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    Default What emote would YOU like to see added to the game?

    If you read this week's WDA post you saw that we are about to add a whole new batch of emotes into the game including
    • /beckon
    • /hug
    • /flex
    • /groan
    • /grovel
    • /kiss
    • /no
    • /poke
    • /sigh
    • /taunt
    • /yes
    • /cheer2
    • /dance2

    Well, we'd like to know which OTHER emotes you'd like to see added into the game as well. Can't live without /shy? Absolutely need to have /raspberry? We'd like to hear about it!

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    I would like to see some character class specifiec emotes. Not every wizard is gonna flex, but may want to do something tricky with magic....Just a thought.

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    /surrender (arms in air, legs shaking)
    /akimbo (hands on hips)
    /chicken dance
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    Default Emotes Desired

    /pseudopod smack


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    Default um


    just off the top of my head
    Truegood....... cleric13/sorcer 1
    Gimp........Fighter 2/Ranger 12 (1750)
    Gimpster ......lvl 14 Bard
    Gimpin..........lvl 14 Sorc (1750)
    Truedat.......lvl 14 Fighter
    Napoleon Syndrome lvl 14 Hafling Barbarian
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    Default emoties :)

    how about:

    /tantrum - throws a tantrum like a little child
    /confused - runs around in circle aimlessly
    /burp - burps
    /standonhead- does a headstand
    /exercise - jumping jacks or something
    /kick - kicks at intended target
    /punch -punches at intended target
    /agree - nods head and says "uh huh"

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    Default Oh!

    and most important:




    Aerenal Trade Thread:
    -"Jû§??* ßÊçÅù§Ê §Ømë-øñé WãñÐꮧ Ðøê?* Ñø??* MèÅñ hË ¡§ Lø§??*...."

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    WanderSong DragonDreams (Bard)
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    WandersOff DragonDreams (Ranger)
    WanderShrine MegaHealer (Cleric)

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    ~Xry, KSC
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    Might as well give us all the dances that already exist.

    /gather : As in, "Gather on me for buffs/haste."

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    I'd like an emote for bards to be able to play their instruments without using one of their bard buffs.


    or something along those lines
    Regell, Regoll, Regel, Reeegel, Regol, Regolle (notice a theme?)
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    Bard - /play - Stands and plays lute
    Rogue - /juggle

    /afk - Player sits and reads a paper.
    /sell - A large $ shows over head so people know he is looking to sell some stuff.

    Taken from other games:

    /doh - You slap your head in confusion.
    /rofl - You roll on the floor laughing.
    /worship - worship everything and nothing
    Judas Dulcimur- Tone Deaf Bard of The Burning Legion
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    Latianar - Master locksmith.

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    We absolutely need /moosedance from AC2.

    I'd like to see several better /dance emotes, along with the ability for every race to perform every dance. Why are halflings the only ones who can breakdance? Why can't warforged raise the roof?

    We really need /chair, which would have a character pantomime sitting in a chair. I realize that there's no way to target a chair and sit in it, but the ability to pantomime it would allow us to sit properly on benches and chairs. Even if not all chairs and benches in-game are the same height, it would help immersion to be able to sit at tables in taverns.

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    i'd like to see /spank

    Jerz Kryvoz - Halfling Fighter 10/Paladin 3 - Former Captain of the Knights Arcane

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    /listen (puts hand to ear and well... listens)
    /torch <- PLEASE (ignites a torch to carry)
    /gag <makes a Im getting sick motion
    /cower or tremble or afraid
    /spy (pulls out a seeing device)
    /knuckles <cracks knuckles
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    What emotes could I see being added as I'm not about to scream "I must have these!"

    /clean as in your character pulls out a rag to start cleaning the weapons.

    /wash your character takes off his/her armor and starts to polish it. (not sure how that would work with robes? Pull out a stain stick maybe?) "Buff" would make better sence with polishing, but would be to metal specific.

    /restring Character restings their bow or crossbow

    /fluff character takes off the helm (if its showing) and shakes head around to fluff up his/her hair. Kind of like people do when they have headsets on for a long time. Maybe call it /preen instead

    /outhouse a simple command to make the character go invisable from sight/ AFK for a time. Usable only in non combat zones. I could probably count on one hand the number of times in PnP I've seen players take their character to relieve themselves. I mean seriously, that is one heroic bladder they have. I'm jeleous. Have the animation be the standard "leg squeese, jump slighty up and down twice, then run in place for a second, then vanish" Any mouse or keyboard activity would remove it and bring the character back. Could also turn on the "anonymous" switch during this also.

    /read charcter pulls out a book and starts to read. (this would be nice for wizards)

    /eatham Character eats the said ham they have been looking for.

    /atoast Character raises a frothy mug in toast to something.

    /emptyboot Adventuerning is hard work. I've lost track of how many pebbles, stones, and rocks I've had to dump out of my boots.

    /sweep Character pull out a broom to sweep the area they just dirtied by emptying their boots.

    /yodel Character starts to hollar really loud just like the freaking annoying character in the marketplace that won't shut up.

    Now this next one I really wish would be added, even though it is not an emote.
    Wizards should have an animation that they pull out a book and start to scribble in it whenever they "inscribe" a new spell into their book.

    But while on the topic of emotes, have the Devs ever given though to making them part of quests/puzzles? I mean I can see a 1st lvl solo to learn about the joy of emotes, such to where you have to "point" out objects to a person who can't find them, "dance" for someone, look for someones breakfast (aka looking for ham) etc. We already have to look for a book in Recover the Lost Tome, so you could take it one step forward. Let alone make people think more than just going click and slash.

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    /trap Holds up a red octagon.(as there are no stop signs in eberon.)

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    /lapdance ... use your imagination. why? have you seen the female elf models?

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    Default emotes i'd like to see

    /display - character goes through a flashy weapons display
    /whistle - makes whistle noise
    /ready - (mappable to a key) - hit to have character say "Ready!" in chat
    /gather - (mappable to a key) - hit to have character say "Gather!" in chat, and a big X appears on the ground so the party can see where to gather
    /holy - a divine light shines down upon you while you solemnly pray
    /iknow - character raises hand and jumps up and down
    /diagnose - character pulls out stethoscope-like object, places it against surface, and listens (rogues could use against doors, characters could use on each other)
    /trap - (mappable to a key) - hit to have character say "Trap!" in chat, would also be nice if a voice said "Trap!" over voice chat too (I also like the idea of raising your arm to indicate stop)
    /clear - (mappable to a key) - hit to have character say "All Clear!" in chat, would also be nice if a voice said "All clear!" over voice chat too

    And just for fun - here's a list I made elsewhere:
    /blind - make your character blind! Enjoy hours of fun roaming the map in a field of darkness!

    /banish 1d100 - With this command you can now temporarily ban your character for X amount of days where X is equal to the die roll of 1d100

    /mute - With the new /mute command no one can hear you or see you type (including yourself!). This command cuts off all effective lines of communication from yourself to the outside world.

    /crash - need a convenient excuse to log off the game? the new /crash command will cause your DDO client to glitch resulting in the termination of the program.

    /trashall - We've implemented an easy way for you to destroy everything in your inventory!

    /cubeme - moderate yourself on the forums! Players gain the ability to first warn themselves, then ban themselves for 3 days from the forums!

    /jenkins - implement this command to make your character sporadically run in random directions without notice

    /forfeit - are you too weak to complete a quest? At least you can complete with failure! Typing this command releases you from a quest, while simultaneously alerting every current player that you are a wuss.

    /sleep - has been changed from its previous version of a harmless emote to now actually casting deep slumber upon yourself

    /sacrifice - typing this command will randomly select one of your teamates to die for unknown reasons

    /lag - this command immediately freezes your character in place, removing all keyboard input to the game for a random amount of time

    /masterwork - this command automatically converts all magical items back to their unenchanted state. Masterwork!

    /startover - immediately erases your current character and kicks the player back to the login screen

    /genocide - this commands repeatedly slays and raises the character until the debt cap is achieved. Once the debt cap is achieved, the character is raised one final time, then stunned, cursed, blinded, poisoned, paralyzed and teleported to a random location in the dungeon

    /ransack - this command sets all lootable chests for that character to ransacked status
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