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    The Green Cherry guild on Khyber now has a forum up, which you can link to as our temporary website.

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    Heya Ret!

    I pm'd you the info for Stormhaven a bit back. No hurry on updating it, the list looks awesome! Just let me know if you've gotten it ok!

    Thanks again for doing this for us!
    Templar Primus of Stormhaven
    Stormhaven is a Proud Member of the Stormreach Alliance
    Thelanis Server
    Tua consilia omnia, nobis clariora, sunt quam lux. Tu delenda est.
    "I was never the strongest, or the smartest, or the fastest. I am the last."

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    Empires on Fernia
    Empires Clan Leader
    you might of heard of them from such games as lineage 2 and battlefield 2 and many more
    recruiting mail

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    About us:
    • Our aim is to create a fun and friendly guild, within DDO, for mature members.
    • We are a clan that was put together to bring like-minded folks together for games, communication, and a generally good time.
    • We have branches in many MMOs (DDO, RF, WoW, FFXI) and other online games (Diablo 2, Guild Wars, Socom 3, CS).
    • We will be on the Aerenal Server.
    • I am the guild leader for the DDO chapter (Olplyn in game, hopefully ).

    Recruitment Requirements:
    • We accept any class/race.
    • A desire to play well with others (or the ability).
    • We believe the best way to figure out if you should be a part of the guild is to get to know each other.

    A few things to note:
    • RP is not required, but is welcome.
    • Our membership is currently at 15 (due to the limited admitance to our site before it goes live)
    • Our site ( is still under construction. . . it should be up within the next few days.
    • Participation on the site is not a requirement for guild membership, but it is a plus (as it is a better way to get to know you).
    Olplyn Mournblade

    Guild Leader

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    Default Thelanis

    If you would please add The Exploration Society to House Thalanis.

    I am forming a guild on the Thelanis server to be called The Exploration Society. Any and all RPers are welcome as are those who enjoy thorough exploration of dungeons and quests. RP is not required to be a member, but patients and a non rushed attitude is. If you are interested in joining please email me at or PM me with your prefered character name plus alternates so I may look for you in game at launch.

    May the Gods of Fate smile upon your journey.

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    Default Technomages

    Just a quick update, since Shavarath is not available for launch, Technomages will be moving to the backup, Argonessen. Once Shavarath is available, we will have a secondary guild setup there.
    Last edited by shadowbloodmoon; 02-24-2006 at 01:41 AM.

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    Post Take A ride on the Short Bus!

    Mature (Must be 18 yo +)

    Have own voice server (Microphone required)

    Easy going

    Fun to be with.

    Check us out at the link above

    Slingshot aka Special Ed

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    Sanctum Infinitas has shifted from Shavarath to Xoriat, and looking forward to having fun all'bounds on this server.

    Sanctum Infinitas 'had' branches in the following games:
    World of Warcraft, Europe-Dreanor (Alliance)
    Guild Wars
    Dark Space
    Star Wars Galaxies
    Lineage 2

    We have grown tired of the cookie-cut MMO's and have turned to DDO for some new excitements and thrills.
    Most of our members have played the beta, and are familiar with most of the content sofar, this enables us to help out the newly joined to quickly get settled in and acquire levels fast.

    Solid teamplay, coordination and good communication is essential to make it to the top, and we've been there and back.

    We don't have a strict recruiting policy but the following will apply:
    • You must be older then 18
    • Act maturely and represent the guild with proper manner
    • We're primarily looking for Hardcore players, but casual player are welcome.
    • We are a very light RP guild, expect not to see any RP in guild-chat.
      RP-ing 'does' take place, when we feel the need for it, so if you're an RP-er your welcome but don't expect a whole lot of it.

    We don't select upon race, so everyone is welcome to join.
    Thus we're currently opened for the following Classes:
    • Mage: Open
    • Sorcerer: Open
    • Rogue: Open
    • Ranger: Open
    • Paladin: Open
    • Bard:Open
    • Priest: Open
    • Barbarian: Open
    • Warrior: Open

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    Default Elder Spirits!

    The "Elder Spirits" Will be On Thelains (Thalains) The Elder Spirits is a gaming guild that was begun in the mists of Norrath (Everquest) over six years ago. The Spirits have continued through Dark Age of Camelot, Shadowbane (heaven help us!), Star Wars, Horizons, WoW, City of Heroes, Guild Wars and EQ2. Not all Spirits have gone to all games but a core of us have moved from game to game – sometimes playing two or three at a time – and we help keep the spirit of the Spirits alive.

    The concept of an elder spirit originated with the idea that there were elder spirits in these worlds who had vast stores of knowledge available if only a person would seek to find that knowledge and conduct him or herself in such a fashion that they deserved to have that knowledge conveyed to them. Hence, when asked if you have an Elder Spirit within you (as is done when inducting a new member on Horizons and EQ) it is a query to find out if you are a seeker of knowledge and willing to do the things necessary to earn that knowledge.

    This is a fun concept that fits in particularly well with fantasy gaming. And we in the Elder Spirits want, above all other things, our gaming experience to be fun. Our Guild has 6 years MMORPG experience and over 140 members. We encourage RP but it is not required. We are a rated PG guild so families are welcomed. We have members On at all times as we are international with members in Aussie, England, Canada, and USA. We have a forum site with all the games combined to help with communication. If you would like more information please visit are forums. OR PM me In these forums.

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    Default Souls Hunters clan - Argonnessen

    Souls Hunters is going to play on Argonnessen.

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    Default Nice

    Excellent thread.

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    Please add The House of Blackrock to the Thelanis list.

    The House of Blackrock

    Recruitment post on the DDO boards

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    Rolling up on Fernia.
    Advanced tight-knit players that have become family.
    Roleplayers welcome and tolerated. ; )

    No specific class, age or level requirements.
    You are required to act maturely and express frustration by communicating solutions; as no game is without err.

    Contact Moonglumm in game.

    Currently have 17 guild members and growing.
    Ventrilo server and guild-website info available at request.

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    Default Fernia Server Guild

    The d6 Mafia, Now recruiting, is a guild for the casual gamer, but not the faint of heart. We exist to help out fellow guild members with character advancement, quests, and eventually raids. There will be more to come in the future as the game progresses.
    Check us out

    This guild was founded by military members, so, if you are offended by foul language this may not be the guild for you.

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    please change the guild "Outcasts" to "The Outcasts" i got in 1 hr after launch on Xoriat, and someone had already taken our name.

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    Default Integrity

    island of the elves

    A circle of friends.
    Mature Players.
    Casual Atmosphere.

    in·teg·ri·ty ( P ) Pronunciation Key (n-tgr-t)
    1. Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.
    2. The state of being unimpaired; soundness.
    3. The quality or condition of being whole or undivided; completeness.
    Synonyms: candor, forthrightness, goodness, honestness, honesty, honorableness, incorruptibility, incorruption, principle, probity, purity, rectitude, righteousness, sincerity, straightforwardness, uprightness, virtue

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    Default Order of the Flame (Fernia Server)

    Hail and well met! My name is Sephrenia WingRider, and I am the guild mistress of the Order of the Flame. I have led my guild since 1997 in a variety of games, and am proud to call DDO our new home.

    The Order exists to uphold Truth and Justice in the land, and are the ideals we strive to uphold and abide by ourselves. The Order is a brotherhood of Knights dedicated to defending these ideals. While working together to further these ideals, we also grow in strength as individuals and as a whole, so our second loyalty is to each other. We are committed to growing together as a team.

    If you are a mature player that would like to become a part of something great, join the Order. We welcome you with open arms. Please seek me on the Fernia server. You may contact me via /tell, email (, or through private forum messages. We look forward to seeing you!

    Warmest regards,
    Sephrenia WingRider
    Order of the Flame

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    The Thelanis server has its own list of guilds that seem to contain more content / to be more updated than the one in this thread.
    Maybe it would be better to just refer people to this thread, instead of trying to keep the two lists synchronized.
    The thread is:
    DDOWiki - Sharing DDO knowledge
    I am currently inactive -- I may not answer pms, sorry!
    Personal message: ESO_tihocan1979_it_is_me

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    Post Legion of Honor Recruiting on Sarlona

    LoH of AC2/TD opens a new chapter on Sarlona today !

    Server Sarlona
    Guild Name: Legion of Honor,
    Guild Type: Heavy, moderate, lite RP. casual, hardcore, whatever
    Guild website:
    Guild Contacts: or
    Recruiting status: currently accepting members, former ac2 players and open to anyone fitting our play style
    About you:
    Legion of Honor, Our allegiance/Guild was founded on the principle that MMORPG's are as much about the people as they are about the game play. The allegiance is made up of friendly, good people who; play to have fun, like to interact and enjoy the social aspects of the game, and most importantly, are there to help each other through the various quests and trials of the MMORPG's we are in. Our ranks are made up of players ranging in age from 9 to over 60, from all parts of the US

    we plan to start on " Sarlona " in the Headstart as a DDO Founder Guild !
    Khyber ~ Guild: Knights of the Good
    Arturyan Cleric 20
    Arturn Ranger Tempest 15 fighter/rogue/ranger
    Boltsprayer Artificer/Rogue 4/2

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    all requests made in this thread have been dealt with.

    those of you who sent pms, i'm sorry but i am out of time at this moment. i promise your requests will be handled either later tonight or tomorrow morning. i've had over 70 requests and have just run out of time. again, i appologize

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