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    Quote Originally Posted by Jbo335 View Post
    Like the dev said, it is not related to doublestrike and it still works as before = you can kill two targets with one assassinate.

    Doublestrike is removed.
    If you fail on first assassinate there is no second chance to assassinate on main hand.

    Greetings dev.
    Assassination has taken now a nose dive in regards to getting a second chance on assassinating a mob that didn't work the first time.
    I would see before the first attack miss but the second attack would get them.
    Now it's just a swing and nothing.
    I suggest to maybe go back and bring back double strike and just beta remove the procs of certain things.
    Maybe start with the augment procs.
    Maybe certain other procs like on Vorpal.
    Remove all the procs and introduce one proc at a time to see which proc is causing the problem.
    Removing everything in a game doesn't narrow down the solution, it will just pass the problem onto some other feature of the game.
    The lag is still very present in this game. I see myself getting killed when I know I moved away from Targeting Circle with enough time to avoid it and still get killed by it. When I see someone in group that is a top player getting killed because they are just standing there and get one shotted when I know they probably tried to move out of the way with enough time. (They wouldn't just stand there to say "Cheese").

    Lag killed us in the Feywild Raid the other day in Bear Fight.
    Please consider to bring back double strike/shot but Beta remove all the procs and turn on one group of procs at a time.
    This way server logs can be reviewed and game client results can be monitored. We do this technique often when looking at metrics in performance induced algorithms and is a viable practice in the industry.
    We can get to the bottom of this. It takes time and patience and perseverance but I believe there is talent there, so we can all enjoy this wonderful game, you've been tasked with, to be stewerts of; a great and expanding community that is....Dungeons and Dragons.
    Be safe out there.
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    Slayers are unplayable now, lag has to do with spawns. wasted Slayer pots on lag btw.

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    Two months later and once again I see that long scroll of numbers flying up the screen long after the fight has ended.

    Seems that this fix did not work as intended + there is more to this game then just raids.

    Can we have our procs back?

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