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    Default Battle Of The Bards

    Battle of The Bards
    Hosted by Musicman The Infamous Flaming Vagabond

    The 5th Battle of the Bards event will take place @ approximately 8pm EST on Sunday July 20, 2008 on the stage inside the House Phiarlan Foyer.
    (The entrance to the House Phiarlan Foyer is next to the mailbox and favor representative).

    What it is:
    The Battle of the Bards is a competition amongst bards to see who is the best bard on Thelanis. Though it is a competition it is not very competitive and should have a rather light hearted and fun demeanor. A number of bards who sign up in advance to share their original work via general chat will have the chance to be crowned Thelanis' Champion Bard.

    Entry Information:
    Contestants must be prepared with 1 original song with a title. The song may be DDO based or not, but it must be original work. The song could even be about wasting time at work, chasing the lassies about, even how writing songs is difficult for you, out drinking a dwarf, or anything else your imagination creates.
    [parodies of popular tunes are welcome & often easier to write.]

    Contestants who are not bards may enter and perform so long as they are accompanied by a bard. In other words, Bard and Singer duos are permitted to compete!! In addition, if a bard is in a duo, they may also perform a solo act granted they have different material!

    Contestants must submit their desire to participate at least 24 hours in advance of the event. Either send a Forum PM or In-game mail to Musicman. Make sure that I send a response confirming your registration – if it’s been a couple of days and you have no response from me, you should attempt again. The sooner you register the easier you make this for me.

    As an Added Bonus, all Contestants will receive a free meal (Tasty Ham & Ghallanda Distallate) upon checking in with Musicman on the day of the competition. If your Bard is a Warforged please inform me so that I may feed you Kargon's Ham instead.

    Double check the["] BotB#5 Bard Roster[/url] to ensure I've signed you up!

    The Contest:
    The contest will begin shortly after 7pm EST on Saturday February 23, 2008. It is to be held within the House Phiarlan Foyer (the entrance is between the mailbox and favor representative). Upon arriving at the location, seek out Musicman and check-in with him.

    BE ON TIME! … If a bard misses their time we might be able to squeeze them in at the end, but no guarantees! (though you should attend everyone’s act out of courtesy, you know?). -- If you know you may arrive late, let me know before hand & I will accomodate you!

    ** I will start the contest off with my song performance (though I am not competing). After my performance I will introduce the next Bard from the Set List. The Bard will then introduce his song and begin to share it via general chat. Each Bard will be allowed as much time as they need to share their song one time, and afterwards they should /bow so we know the Bard has finished. **

    Performing the Song:
    **Songs are to be shared in the General Chat channel.**

    Have your song prepared in some medium before the contest, do not expect to type the lyrics out word for word during the contest... it takes too long, and timing is a critical portion of a good performance!

    Also at some point during your song’s you must play your instrument (bards who forget to strum a tune will be shunned as bad performers!)

    There are two main methods you can use to share the lyrics of your song: Half-Screen Mode, or the Alias Function (which is harder to set-up, but easier to use).

    Half-Screen Mode -- Access half-screen mode by pressing Alt+Enter. You can then re-size the DDO window frame to share half of your screen and open a word document to share the other half. Copy-paste the song into the chat box from the word document. This is the method I use for my concerts & it works really well, though you must have the song prepared already so portions of a verse do not get cut off by exceeding the maximum letters per message.

    Another option, if you have a shorter song, is to make it your character's biography temporarily and simply copy paste into chat from your charcter sheet.

    The Alias Function -- To learn how to create an Alias Function and cater it towards your performance CLICK HERE.
    I highly recommend using this method, for it will greatly increase your ability to Rock! as you sing. Because Aliasing is extremely convienent, I use it for my frequently performed songs. The only difficulty comes in typing the code needed to create the aliases.


    Tips on How to Rock!!:

    The most important tip is this: Don't go overboard! Find a balance & only add the flare that accents your song!

    • Describe what is happening musically in the song. Just because we can’t hear doesn’t mean we can’t feel it. Is it poppy or rockin’, maybe it’s folky or hip-hoppy? Is there a solo – Is it totally wicked shred guitar or technical and spacey making use of all kinds of cosmic feedback? Maybe it’s got a slow triumphant solo like an 80’s power ballad? Let us know! Click here for an example of describing the Music -- Note the use of emotes (/e) mixed in with the lyrics -- Also contaitns an example of color coding.
    • Get creative find ways to get the crowd involved! -- Ever been to a concert where the artist says something like: “I wanna see everyone jumping!!!”
    • Some artists think pyrotechnics make a good show & some audiences agree… Bards get spells you know, plus there are all kinds of cool effects that give you some flare… But in the end, by my book, stage presence and musical performance out-trumps the stage show. Also, if ou do go the pyrotechnics route, don't spam cast you spells, but be sparing.
    • What an artist wears on stage says a lot about their performance!
    • You can add color to your text by pre-empting the lyrics with this code <rgb=#??????>. Where ? = 0-9, A, or F & determines the intensity of the corresponding hue, 0 means that color is not present where 9 & A mean it is maximized . Each color (RGB) has two values (00) to be set; the first two 0's correspond tor red, the second two are for green, and the last two are blue.

    Prizes & Awards:
    Judging will be done entirely by Musicman, so you're gonna have to learn how to Rock as you Roll to impress me the best! Some of the things I look for: Stage Presence & Delivery (how the lyrics are grouped), Crowd Reaction & Participation, Well crafted word-play, Originality (parodies have the potential to still be very original)... And more to be elaborated upon.

    Prizes will be given for specific categories, however, the categories are not final and will change at the whim of my will. These three categories are the only ones set in stone: will be "The Champion," Crowd Favorite/Most Crowd Participation, Best Original Song. Other potential categories involve Best Stage Performance, Best DDO-Inspired Song, Most Eccentric Performance/Song, Best Costume (as in most fitting to the bard for the type of song being performed)... ....

    -= Hall of Fame =-

    Battle of the Bards #5 Champion: Heavymetal (Current Champion)
    Battle of the Bards #4 Champion: Wishsong
    Battle of the Bards #3 Champion: Paprika Dash
    Battle of the Bards #2 Champion: Gabriazar the Infernal Voice
    The First Battle of the Bards Champion was Gabriazar the Infernal Voice.

    Check out Photos of Previous Performances and BotB Oddities at the Battle of the Bards Photo Gallery


    If you require additional information, have any questions, simply reply to this forum post or you can send a Forum PM to Music Man.
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