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    shouldn't that be /airlute?

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    Talking Class Specific Emote Suggestions

    Quote Originally Posted by Lo_Pan
    I would like to see some character class specific emotes. Not every wizard is gonna flex, but may want to do something tricky with magic....Just a thought.

    I agree with that; casters may like to extend their hand and produce a magically orb, roughly the size of a baseball, of various effects such as ice, fire, electric, etc. A suggestion for the command would be "/orb ice" or "/orb elec" and so on. Maybe produce a glamour in their extended open hand which creates a miniature of the highest level Summon Monster that they are able to conjure - "/pet". I would fall to the floor laughing the first time I saw a lvl 9 cleric displaying his mini summoned earth elemental. For rogues something different like "/pat" an extremely fast pat down of themselves or another player that goes so fast that it appears the rogue has 6 arms. Paladins could have a Holy Glow fade in and out on them - "/aura". Rangers could begin to whistle and have a small bird land upto their shoulder bobbing its head to the tune. "/whistle". An interesting animation that I at first thought of for fighters and barbarians but could actually be done by all classes "/juggle" where they begin juggling their weapon. Flipping their sword from behind their backs and over their shoulder catching it, spinning the handle over their hands, maybe a quick marital arts type Kata for staves. As for bards I am at a loss since they are able to do so many things it depends on the character's setup what skills they possess so my only suggestion is to give them a different instrument to play, after all a lute is very difficult to pull in and out of a backpack, a small lyre may be more believable or if you don't mind just ditching the whole period theme and let them use harmonicas.
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    Default The ones that i will like.

    Combat emotes

    /attack(Arm gesture to point the attack target)

    Funny emotes

    /sharded(with the noise)
    /ohh noo


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    Quote Originally Posted by RazBobka
    /kickdirt Where you just shuffle your feet.
    Isn't that the female halfling's dance? :P
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    Quote Originally Posted by Indel Eventine
    shouldn't that be /airlute?

    or /swordguitar
    you 8-bit fans know what i meen

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    COH had a pretty robust setup for this, so some that I liked:

    /walllean (lean back against a wall)
    /ledgesit (Sits on object - like a box/chair/etc - with legs dangling)
    /dice (add in for d10/d100, etc)
    /psr (not sure what it was, but paper/scissors/rock)

    and many more..
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    Exclamation Great idea from left field

    Quote Originally Posted by Ziggy
    /trap Holds up a red octagon.(as there are no stop signs in eberon.)

    I can see this going further ... Give every player a hot bar action, like intimidate, diplomacy, bluff, etc. that would cause the character to look back and raise his arms in a stop gesture (the appearance of a red octagon would be great, about the size of their chest or two small ones on their palms) because by the time a player spots a trap and tries to tell everyone about the danger there is usually someone that just runs through, not good for the player that is following too close. This would be most useful late at night when some people are not using their voice chat in consideration of other people in their house that are trying to sleep. Just a quick click or, with good key mapping like I have done, a simple keystroke and everyone would be aware of danger and stop. Giving the rogue time to search and attempt to deactivate the trap. Totally excellent idea!
    *aimlessly wanders off muttering under his breath about damned hippies and how heads would have been rolling LONG ago if he were in charge ...
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    Best ones I've seen so far are:

    /torch (Alternately, Turbine could add torches as weapons)
    /cantrip (wulfchyld and many others had good ideas--be great to have a list to choose from)
    /study (for wizards/sorcerors)
    /play (bards)

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    Oh! What a feeling this would be to see in!

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    How about:

    /doh - a la Homer
    /tapfoot - good one from AC1
    /leroy - instead of afk
    /nails - character buffs their nails, as in "Twas no big deal"
    /shakefist - good one from AC1
    /moonwalk - a la Michael Jackson
    /nyah - thumbs in ears with fingers waving, and sticking out tongue

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    I would also like to see some class specific emotes -

    Spell Casters - Cantrips

    /light - ball of light hovers about caster hands
    /sparkle - Shower of sparks appear above the caster
    /flame - Flame hovers above casters hands
    /snow - Snow falls above caster
    /color - caster can temporarily change the color of hair or skin on theirself
    /glow - caster glows slightly

    Bards - Instruments & Songs

    /<instrument name> (/flute - plays random song on flute)

    /<song> (/bee5 - plays popular part of Beethovens 5th on random instrument)

    /<instrument> <song> (think about it)

    General -

    /boo - <target> actually jumps ( can only be used from flanking position within attack range)

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    Are chat bubbles considered an emote? Or are they a UI feature? Cause I'd really like to see them in this game.
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    /challenge (points at person and moves finger across throut)
    /chicken (act like a chicken)
    / play [instrument] (play selected instrument)
    /think (cross arms and tap foot while looking down)
    /moon (bend over a pat behind)
    /warcry (shout a war cry)

    ill think of others
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    /study an afk emote for wizards. Sit down and read their spellbook.

    /energy afk emote for sorcerers. stands tall and riase their arms to the sky, clouds of magical energy and light swirl around them. the effect gets greater with increased character levels.

    /flex The character strikes a pose and flexes its bicepts.

    /cutthroat the character does a throat cutting gesture on itself.

    /halt character raises its hand in a "halt" gesture to stop people from proceeding or walking into traps. Should be able to map to a button.

    /stagger what kind of tavern doesn't have a staggering drunk stumbling out of it. character sways side to side and almost falls over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by linaewen
    /tip <name> <money> (as in old days SWG, to tip money to clerics/bards healing/DVing in taverns, to bet on PvP in taverns/arenas, to thank a bard for nice songs while questing......)
    And to give duped gold to anymabody and evermabody with no way refuse, so their accounts get locked when the "illegamal" gold gets tracked down.

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    I forgot to add this one earlier, for bards


    They'd whip out their instrument and start tuning it. Might even have a string break now and then, hehe

    And maybe one like they had in CoH, think it was


    Then the target turns into a pumpkin

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    Basically I'd like to see emotes that enhance roleplaying. From people's suggestions, slightly edited when necessary:

    /whistle , as well as being able to whistle at someone

    /trap , uses a verbal "stop, something is wrong here." , and a hand outstretched indicating people to stop for a trap. This would help the people who don't use voice chat.. besides it's faster to hit a key than to hit a push-to-talk key and then actually say it.

    /stop - same animation, different speech. Just a general "stop!".
    /follow A silent gesture that can be used by a scout to signal us.

    /greet, a nod in greeting or something similar

    /greed (A greedy expression, for chests, when talking about loot, etc)
    /pray (specially for chests, invoke the goddess of luck blessing when you target the chest . Gives a +10 to loot divine intervention modifier. Just kidding But I still want to pray, he he)

    /cantrip 1, 2, 3... for example conjuring a small cloud over someone's head that then has a few small sparks and pours down water on them. Summon a flying torch that follows you. (hey this one would be useful in dark dungeons like the necropolis series ) Ok other people suggested some other nice cantrips.. like conjuring a boquet of flowers, or whatnot.

    I also LOVED the idea of expanding /em to allow you to add an animation to display. For example /em waves goodbye;/wave would use the wave animation and display the text. /em smiles faintly as he replies, "As you wish.";/bow .. the possibilities are endless.

    /wave goodbye echoes the text /so-and-so waves goodbye, while using the wave animation.

    Please don't add more emotes like 'looking for ham', or heck worse, a red light or something above people's head .. I'm not psychic nor did I memorize a read juvenile mind spell that morning :P, and can't think of anything less immersing than said lights. Now the ham CAN be hilarious, but too many of them and it'll be a nuisance.

    Now, someone mentioned being able to do other races' dance animation. Perhaps an npc could teach them for a price? The more dexterous the cheaper (easier) it is, and the more intelligent the more dances you can learn, On a similar idea, perhaps non-bards could learn to passably play an instrument..

    Either way, bards and instrument players do need a /play, ideally with more than one tune they can play to set the mood.

    /deathtoall Destroy the [target]! Don't let him/her escape! Untargetted: Angry shouting & gesturing destroy them all! None will survive!

    /retreat Worried look, strong yet panicky voice, "run! Everyone, retreat!" (actually, if we implement the suggestion about chaining emotes, we'd only need a /worry emote...)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ziggy
    Quote Originally Posted by Gennerik
    Going back to another thread that I had read, I'd like to see a /slap emote that actually can wake characters up that have been put to sleep. Then it's fun and useful.
    yeah or a /kick or /nudge

    its annoying waiting 10 minutes for sleep to wear off.

    Or you could UMD a dispel wand or memorize a spell to dispel the magic effect.

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    I would like to see the following emotes:

    for Bards:

    /play - Plays the instrument without using the Bard's Song

    for Rogues:

    /trap - Raise the hand suddenly (in a very visible way) and makes some alerting sound

    for Everyone:

    /AFK - Sits the character on the floor and puts an AFK symbol above his head
    /group - The character waves his hands in a "group around me" fashion
    /stop - The character raises his hands abruptely and keep it raised for a while.
    /hide - The character moves his hands indicating that everyone should lay low.
    /charge - The character puts his weapons foward, and maybe some "charge" order could be heard together.
    /me - The character raises his hand indicating himself (useful for when the cleric asks "who needs restore", then someone /me to answer.
    /scout - The character points to his eyes then points ahead indicating that hes going to scout ahead.
    /kite - The character raises his shield and strike it with his weapon side making a *clang*, indicating that everyone should ready their shields.

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