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    Quote Originally Posted by Nugaot View Post
    That and the rest of the proposed suggestions, obviously. 4 +20 hearts, discounts on xpacs, a currency for unique cosmetics, etc. I swear people on this forum are the most deliberately obtuse on the whole internet.
    LOL, yep.

    Droid - automatic quest teleport should be in the game. I've advocated for this many times. But it should be available to everyone. The people that need this the most are newer players (who likely won't be VIP yet). This would make grouper so much easier for them. It may be a QoL for us but it's almost vital for them. The Lam access has already been discussed. I don't know what rest XP is. None of my suggestions are P2W. I've specifically avoided P2W VIP perks because the Devs have said they don't want VIP to be that. Yes, adding Otto's box gives a micro fractional increase in power but I don't think getting a free epic PL once a year is really P2W. It's more a reward.

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