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    Default Dedicated Teams, Static Play Game Groups, main thread

    If any Established or New regular play teams would like to expand their ranks or be part of a larger community and have comrades to cheer their return to the Tavern as they prepare to set out with their own group(s) let me know! It seemed like it would be a good idea to keep like minded players aware of each other in case of schedule changes, have a larger known population, or maybe even special events..... Mature Non-rush RolePlay Encouraged Teams Join the Dedicated Teams guild on Sarlona

    Each team is bound by their individual team leader's rules/dynamics and plays dedicated to their respective teams on the appropriate time/day. To get a sense of our current community check out the existing teams running threads.

    ==Here are the Guilds Current List of Teams ( All times are E.S.T. UTC -5 unless otherwise noted)==

    Monday 8:00PM - 11:00PM ( PST UTC -8 ) Weeks 3&4 - Healer or Arcane Needed Level 17+
    Monday 8:00PM - 11:00PM ( PST UTC -8 ) Weeks 1&2 - Any Class One Spot LVL 3+
    Theft's Regular Gaming Group/non-rush/RP encouraged mature players

    Monday 9:00PM - Full Group / TR Lev 1+
    First Guild Group to reach Level 20
    What's this, a visit to the strange druid in the House Jorasco

    Tuesday 8:00PM - Full Group Lev 7+
    Tuesday night Sarlona Dedicated Light RP Party 8PM EST
    Tuesday 8:00PM - Semi-Retired Lev 20
    Connyl's Tuesday night Sarlona Dedicated RP Party

    Wednesday 8:00PM ( CST UTC -8 )- Full Group Lev 1+
    Qbd's Misfits

    Thursday 8:00PM - Two Spots Available Level 15+
    Bellecosa's Thursday Night Dedicated Team

    Thursday 8:00PM - Two Spots Level 9+
    Join the Ala Rubra Team!

    Friday 6:30 (PST UTC -8 ) - One Spot Available Level 17+
    Serai Tanda's Dedicated Gaming Group

    Sunday 8:00PM-11:00PM - Inquire about an ALTERNATE status
    It appears that the Sentient Forged have semi-retired and now have a group of Halflings doing their work?
    It's now a Herd of Halflings!

    Any other interested parties out there ?

    Note: If you see a time slot and the team is full inquire with the team lead anyway or about an ALTERNATE spot ( with so many teams it's hard to keep track )
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