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    Default Commendations not showing up in end reward of level 32 quests - bug with bonuses?

    So I popped a 50% pot to run through some level 30+ reapers for first-time bonuses and noticed I am getting 295 commendations for level 31 quests but no commendation choice for level 32 quests.

    I assume the combination of 15% vip bonus + commendation bonus is putting the total over 300 which seems to be the breaking point for the system. Not a huge deal as I have loads of mats, but interesting especially with an upcoming level cap change.

    Is anyone else with maxed out xp boosts noticing this? If I remember I'll try taking off my master's gift item before I loot the next end reward to see if it drops me below 300.

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    Yup, I'm having the same issue.

    Currently pulling up a (third) main using the alt account, running major sagas on LR1 (RL, Sharn, Fey). I have VIP + 50% running and in RL I was getting commendations in the 290 range. Then the end rewards started to get stripped (no commendations, no guild renown) so I was forced to fill inventory with trash loot. I didn't notice exactly when, but your observation of lvl 32 quests makes sense. Not sure if the guild renown missing is related, but it's immediately noticeable because I usually take anything other than trash loot as a reward (renown, comms, or seeds).

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