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    Default Evolution of a Dragon

    Okay so we have the Feywild pack so here is my idea...
    Kobolds claim to be descended from dragons...what if they were descended from Faerie Dragons, lost their wings, became kobolds...and certain kobold species eventually kept growing and evolved both in form and magical knowledge to become the chromatic and metallic dragons...making kobolds the missing monkey link to dragon kind where new species of chromatic, metallic, and fairie types of kobold could be found very deep underground beneath the Feywild many of whom do not know the surface exists in any place but "Fairy" tales?
    You could have different settlements where its very primitive/chaotic and also others very advanced. A Dragon Realm locked eternally in Kobold wars...all under the Feywild without any above or below with a clue the other exists...except for where the story begins.
    Tiamat returns to her lay and hatch her thousand eggs. Several of which will be born with 2-3 heads or varying colors to serve as Generals to lead the kobold armies back to the surface. While others try to stop them...
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    There's a few special kobolds that eventually retain back their draconic ancestry, which is chromatic.

    If I had to find a hidden history to them, I'd look to the Abishai instead, dragon/demon hybrids made specifically by Tiamat to do her bidding.

    Given the Abishai are obviously newer creations, I'd brand kobolds her first attempt at creating a subservient race.
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