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    "the Faerie Court", plane of "lush forests and crystal clear waters"

    Order of the Wolf
    • Different than the rest. Striving to be the best. A roleplaying, family oriented, organized, mature, and honorable guild.

    The Council of Valenar
    • Elves only guild based around the lore of the Elves of Valenar. Our lore and codex can be read on our website.
    • Looking for Mature players. No D00Dz or L33Ts. Were primarily an Eastern/Central timezone guild. While our guild is RP in nature we are not a RP guild so all styles are welcome.

    The Keepers of Balance
    • The Keepers of Balance, an all neutral guild dedicated to keping balance and neutrality. Very tightly woven and a great Roleplaying guild. We are located at

    Hand of Fate
    • Hand of Fate will be moving into the Thelanis server. We are a guild with a history of 10+ MMO games. We have a combination of online and offline friendships and we enjoy welcoming and helping others. Roleplay is not required, nor is this destined to be an "elitist" guild. We seek members who want to have fun, not more obligations. You will find us online more often than not, so just ask around for Maenea, Wimper, or Nareef or check out our website at

    Adversity Xen'drik Expedition (AXE)
    • We're a casual, light RP, light-hearted group. Some thick skin required
    • Contact:
      • Aelasyl on these boards
      • Aelasyl in-game

    • Duty, Honor, Sacrifice
    • Mature role-playing guild. Family-oriented, with a long tradition of comraderie and friendship. Stormhaven was founded by people wanting a shelter from the tempest, a virtual home online to escape the storms and trials that often assault us in our daily real lives.


    The Dungeoneers

    A Jovial Jaunt
    • We are a new guild created entirely for DDO.
    • visit us at:
    • Currently recruiting for members and officers.
    • Our goals are to create a large RP guild (hopefully with an RP only server to play on): Planned to have a large organized structure.
    • Check us out if you're a player that wants to join a brand new guild, and help it grow. A lot of opportunity for leadership positions and the great feeling you get from starting something from nothing in a new game!

      ~Fariwyn the Roamer

    The Guild of Random Encounters (GORE)
    • We're just a bunch of RPGers from (currently) two different gaming clans with the same interest in DDO.
    • We'll welcome any good players........
    • We're not power gamers, just a bunch of people looking for a good game experience.
    • We'll use voicechat and work together with other party members to get through what we need to do.
    • As I said, we are currently formed from members of two gaming guilds here:

    • Mature players escaping real-life.
    • No drama or BS.
    • Ventrilo server
    • More of a group of friends adventuring together than a guild.

    The Prismatic Arch
    • The Prismatic Arch embraces diversity and welcomes everyone with open arms regardless of their race or sexual orientation. Our goal is to have fun while exploring the fantastic world of Eberron and our only requirement is that you treat others with respect.

    The Exploration Society
    • The Exploration Society of House Silvanestrii. Any and all RPers are welcome as are those who enjoy thorough exploration of dungeons and quests at a slow to normal pace. RP is not required to be a member, but patience and a non-rushed attitude are. If you are interested in joining, please go to our website at and email me at or PM me here with your preferred character name plus alternates so I may look for you in game. Our DDO forum thread is also here: which includes a partial list of in-game contacts as well as more information on who we are.

      May the Gods of Fate smile upon your journey.

    Elder Spirits
    • The Elder Spirits is a gaming guild that was begun in the mists of Norrath (Everquest) over six years ago. The Spirits have continued through Dark Age of Camelot, Shadowbane (heaven help us!), Star Wars, Horizons, WoW, City of Heroes, Guild Wars and EQ2. Not all Spirits have gone to all games but a core of us have moved from game to game – sometimes playing two or three at a time – and we help keep the spirit of the Spirits alive.
    • The concept of an elder spirit originated with the idea that there were elder spirits in these worlds who had vast stores of knowledge available if only a person would seek to find that knowledge and conduct him or herself in such a fashion that they deserved to have that knowledge conveyed to them. Hence, when asked if you have an Elder Spirit within you (as is done when inducting a new member on Horizons and EQ) it is a query to find out if you are a seeker of knowledge and willing to do the things necessary to earn that knowledge.
    • This is a fun concept that fits in particularly well with fantasy gaming. And we in the Elder Spirits want, above all other things, our gaming experience to be fun. Our Guild has 6 years MMORPG experience and over 140 members. We encourage RP but it is not required. We are a rated PG guild so families are welcomed. We have members On at all times as we are international with members in Aussie, England, Canada, and USA. We have a forum site with all the games combined to help with communication. If you would like more information please visit are forums. OR PM me In these forums.

    The House of Blackrock

    Guardians of the Horizon
    • We are a new Guild looking to build our playerbase from the ground up. We have a light to moderate roleplaying enviroment, Heavy is welcome but may not feel as immersed as they might like. We are looking for a wide variety of players, would like to have Guildmates from all walks of life.

    Order of Eagle's Cry
    • Group of friendly adventurer's seeking friends to adventure with. Casual atmosphere, plans for hitting all the content in due time. Must be active players, but not necessary to be overly active.
    • Contact Trystan or Taurothar in game for details.

    Black Knight Battalion (BKB)
    • Light to Heavy RP, All Alignments welcome.

    The Marked
    • Continuing a tradition first established in Dark Age of Camelot and on through City of Heroes, World of Warcraft and other games, we are a group of welcoming fun GLBT and straight players ages 18 and over for great gaming, fun chat, and friendship. Membership is open to players of all sexual orientations and gender identity. You don't have be gay, just gay friendly. Applicants are asked to post an introduction in our forums, which we currently share with our sister guilds in World of Warcraft, see
    • You can contact Tarkhon or Slyboots in game.

    House Kanadar
    • Guild Type: Casual RP/Canadian Gamers(with some exceptions)
    • Contacts: Calamus, Riot
    • Status: Open
    • Requirements: Located in Canada (Some exceptions accepted)
    • Additional Info: An Ancient House from the far north of Xen'drik. Now a band of Heroes, sometimes for Hire. Decendants of House Kanadar (No living decendants carry the Kanadar name anymore) are Elven, but the blood has been mixed through the decades. Fire Worshipers. Calamus Oilskin is one of few living whose lineage is directly from Kanadar name (on his mothers side). For backstory read Calamus' Bio in game, or visit our forum.

    The Brotherhood of Steel
    • The premiere Warforged Guild of Stormreach. We have been active since closed BETA and so can offer a great amount of help on character creation and also good support for guild groups.
    • We have wizards and sorcerors dedicated to healing Warforged, and also some of the craziest people around who can have a good time, and still get things done.
    • We're on the Thelanis server. You can look for Kevonovitch, Dumu, Lythalos, or Lob to ask about joining."

    • Goal is to creat a friendly and laxed gaming enviroment
    • Website in the works
    • Contact
      • Brunor

    The Order of New Hope
    • Leader - Multiple
    • All races and classes accepted
      *New to D&D, but our guild has been established in several other MMORPG's. We are a roleplaying guild, but it is kept light and fun.*
    • The Order of New Hope was formed at the conclusion of the Last War. It was desided that to prevent the horrors that occured during the war from happening again; a group must be formed, with representatives from all peoples throughout the world. The group would work together to fight evil, right wrongs.

    The Archive
    • In summation what I hope we all can offer each other with - The Achive
      • RP heavy
      • A guild background story
      • A guild concept that gives some purpose to your character for good RP hooks and RP off each other's concepts
      • Tries to stress quality people so no spam recruiting. No inn hollaring recruiting.
      • Open for changes to the concept (the guild hasn't started technically)
    • This thread gives you info on the concept and such to see the the more details. No point in actually making a website unless the guild hits a few people, say founder status, pre or post headstart. Since I do that for a living, piece of cake.

    Cern Miriel
    • We founded Cern Miriel, which means "Low Hills glowing like diamonds in dawn".

      You can find us at Thelanis, we dont have (yet) done very much together, but I'm pretty sure, that everyone who wants to get some help will get it. But please dont contact any of us if you just want to "rush" through everything, we like to keep it "slow" and have fun in a group.

      See you, have fun @all...

    • Mature, family oriented guild, All Characters welcome. All playtypes welcome.
    • Casual and Hardcore gamers welcome.
    • Questions contact:
      • DDO boards
        • Taril Raalen
      • in game
        • Storm
        • Tarilinthas
        • Spartan
        • Heywood
    • or check our site at

    • We encourage roleplaying and socializing... questing and guild cooperation is key.
    • There are not any restrictions on level, class, race, alignment.
    • We are long time gamers and are out for fun, not drama!
    • visit the guild forums at
      You may also contact for inquiries in game.
      • Tyrinth
      • Mayken
      • Willibald

    League of Lost Souls
    • Time to roll a new alt. All human guild looking for roleplayers both male and female. Deep storylines and bio's necessary. Roleplay events will take place in taverns and other places of interest or mystery. This guild will cap at 30. Would like to keep characters close in levels as well. Based on the Thelanis server, play times are usually evenings with days yet to be decided. Don't miss out! Post questions here or email:

    The Hero's Tale Assembly
    • Guild Leader - Barabnus El'Ren
    • Guild Officers - Luis Boa Morte, Cerber Hellforged
    • Like many other guilds for this server, we are light, and casual rp. We have a structured rp system which we is very easy to use for those not used to rp, or that are new to it entirely. The purpose of this guild is not just rp and gaming however. We are a group of people that also love to read and write fanstasy fiction. Our in-game and self-created rp is written and posted on our website for others enjoyment. We do schedual events, but of the few members we have, most of us have a very hectic schedual and do not play together often because of that. Where we shine is on our site where we can share our creativity with each other. Please remember that this guild is very new hence the reason we have so few members. So, for you casual, creative writer's out there that want a place to share your creations, feel free to go to the webpage and sign up. Here is the URL or you can search for the guild under the Thelanis server on Guild Portal:

      There is so much we are planning that I cannot take the time to post it here.



    Smokey's Guild
    • Smokey's guild leader SmokeyTurtle, 1st Officer BurningDragon, Queen of the Guild Citray,!! Come Join a Group that will let your friends come. And Gives you a reason to be an officer....... Join Smokey's Guild (Best Of luck)=) Note Please Add our Group to the list missing one?? On the Thelanis Server... Find us or we will find you....

    Umber Hulks
    • Umber Hulks is a casual guild filled with friendly and fun loving people. We are willing to try anyone out, but we are looking for nice people that like to play the game. We play for adventure and companionship. Most of our members are adults, but we welcome anyone with a mature attitude.
    • We don't have any rules, but anyone who makes trouble will politely be removed from the membership ranks.
    • The best way to join is to either ask a member of the guild to invite you on line, or leave a post on our message board.
    • Motto: We understand life agro.


    Knights of the Silver Dragon
    • How to join: Contact Izzy in game or at
    • Primary play time: Mon & Wed from 6+ to 10PM+ EST
    • Guild invite post:
    • We plays mainly two nights a week (Mon & Wed) like old school D&D. We go though quests and dungeons for the fun of it, not for the loot and EXP only. We don’t like rushing though a quest as quickly as possible and constantly running to keep up with the person who has done the quest a hundred times.
    • Some of the members used to play P&P D&D but since we are spread around the US we can't play together IRL anymore. We prefer people with voice chat, or at least can type and listen. Also prefer adult members.
    • Currently we have about 20 members and 70 characters in the guild. Most of the current members know each other IRL (In Real Life), are friends, or relatives. The rest are players we have played with who met the following criteria:
      1. Fun to group with
      2. Aren’t rude
      3. Don't like to rush though everything
      4. Willing to help others
      5. Willing to provide e-mail address and real name to Izzy (
      6. Good player or newbie willing to learn
      7. Can play on Monday or Wed nights at least a couple of times a month
    • Guild website:
    • Leader: Izzy

    Order of the Phoenix
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    "the Realm of Madness", plane of chaos

    • Sunder is a multi-portal, multi game orginization. We are a mature, gaming group. We have team speak, forums, and we will be seriously looking at DDO.

    • We are a small guild mainly located on the Pacific Time Zone, we don’t have much to offer but human company, not bureaucracy. The guild should not be a 2nd job, so it is game at your own pace, and contribute when you feel like it.
    • Our goal is simply have a relaxed gaming experience. Our rules are simple, treat all members with Respect, Immaturity and Hate will not be tolerated. Once again, gaming should be fun, not politics.
    • The website outlines some of our rules and regulations and provides you with the names of the guild officers, should you be interested in joining. Please feel free to check out the website as our guest.

    Dromaxian Lords of Chaos

    The Lords of the Ebon Mists

    The Mindflayers
    • We are a guild based around fun and good party play. We are looking for team players who want to enjoy the game. If you want a party where your name will be known and your name will appear on the in game monument please join up. All races and classes are welcome! (especially clerics)

    The Outcasts
    • Mature group of folks, some of which have known each other for years, that is based around a larger gaming community. We use Ventrilo to communicate. We play to have fun, but we also play smart.
    • Contact:

    The Talons of Khyber
    • We are a group of good, non elitist, companions brought together to save Stormreach.


    Challengers of Dol Dorn
    • Powergaming Group
    • Minimizes setbacks and downtime
    • Fast and efficient grouping
    • All races and classes welcome

    the Raiders of Xen'drik
    • We are an old NGE displaced SWG guild and value intergrity, honor and teamwork above all else. For more information checkout the website @ or if you have any questions please feel free to PM me here!

    Legion of Souls
    • Fast-paced gaming, with an advantage to hunting, loot, and experiences. The goal is to house the server population who is on the most, hunting the most frequently. Guild chat will serve as a global channel for finding groups, or trading your wares.
    • If you are a face-paced player who likes to push the envelope in gamging, we are the guild for you. You will know who we are, because the fan sites will be writing about us.

    Illuminati Sancti
    • The Illuminati Sancti Guild is looking for fun & dedicated members playing on the Xoriat server. Our recruitment is open, but subject to approval. We are looking for players who know their role in the party dynamic, and work well with their team at all times. In other words... if your a cleric, we are looking for healers, not "Battle Priests", etc. Most importantly, we like to have fun in our groups, but take the game seriously.
    • Voice enabled is a huge perk.
      That rule is only flexible towards WF who can self-heal ( by spell or spell effect, not potions ).
    • Thanks for taking an interest in our Guild. Please visit our Forum, or send a Tell to Tooky or Memory on the Xoriat server.
    • Please visit our Forums at:
    • Good hunting & I hope to see you on Xoriat.

    Sanctum Infinitas
    • Sanctum Infinitas 'had' branches in the following games:
      • World of Warcraft, Europe-Dreanor (Alliance)
      • Guild Wars
      • Dark Space
      • Star Wars Galaxies
      • Lineage 2
    • We have grown tired of the cookie-cut MMO's and have turned to DDO for some new excitements and thrills.
      Most of our members have played the beta, and are familiar with most of the content sofar, this enables us to help out the newly joined to quickly get settled in and acquire levels fast.
    • Solid teamplay, coordination and good communication is essential to make it to the top, and we've been there and back.
    • We don't have a strict recruiting policy but the following will apply:
      • You must be older then 18
      • Act maturely and represent the guild with proper manner
      • We're primarily looking for Hardcore players, but casual player are welcome.
      • We are a very light RP guild, expect not to see any RP in guild-chat.
        RP-ing 'does' take place, when we feel the need for it, so if you're an RP-er your welcome but don't expect a whole lot of it.
    • We don't select upon race, so everyone is welcome to join.
      Thus we're currently opened for the following Classes:
      • Mage: Open
      • Sorcerer: Open
      • Rogue: Open
      • Ranger: Open
      • Paladin: Open
      • Bard:Open
      • Priest: Open
      • Barbarian: Open
      • Warrior: Open

    Ex Astria

    Praetorian Imperius
    • We have a steadily growing guild on Xoriat. Its called Praetorian Imperius, with an obviously slightly roman theme. It is low-RP, lots of fun, and based around a lot of PnP veterans and DDO Beta-ers. That being said, we are not elitist in any way, and are mainly looking for good personalities to join - if your not familiar with PnP rules and how they effect DDO, and want to know, joining a group with such active knowledge may be for you. Many of us are on nightly, from 8PM CST- 3AM CST weekdays, and a bit later on weekends.We are always glad to help with gear and whatnot new players. consider us - I just started our website, so it will be a few days before its fully operational.
      or search for Preatorian Imperius at
    • Current Recruiters on Xoriat are
      • Nvvyn
      • Maelwys
      • Andruhal
      • Paetrick
      • Chunk

    Carnival of Chaos
    • 200+ members on Xoriat
    • No Class, Race, lvl restrictions

    The Moaning Dikes
    • A playful group of guys who quest actively and are looking for some fun loving players of any level and any build on the Xoriat server. This is a Newish, small guild looking to build up its numbers for later level raids. Recruiters on the server are: Donkey, Alota, Kraagen, Serges, Bogues, Jamulon, and Tor. Founding members are Donkey Odie and Alota Fajina. Headset use is greatly appreciated although not required. If language or a non-roleplaying attitude offends or bothers you please do not join.

    • Hello Everyone, I will tell you a little bit about our guild and you can decide for yourself if you would like to join us. We are on Xoriat server. We are a guild that just enjoys playing the GAME. We are currently recruiting players who like to play the game to have fun. Our guild is game at your own pace, and contribute when you feel like it.
    • Our goal is simply have a relaxed gaming experience. Our rules are simple, treat all members with Respect, Immaturity and Hate will not be tolerated. Gaming should be fun, not politics.
    • We are continually trying to grow and improve. We are in the mode right now of questing and leveling as the game is new. With sights set on high loot raids at some point when we are leveled. We are installing a Ventrilo Server and eventually a website with forums.
    • So if this sounds like a guild for you, PM - KRE

    The Frostfell Enclave
    • We are a group of cooperative, non-power gamers. The officers and founder are all the founders of the guild. All of us save one are from Alaska, hence the name. We allow children into the guild, as a few of our members are our own kids. So language and offensive comments are never tolerated. We are all about cooperation and group cohesiveness. We are always looking for a few good members. At any given time you can find at least 2-3 guild p[arties running at a time, so no more PuG's. That is our goal, to have fun and play the online version of the game we all love. Our forums are set up, stop by and post up. or find one of us in game.

      Lassic the Chosen-Wiz 4
      Brumbar Ironroot-Fighter 3

    Evening Star
    • We are a small guild that desires more people that can play regularly and preferably those that use team speak but all are welcome.

    Knights of the Round Table
    • current leader: Mccoul of Locksborough
    • we're mainly located on the west coast and are always looking for fun and mature people to game with. DDO is a side venture for our gaming community, whose main focus is BF2 and CS. some of our members also play WoW and COH, although COH has had a high dropout rate lately. if anyone would like to join our guild and/or gaming community all you need do is ask, read our coat of arms, and ensure that you have a similar gaming philosophy. which can be summed up to having everyone involved have fun, and leaving the drama at the door.
    • as far as DDO is concerned, we welcome anyone with a gaming spirit. feel free to role play your character as you choose. battle cleric, fighter rogue, warforged wizard, halfling barbarian, etc. anything is game so long as you create such a character in the mindset to have fun, but to also help the group out as much as you can
    • look for us in-game
    • coat of arms:

    Guardians of Stormreach
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    The Blackguards
    • All evil guild with very heavy military base. Also embraces good roleplaying. extremly organized. For active players only.

    Smokey's guild
    • All \/\/elcome.....Members My Name is SmokeyTurtle....Leader of your Great guild (Smokey's guild)!!! Always someone to Quest with online..Fun and always a laugh or 2 Helps the time on this Plane be a little more fun fun. We have a Web site. So you can set your mark.And soon Rpg quests..Come to where the action is and be all you can be with Smokey


    • Heavily centered on magic, but all classes welcome.

    Xen of Onslaught
    • An age 17+ gaming community,
    • Light RP, all class & Alignments welcome.

    Evil For Evils Sake
    • Are mainly looking for members from the West Coast, a guild of extremely strong members devoteed to wealth and torment.

    Knights of the Platinum Shawl
    • Encourage a platonic and romantic expression of love between same-gender couples, Heavy RP.

    Knights of Avalon
    • Upholding respectful, honest and loyal game play, as well as other individual guild member virtues.

    Aureon's Champions
    • A guild centered on friendship and trust.

    Gerbils of Destruction
    • Looking for a few fun players to join them at release. We are comprised of RL friends and have a few online friends from other games planning on switching over as well.

    AC Legend
    • A guild moving from AC2 over to D&DO, a strong and big guild.

    The Heroes of the Hoard
    • A heavy/ serious roleplaying guild set in the world of Ebberon.

    The Consortium
    • The Zilargo Consortium (sometimes known simply as "The Consortium" and in bygone days "The Trust") would like to inform all and sundry that we are still very much alive - although dormant right now (a lack of gnomes you see). If anyone is interested in joining DDO's "original" all-Gnome guild when Gnomes are finally added please visit our site:

      or PM me (Boulis).

      I am playing on Sarlona (Talaeren Dolorenthi Male Elf) and plan to play on Fernia also with a couple of our members but my time is limited now - RL calls. We will decide on a server when gnomes are released (G-Day!).

      We prefer/demand mature players and are a casual/light RP guild although we welcome more serious RP'ers as well. Our only requirement is that you play a gnome when the day comes. Until then...

      Zilargo forever

    The Ancients
    • A good aligned, mature Role Playing guild.

    The Order of the Feathered Serpent
    • RP focused guild that welcomes all clases. We are based on the historical Knights Templar, and are Devoted to the Church of the Silver Flame.

    TOG - The Older Gamers
    • All classes/alignments will be welcomed. All members must be 25 or older. We may end up using a more D&D type of guild name within the TOG acronym framework.

    Clan Dracona
    • Focus on bards and sorcerers(draconic blood-ties), though everyone will be welcome. Family friendly, rp encouraged(but not enforced), and heavy focus on assisting fellow members.

    Order of the Black Rose
    • The original guild for the greedy rogue, and bard types. Anybody is welcome, with several of our members powerful player from games such as World of Warcraft, Anarchy Online, and Everquest.

    Die heilige Inquisition
    • Our Guild is from Germany, we hunt the bad guys and bring the Light to all People in Eberron.

    • Hard core D&D weirdos who cuss more than sailors

    • ages 21+.
      [*}Any Class or alignment. We are looking for leaders and followers so if you want to take an active leadership role we are looking for you, if you like to sit back log in and have fun we are looking for you also! CLAW is a close knit community that has been around 12 years.

    Teutonic Order of Knights
    • This will be an RP-lite guild that will strive to bring order and justice to the world of D&DO. Draws on the real-life historical style and organization of the Teutonic Order.

    Schola Nocte
    • A very exclusive guild, whose members seek to attain great personal achievement. Light roleplaying, lots of fun, great ambitions, no paladins.

    Leage of Shadows
    • Looking for mostly monks,rogues, and bards.
    • We do mercenary work and Assassin jobs. So if someone needs sombody dead, or help them get somewhere, then we will do it.

    Nordrassil Project
    • Very active 3 year old guild, already has a troup of dedicated members and are looking for more.

    Safe Haven
    • A casual mature guild for the players who are looking to make some friends and keep em. Games are for fun and thats how we play it, no drama here.

    The War Council
    • Family-like guild, many RPers and Non-RPers, variety of players, very stable.

    The Steelcity Marauders
    • We are heavy on playing and are based in the Greater hamilton ontario canada area. Anyone around us is great to join and we will be having luncheons and stuff sometimes.

    Exodus GS
    • Experienced gaming syndicate offering forums, web page, ventrilo and irc. Will be playing DDO very seriously, accepting all classes.

    Black Jesters Guild
    • A roleplaying group of pranksters and joke tellers

    Spirits of Eden
    • NL / EU guild looking for mature (age 20+) players with a positive attitude!
    • Roleplay, Social and Fun is our motto!

    Magical and Mechanized Mayhem
    • A guild for mostly warforged.

    The Durmanhoth-Clan
    • We are a light RP guild, based around evil/neutral characters, an adult experience (17+), and we pride ourselves on loyalty and honor to each other.
    • We are looking for people who are willing to participate on a semi-regular basis, and who will also be willing to join us in our Ventrilo channel, in order to better find people to play with whether the players are in DDO or some other game.

    The Frozen Court
    • Most of the members starting up this guild live in the great state of Alaska and we are officially opening our doors to any and all players who wish to join our ranks. There are a few things that you should know first off. The language may be more of a mature nature, so if you have young ones or just don't care for it or are younger than 18 yourself then this may not be the guild for you. We encourage all players who live here in Alaska to stop on by and throw us a shout out in the general forums. Of course, our door is open to anyone else as well!!

    • Belegerea's philosophy is lets just have some fun. Simple. And of course to be a pretty mean adversary to our foes. We try to help our members in every way possible. From generating events to supporting crafters and non-combat type characters. We intend by all means to be a highly self-sufficient Guild. Our own Fighters, Rogues, Mages, Explorers and Crafters of every craft. By helping each other to further their paths, it can only make the Guild stronger. These things are possible when members take an active role upon them in the Guild. Comradrie is very important to us.

    the Shadow Wolves
    • New guild looking for members wanting to have fun and play often.

    Dal Quori
    • Dal Quori is an EU light roleplay guild dedicated to providing a small, relaxed and friendly playing environment for those dreamers who meet our requirements.

    Servants of the Shrub
    • A guild dedicated to the worship of the Holy Flying Shrub of SWG. We don't take ourselves too seriously and are a tight knit group. We would love to have people join our guild!

    A Nameless Mob
    • "a bunch of friends from other MMO's who are comin to create havok.. on
      well really no one since there is no PvP.. LOL
      but we are a group of friends who enjoy doing quests together.. and hangin out talkin. So wanted to warn you all ..
      look out for us..
      we may just yell "HI" at the top of our voices..
      or yell "Move" as we run to banquet table..
      either way..
      we are comin.. "

    Farmers of the Eastern Caribbean
    • Have you ever thought to yourself, I wanna farm the Caribbean? Well if you have you need therapy! Not just any kind of therapy, serious mental kind, cause who in there right mind would think of something like that? Well, we did! We don't like to be judged for our name, we pride on what we do, if we ever figured out exactly what that is. We are your ocean paradise, your wind in your soul, the sand between your crack. We are armed with the tools of the trade, pitchforks and shovels. We can dig anywhere, trench anything, and Farm whatever we like in our paradise.
      If this paradise sounds nice, you can join us.
    • Email:

    The Shadowguard
    • The Shadowguard promote roleplaying, team cooperation, hold a steady pace through dungeons and generally enjoy being with each other - whether its feasting, dancing or playing with warforged remote-control-devices (TM).
    • If youre interested in joining such community, contact Rastafariel, Banas, Furee, or Jojober either in game or on these forums.

    The Farfalle Faction
    • "After spending some time looking through a good many of the guilds currently in existence, and receiving some very kind invitations inresponse to my own "looking for a guild" profile, I decided the best way I could find exactly what I was looking for was to create it myself. To that end, I will write out my obvectives and a mission statement, with additional details to be filled in as time goes on and the company takes shape. "
    • Mission Statement:
      To create an Adventuring Company (ie guild) that is a small, close-knit group of mature players who will develop friendly relationships both in the game (DDO) and through interaction in the Company's forums.
      Note: This company will be designed specifically for DDO, and thereby will be completely original and developed with that game in mind.

    Raging Alliance
    • player ages vary, however only mature play will be accepted. open boards and comms with friendly atmosphere. if you are intrested in playing along side the alliance, come check us out

    Defenders of Mishakal
    • We attract those who would bring peace and healing into the world.
    • "Indeed, we have no website yet, but it will soon be available. Please PM me(Avardan) if you would like to join (primarily geared towards Clerics, but we will not turn the worthy away.)"
    • Site will be built in the coming weeks


    Blood Pack
    • The tears of many fell long ago as coutless lives were slain. Through the blood of thousands forged a group of elite murderers, all focused on one goal. The total grip of death on the throats of all weak and inferior creatures that walk across the entire world, both man and beast. For over a hundred years this Blood Pack has plagued and pierced the very heart of this planet.
    • Requirements:
      1. Must be an evil aligned character!
      2. Must be a human.
      3. Must be: Barbarian, Fighter, Spell caster class, Rogue.
      4. Must be a male character.
      5. More additions to these requirements will be made in the future, including initation by mission. Posibly more addition to the classes per additions to the game itself. Also note, there will be a requirement for all guild members to provide monatary, equipment, arms, armor, etc. valued at so many gold piece worth to the guild, (will be determend at a later date) as part of their initiation.

    The Sirens
    • We have travelled far and wide.
    • A family oriented community of gamers, branching out to almost all MMO's: MxO, SWG, WoW, L2, CoV, CoH.
    • We are a low drama faction/guild/community that enjoys the company of laid back gamers, with the occasional light RP, and a few more moderate RPers in the Mix.
    • Our only stipulations, you must be a mature (attitude wise, all ages accepted) person, playing a female Avatar.
    • We are always looking for promissing players, for any of the communities we inhabit. If you are interested, please drop me a message here, or visit our forums listed above and drop a line to Druidess.

    Adventurer's Haven
    • "The Adventurer's Haven is now accepting new members and patrons. Click on the title link above to visit our site. To best explain the "Adventurer's Haven" I will begin with the subtitle "- Whispers Tavern and Inn -".

      Whispers is a tavern and inn where many adventurer's seek to visit due to its Adventurer's Hall, a section of the inn that has several bulletin boards riddled with posts from other people with all kinds of requests. Requests from adventurer's, quests, posts of groups looking for others, tasks, and posts of individuals looking for others. These bulletin boards found in the forward quarter of the tavern gather a great amount of attention causing the tavern to be a popular hang out. This is why Whispers is called an Adventurer's Haven.

      Whispers got its name from the level of activity that is always going on inside. From entertainment, to games, and parties, theres always something to do at Whispers. The reason its called Whispers is because from a distance you can hear a continuous sound almost like a whisper that never seems to die down from all that is going on at Whispers.

      With that being said the Adventurer's Haven is the official formation of a guild based in Whispers, which runs all the Message and Bulletin Boards, making sure those seeking help pay up and those looking for the right person or item find what there looking for. So the excitement of always finding something to do never ends!


    The Legion of Honor
    • Our allegiance was founded on the principle that MMORPG's are as much about the people as they are about the game play. The allegiance is made up of friendly, good people who; play to have fun, like to interact and enjoy the social aspects of the game, and most importantly, are there to help each other through the various quests and trials of AC2. Our ranks are made up of players ranging in age from 9 to over 60, from all parts of the US, and many from around the world.
      an AC2 guild moving on to DDO

    The Brotherhood of Pathfinders
    • Originally formed in Neverwinter (The OLD AOL Neverwinter, not the new Blizzard version) as a gathering of rangers and druids and like minded individuals.

    • All classes are welcome.. We believe that there is a destiny for each one of us. So bring your weapons, Bring your spells, or even better yet bring them all. If you want a family taht will grow with you and help you grow, You have come looking in the right place. Send Robbieray a message i will contact you on how to join us..
    • We are looking foward to hearing from you.

    The Brotherhood of Dust
    • Casual/Power-Gaming Guild; Role-playing isn't encouraged, nor discouraged. Neutral Guild; but will accept any alignment.

    Trinovantes Dynasty
    • A round table leadership style guild with focus on fun gameplay, Honesty and maturity are a necessity

    All Out Assault
    • A Decade old Mature guild expanding into the DDO universe. Most senior members are mature with families. Everyone is treated as an equal and will start with rank.
    • No rules, No twists, just here to play and have fun.

    Order of the Black Claw
    • requirments: no jerks... everyone else welcome
    • started as group of New England players that has roamed near and far, we have finally ended up here. all races/class's welcome. we thrive on helpful people how can take a verb jab here and there all in fun. we all range from heavy to no RP (an odd mix but fun), hardcore to casual players.

    Order of the others

    Killerz At Large

    Swords of Light

    Vanguard of the Dragon
    • Leaders:
      • Ruddett Blademaster
      • Quentan Lacrosse
      • Saige

    • Leader: Tickleak
    • Co-Leader: Darkender
    • Main Site:
    • Main Games: BF2, CS:S, HL2, and FEAR

    The Hand
    • Group of Australians.
    • Contact: Insanity, Paxs, Nursie or Gelenor

    The Motivationally Challenged
    • Heya, I'm Brutuus, leader of "The Motivationally Challenged". We are a casual guild that wishes to experience endgame content. We are looking for mature, competant players who wish to enjoy the game. Our guild respects that people have Real-life demands.Our goal is a place where people can make the best use of their possibly limited online time without pressure to play the game like its a job. Send me, Saeliel, Shellie, Jinxy, or Wind a tell in game anytime. Or Email me at

    (list continues)
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    Will you note my DDO forum ID now as Cyren El'tegh please.

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    (list continues here)

    Fellowship of Founders
    • Role Playing: Not emphasized
    • Alignment: Good or Neutral
    • Classes: Any
    • Synopsis: FoF is a casual group of friends working to help one another in DDO. For best fit, play times in evenings of Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5), mature minded, and not divulging game spoilers (no walk-throughs). We plan to play a slow pace, enjoy the game, and make some friends. The full charter can be found here ( ), but don't get too caught up in the formalities, as honestly we're laid back. We only have a handful of members, and aren't looking to get big.

    The Burning Legion
    • Guild of mature players dating back to the mud days.. to eq.. wow and finally here. Tight group looking for dedicated players looking to excel. Website soon.

    House of Morrigan
    • We are a multi clan gaming guild with clans in SWG, EQ2, WoW, Guild Wars, CoH and
      FFXI. If you are interested in membership please post an intro in our new recruits
      section. If you are an old or new friend please stop by our clan public discussion
      area or one of the separate game public discussion areas to say hi
    • We have built an excellent group here and only want those who realize the value in our community, we thank you for taking the time to reading this far and hope you will continue the process.

    The Avengean Guard
    • We are a guild of mature players with a lifelong background in PnP and E-PnP play. 90% of members are 30+ with responsibilities, but with significant play time available to us.

    Ion guild
    • Please include Ion guild in the guild list. We are a collection of players who've been around since the days of Earth and Beyond. We're a somewhat larger guild, with chapters in many different games. Perhaps you've seen us in SWG on the bria server, or perhaps FFXI, maybe City of Heroes and Villans, as well as EvE, just to mention a few. We have some very easy rules to follow. If you wanna check us out, got to -->

    Heroes of Infinity
    • We are a good sized guild with chapters in SWG, EQ2, WoW and now DDO. We are a mature guild with a very stable leadership. We stress fun and respect and encourage role-playing in game or through fan fiction.
      If you are interested in joining a guild that will have a long term presence in DDO please visit our forums and register. Registration allows you to read and post in our public forums and exchange character names so we can meet up in game.

    • We're very laid back and just want to have fun. Everyone is welcome. All classes, all races, all degrees of RP. We just like sitting back and having some pie. Contact Ola when the game starts.

    Crimson Nexus
    • looking to build playerbase from the ground up
    • casual to heavy roleplaying enviroment
    • looking for around 20+ friendly members
    • only requirement is to act mature

    The Legion Of Steel
    • We are a brand new guild of several former EQ2 guildmates.
    • Guild loyalty, participation and helpfullness are what we are looking for in guild members.
    • Any classes welcome
    • Any levels welcome
    • Due too the dynamics of the game we are a group that uses tactic in game not just headlong rushing in. (Tactics are a forgotten art form)
    • Due too the fact of the in game voice chat we will not be accepting anyone under 15 in the guild (I'm sure everyone that have used a voice feature in other games knows the reason for this.)
      • We are looking for 10-20 people to start, with the same intrests in the game, advancement too more exciting quests and adventuers but not rushing too get there so as too enjoy the game.
      • We have been playing on the Vadalis server during the beta but that may change when the headstart begins.
    • So if we seem like a guild you may be intrested in please visit us at...
    • Or drop me a line at ..

    • Our Guild is Called TheUnexisteD, were just a group of people that can share our talents to conquer one ultimate goal of leveling up and getting through the game. Weather it be Rogue or Sorcerer, Elf or Human. Work each others strengths and oppose weakness. were the group for everyone.
    • Our Myspace Group is

    Phree's Fighting Fools
    • Phree's Fighting Fools is a guild based of like minded people who just want to have fun. We say enjoy life to the fullest and act the part of a fool. Mind you that may mean that every so often one of us may grease the steps in a dungeon just for fun, but hey you get to the bottom faster don't you?
      -Phree Luv'n
      The Foolish Leader

    Ordos Draconum
    • We are Ordos Draconum. We are a guild based upon Builging new player to the D&D enviro. We hope to bring up new players with a respect for the game and all races except Our Guild does not except Elves! We have our reasons, we all Play 40k.....that should be enough for you to understand...

    Stormreach Explorers League
    • A friendly, casual guild dedicated to exploring the lost continent of Xen'drik through fun, helpful, cooperative adventuring!
    • Guild members must be polite, helpful, supportive and set a good example for others
    • We are looking for thinking adventurers who don't just rush into situations
      Patience, teamwork and tactics are our watchwords
    • Characters with good backgrounds based on the D&D Eberron campaign are most welcome and light to moderate roleplaying is encouraged
    • We aim to meet new people and make new friends as we explore this new world!
      Won't you join us?

    The Concillium

    Stormreach Requisition Company
    • Up and coming guild is seeking members. Our website can present our guild better then I ever could. Check it out at
      • Search for storm reach requisition.
    • There is no age limit too our guild, however we are extremely selective based on the "doush bag factor".
    • Dont be a doush bag and you will most likely fit in...
    • Seriously though we are a fun bunch of people who enjoy d&d and playing video games.
    • Several founder positions are still available in each house...again check out the web site...and make sre to read the forum particularly the article on Wardog and why he created crop circles!

    Obscuri Lateris
    • We are a mature gamers community with an age limit of 19. We are a small guild who are all friends. We are looking forward to being part of the DDO community and hope to see you all in game.
    • Please stop by and say hello at

    Sans Merci

    • Large guild spanning multiple continents and multiple games. Tight group of friends who put the guild and it's goals above all else.
    • We have been through a lot as a group, through many different games and are very successful and everything we do. Because of this membership is possible but we are very picky who is recruited and stays to become a full member.

    • This guild will be RP ( though not mandatory it will be enforced ) the purpose of this guild is to create an atmosphere of people who want to RP being exiled from STormreach and wish to re-enter by force, trickery, or just mesmerize their way in.
    • All classes, races, and alignment are allowed.
    • If there will not be a guild hall ingame i shall create an atmospheric one from an existing area.
    • The website is not up as of yet for i am making an official one which will be up a week before release. More info will be given if needed such as the aspect of the guild like events and such and what is needed to join if anything.

    The Burning Hand
    • Casual guild looking for mature (attitude) players.
    • Light to moderate RP.
    • All classes, races and alignments welcome.
    • Questions contact: Zare on the DDO forums or Partydawg on TBH forums

    • We are a small group of friends from various other gaming communities (WoW, SWG, Counter-Strike, Vanguard, DDO, etc)
    • UnderWorldDreams located at
    • will be seaking causal gamers to join us in very supportive game play, light to moderate RP, and just general good times.
    • We will of course accept any race/class/alignment etc...
    • We look forward to gaming with you all and will always lend a hand to those in need.....
    • Good Gaming to you all!

    • We are a generally laid back guild who enjoys intense combat. Many of our members played EQ, EQ2, SWG, WOW, and of course every AD&D computer game imaginable.

    Druids of Retribution
    • Druids of Retribution are starting back up in this MMO after the SWG massacre. We are recruiting some.

    The Progeny of Khyber
    • This group shares the view of the Five Kingdoms, seeking to cleanse the corruption of Khorvaire through the release of Khyber's Children, the demon lords, restoring balance to the land. I will not go into great detail but for those of you who know of what I speak, join us in our vigilant cause and Khorvaire will once again be ours!

    The Dominion
    • The Dominion (temporary name, voting on name is ongoing in website voting section) is a purely Canadian guild for Canadian players. The main ethos of the group is co-operative gaming and teamwork

    GUN (Grim Underground Network)
    • Hello to all, myself and fellow player Kahbaal are starting a GUN (Grim Underground Network) guild in DDO. For those that played SWG on the eclipse server, you will recognize us as the Rebel fools that cleared out all Imps that opposed us!! Lol, we had a lot of fun in that game, until they ruined it, and are turning our attention to DDO.

      We only have a few people coming over from that old guild, and are anxiously awaiting to fill our ranks with new blood. We do not have any age requirements, but we do have maturity requirements. Alot of us have served in the military, and know how to work in a team focused on a goal. We simply ask that you be mature enough to follow the group's agenda, and that you be respectful of others.

      If you are mature, know how to have fun, and can work as a cohesive unit, feel free to contact myself in these forums with a PM. As of right now, we are hoping to solidify our guild on the Salona server.


    Fist of the North
    • Old guild, consisting of friends spanning back to EQLive. Formed in DAoC, but comprised of various groups. We are mostly adults, some low 20's and occasionally some guildie's children will play; we have some in the 50's as well. Our guild spans the Earth, some from Europe, Hawaii, and South America. As well as all the time zones of North America. We even have some Canadians (although we give them a really hard time, not sure why they stay (joking of course)). Most have full-time jobs or are full-time students. Some are married couples that play together and yada yada. Mature group of people... for the most part!
    • Our goal in DDO is to play the game like it's meant to be played. We're not trying to hit "end game" content the fastest, or get the biggest "phat loots" before anyone else (although we do want to kill some dragons, this is D&D afterall). We want to ENJOY the content of the game, help the people lower than us, and forego the normalcies of the "uber" guilds.
    • What makes a guild "uber" is the cinergy of its members.
    • One guild with many forums. Pop down to the DDO forums. New guild page is in the making.
    • <<Edit: FoTN is not currently recruiting.>>

    Lords of Quindia
    • We are creating an alliance of old friends and new. Personally I've been playing PnP for over twenty years with the same bunch. The name Quindia is a tribute to our first DnD world, more information can be found about that at, including links to my brother's miniature painting site and some of his freelance art. Our guild has set up a forum at I'm not sure how heavy we're gonna be on recruiting, but I thought I'd add the links and guild to this post.
      -Honzo Hilltopple

    The Intercessionists
    • Any willing to join This guild please post name...... acepting all classes !!! i will post to u online remember if we recieve 25 members we get special items so if you dont have a home and would like one The Intercessionists are here.
    • Back ground story on guild
      The Intercessionists started as a small guild of exthieves whom had changed there way.Lookingto help thoughs in need. The past few year some of the guild members have traveled the lands to expand this guid threw out the world. thus one of these people were raluesheo Shadowdancer. Traveling from the city of baldurs gate across the ocean to eberron. Raluesheo now makes his bid for you to join his noble guild.

    short bus gamers
    • Mature (Must be 18 yo +)

      Have own voice server (Microphone required)

      Easy going

      Fun to be with.

      Check us out at the link above

      Slingshot aka Special Ed

    The Hyborean Straits Cavaliers
    • WE are a family guild of casual players.
    • We have our own voice chat {Teamspeak}
    • We are very helpful to all our family, If you want a guild that is a family then we are what your looking for..

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    to be used as lists expand
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    Green Cherry, on Khyber Server.

    We have very few rules;
    -No idiots, please.
    -Voice chat is required.
    -Newbies are welcome, so long as they are willing to learn the game.
    -ALWAYS, even when grouping with strangers, play FOR the team.

    A group of MMO players, spanning many games, looking to enjoy team-based challenges in the world of DDO.

    Temporary forum, Website under construction.
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    The Adventurer's Guild (On Shavarath) now has a website up if that information could be updated.

    ::Hits anyone over the head that calls a computer game Character in a non-humerous game a "Toon" with a Dictionary +1:: Toons are only in comedies >( Get it right.

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    Thanks for the quick work! Just so you know, Risia and Shavarath...whatever it's called...won't be available for the head start according to Sporkie.
    ~*~ Aster Lark ~*~
    Guild Mistress of MESS
    MESS - Monster Extermination Squad of Stormreach
    Monster problem?
    Just call MESS!
    We'll clean it up...
    ...more or less.

    MESS is not responsible for any damaged or stolen goods. Additional fees may apply.

    Please visit us at

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    Can you please correct one minor spelling error for Defenders of the Flame please some how following is spelled folloing in the post.

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    Band of the Hawk will be located on Lhaz.

    We are a group of casual gamers with a few hardcore gamers mixed in. We will be running some pretty regular groups. Unique builds are welcome. Both min-maxxers and casual gamers are to be expected.

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    all requests have been finished

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    seeing as we can't pm yet to get this stickied, bump

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    Please update The Blood of Vol's information link to the one I have in my signature. The old one was from the old forums.


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    i knew stuff like that will happen but theres too many for me to hunt down.

    you're all set BoV

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    Ret you overlooked grave Mistakes

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    Northern Dominion will be at Aundair!

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    Yes, Risia and Shavarath are not launch servers for headstart.

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    Mind adding "The Talons of Khyber" to Xoriat?

    -We are a group of good, non elitist, companions brought together to save Stormreach.
    Guild Master - The Talons of Khyber

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    please move the Outcasts from undeclared to Xoriat.
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