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    Default Can you please bring back some of the expac's on your site

    Hi i went to go buy Mists of Ravenloft but its not on the site anymore i really wanted to buy the ult fan bundle but cant find it anywhere. well whats frustrating is i can see it in the 59 dollar bundle pack but all the other items and packs in that i already so not point getting it would be a waste,, and it would be a shame to have to spend that much on not getting all the cool stuff that came with the ult fan bundle..
    I dont know i really wish we got hirelings that lvl'ed along with me as i leveled... i spend 129 US so like 160 Canadian for stuff i cant use or out lvl.. i love the stuff in the packs don't get me wrong i mostly bought the big packs to support the game so it keeps running I'm having so much fun in this game... this week i bought 2 129 packs sharn ,,and feywild.. and once i opened the packs i realized i out lvl the hirelings or they are to hi lvl ..that why i buy those packs it for the extra stuff

    anyhow would be nice to see more value out of the packs stuff i can use like XP boosting gear or something to help me lvl since im new to DDO and love the hardness of this game....i played the game back in 2011 when i made my account but didnt couldnt play i think i got to 15 on pally lol and how iv been back for over couple weeks now and man i bought all the packs almost except Mists and now i dont see it ( except in bundle of 4...

    hope to see come back one day on a sale or something and ill keep buying packs to help support this game..

    so would like to see more xpacs back up on the website.


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    You can also get Ravenloft via the in-game store for DDO points; which is your current cheapest option to avoid buying a bundle with the other stuff you already own. They changed all the offerings when they went from outsourcing the market to handling it in-house so I don't know if we'll ever see the old ultimate bundles again, but hopefully knowing about the in-game store offering helps.

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