader: Shila Sackett
    • Guild Contacts: Dashien, Verlin, Chantry, Shila, Lillyanna
    • Recruiting status: Always Recruiting
    • About you: We are a Clan based on the old western family of Sacketts, roleplayers all of us with Pen and Paper Experience, we always take every single dungeon we do starting at level 3, VERY SLOW, and are looking for people the same style. Taking dungeons at a challenge, Level 5 Quests at level 4, with 4 people in the group type thing. If you got questions about us -feel free to drop a line to Dashien or Verlin

    Rule of Thumb Guild

    The Eternal Conclave

    • We are a guild where some of us play 20-30 hours a week and some play 4-5 hours per week. Some of us including myself Falacial (Rogue 8/ Fighter 2) really enjoy running the quests but we are to the point where we need some actual players where we can plan and carry out a raid or some quests like Vault of Night that take some time to finish.
    • We welcome any takers as long as you are serious about playing DDO and being part of a guild.
    • Send a tell to any of my characters if interested, see list below...
      • Falacial (Rogue 8/ Fighter 2)
      • Elisar (Fighter 6)
      • Cintique (Drow Rogue 2)

      or if I am not available, send an e-mail through the server.
    • Good Luck in all of your endeavors and see you in Stormreach.

    Knights of Yoma.
    • Were all friends, we like to game. Open invitation to anybody, play alot of evening nights. Pretty much looking for anybody. So if interested pst to Spiritt Ironknight, Ardan.

      Giddy Up

    The Lightstorm's Dragonslayers
    • Heavy RP guild
    • Over 60 active members, one of two of the largest RP guilds on Sarlona the "unofficial" RP server.
    • for more information

    The Firefly Sydicate
    • Guild Type: Public RP
    • Guilde Website:
    • Contact Info: Morenque (myself) and Gorax (my RL brother{we are the entire guild})
    • Recuiting Status: We are recuiting but though we are small we are extremly selective. We will only recuite those whom ewe have seen in action.
    • About Us: We are a looking to create a guild that will outshine the others. We are selective so that we KNOW that if we need help our guild member will be there for us. We look only to have fun and NOT die all the time. After getting more member we will organize numerous guild events. Our overall goal (besides having fun) is, since there are no dieties in the eberron world, to create one, The Firefly.
      You will notice that I use "we" a lot. That is because I (as the guild leader) am not a dictator. We will do things as a democracy to better enhance the fun had by our guild members.
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    "the Battleground", plane of eternal war between archons, devils, and demons

    Grand Old Guild of Gleneagles

    Silver Lake Adventuring Company
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    Please add Defenders of the Flame to the Tharask server list.

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    half-orc/human House of Finding

    MESS: Monster Extermination Squad of Stormreach
    • Monster Problem?
      Just call MESS!
      We'll clean it up...
      ...more or less!

      MESS - Monster Extermination Squad of Stormreach

      • Disclaimer: MESS is not responsible for damaged or stolen goods. Additional fees may apply.

    Inumicus Tenebrae
    • A guild from QUEBEC for french speaking players who accept most of the classes and races

    White Wolves of Justice

    Defenders of the Flame
    • Defenders of the Flame is a elite military branch of the church. We answer only to the Council of the Flame and strive to obliterate evil in all of it's forms. The church is at war and we are the sword and shield of the church. We shall cleanse Eberon with our holy flames.

      Our order follows the strictist teachings of the church in most regards but the Lady Jaela Daran Keeper of the Flame along with the Council of Flamekeep have ordered us to extend our offer to those that do not follow our teachings if they be good of heart and soul. To this end we shall accept any one that seeks our halls regardless of their occupation or following in life.

      -Alurial Silvermoon. Paladin of the Flame and Commander of DotF
    • Alignments: LG-N
    • More info about our guild that is OOC: Our guild will be dedicated to having fun and supporting our members. The founding guild members have much experience in DnD and other mmorpgs. We are looking for members who like to have fun doing quests and raids and who don't mind helping out another guild member time to time.
    • We will be mostly a casual guild with all types of players. RP welcome but not required.

    The Forgotten
    • We are taking applications on our website To apply go to our application section of our forums. we are a fairly mature guild that try to group rtogether and help one another as much as possible

    Domus Draconis

    • This is to issue a cordial invitation to anyone interested in playing on the Tharashk server, since this is where Prox12 will be formally setting up its home. We are a large network of gamers spanning many gaming platforms from Planetside, SWG, WoW, Eve Online, BF2 ranked server, and we are now setting up here. We also accomodate many other gaming platforms, but the above listed are the largest areas we currently support at

      We are looking very forward to recruiting great new people here in DDO. We are a very family and team oriented group of people, from novice to elite gamers, from younger to older, from single to married with kids; so it doesn't matter where you're from or what you do, we would like to extend a formal invitation for you to join us on the Tharashk server.

      Please feel welcome to sign up on our web forums at and register an account with us. Please also feel free to post a thread under our membership section if you're interested because we sure would be delighted to have you join us. I would like to say thanks for taking the time to read this and we sure hope to see you and have the privilege to group up with you in game, so take care, cya tomorrow, and happy gaming everyone!

      Investigator7 of Prox12

    Tactical Gamer
    • The Tactical Gamer community as a whole is based on a two simple tenets:
      1. An environment of mature respectful players.
      2. Tactical game-play focused on teamwork.

      To this end we wish to interact and associate with like-minded gamers who are searching for something more than the standard realm of gaming has to offer. We strive through our actions and teamwork to bring “Tactical” play to the games we love. This community supports a style of play that is not for everyone, we realize this, but we are more concerned with the group/team as a whole, than we are with personal achievement. To succeed in the games this community supports, one must employ their ability to reason and co-operate in order to be successful. Achieving personal glory is NOT the objective of a TG member, winning (completing the objective) through superior tactics and team-play is.
    • Contacts:
      • Thorgaard O'Hern (in-game)
      • P8riot (TG Forums)
      • Leirlindrin (in-game)

    • Are you a hardcore gamer? Are you tired of all these noobs running around talking about how l33t they are, when you're OBVIOUSLY the l33t3st of them all? Are you endgame minded, aggressively driven, all about your loot and your phat xpzz?

      Go somewhere else, spaz.

      Are you actually competent at playing your character, but like to blather nonsense and joke around. Are you in fact typically so good at a video game that you often times scare yourself. Do you believe teamwork isn't practiced, it just happens when people with half a brain get together and do something? Do you think that all the real 'Uber Guilds' just start from some people who know how to play start gathering because they're all cool and get along together? AS A MATTER OF FACT, you just like playing a game, hanging out, and you excel at both!

      Welcome home, my brother's and sister's. Let's punk this game like we did every game before it, and laugh our collective firm, yet supple buttocks' off while we do it.

    Art of War Soldiers
    • We are a good size guild with lots of fun people to group with.

    MERCS (Medieval Elite Recon & Combat Squad)
    • Type: Fun loving, team oriented
    • RP: Optional
    • Age: No restrictions
    • Recruitment: Currently open
    • MERCS is a fun loving, team oriented Guild that enjoys questing but having fun while we are doing it. Most quests involve many jokes and lots of laughter. We are unique in that we are implementing the opportunity for all members to become Guild Officers or even Guild Leader. All major Guild Decisions will be made by our Supreme Guild Council consisting of 5 officers and 2 non officers. We plan on implementing an Officers and Leader election every 6 months which will allow current officers to return to just playing and others to have a chance at leadership. We prefer players that can possibly visit the website several times a week to check forums, events, etc..
      Our Guild can be found at You can also look for our members online on the Tharashk server.

      Thank you,

      Graysoth Nightbane

    Defenders of the Forge
    • Small guild of friends looking to experience all that D&DO has to offer. No restrictions on guild memberships other than registering at the Azureforge and have fun.
    • Come join us to expand the Azureforge and defend it from all to challenge the gates of the forge.
    • If you are interested check out our forums and/or contact one of our leaders -
    • Blaeth Tolwyn Nimblefinger

    Trade Alliance of Tharashk
    • Very relaxed and casual guild looking for members, this is basically a trade channel where you can look for groups also.
    • /t Wintyr.

    Guild Wrath - Brazilian guild
    • Introdution
      Formed only by brazilian D&D lovers, friends and patriots.
    • Guild Leader
      Pablan Dinius
    • Officers
      Khaliel, Saga, Jhva, StradBr, Chrono, Samma, Shainnalla, Chapa, Athonitus.
    • History
      Born in south America, the Knights of Wrath Guild find in stormreach a start
      point to restore the order and show their bravery facing evil. Fearless,
      loyal and honored they are comitted to everyone in need. No mercy shall be
      given to evil creatures that might get into their way.
    • Type
      Mature, RP, Casual players.
    • Roster
      Please see our website for a list of members.
    • Recruiting Status
      Only brazilian players at moment.
    • Guild Website/forum

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