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    Default Welcome to the Customer Service Forum!

    Hello all!

    We opened this forum with some simple goals -

    To provide you with a way to communicate with GM's outside of the game. This is intended for non-urgent issues! Do not use this as a substitute for submitting a request in-game for a GM if you need urgent help. In-game is staffed 17/7 and is the priority of the team. This forum will be moderated 17/7, but answers may need to wait until the sun comes up in Massachusetts.

    The regular forum rules must be abided by here as well as a couple extra's - meant to keep things friendly;

    Bans - yours or someone else’s will not be discussed on these forums. Threads of this nature will be closed. If you have been banned - check the email you used to register your account for information. All communication about your ban will take place there.

    Issues - yours or someone else’s - If you are unhappy with how a GM handled your in-game issue please visit . After game selection, choose Feedback, and then Support Feedback. Our CS team will review the issue and take appropriate action, if required. Any posts which head down this path will be closed; this includes chat logs or screenshots posted in this vein.

    Lag - We know about it - we don't like it either. If you want to talk about it hop on over to the General forum or to the Tech forum. Posts about lag that end up in the CS forum will be closed.

    Questions or comments which are not specific to the services the GM's can provide (e.g. bug reports, billing, technical support, design decisions or suggestions) will be moved to their appropriate forum or contact recommendations will be made. The GM’s have no access to your billing information, and for your own protection that’s not stuff that belongs on a forum anyway.

    So we look forward to chatting with you and improving our service as well as offering you a glimpse into the life of a GM.
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