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    Default Artificer DPS Build Question

    I am about to play an artificer for the first time and would like to do DPS instead of tanking, preferably ranged DPS (last two characters I played were Barb and Rog and I hated chasing everything around). I do have a few (3 or 4) past lives under me so no endgame builds that require all the past lives etc. I have been stockpiling runearms and currently have 9 or 10 of them so I think I have each level covered through to 30 as well as I am currently playing a Rogue so I am sure some of that gear would cross over so gear should not be a deal breaker (I am sure I could use a ton of improvements but I would be mid range throughout the whole thing). I mostly do quests on either elite or R1-3 with a group of teammates so this does not need to be super elaborate.

    Does anyone have a good build for this?

    On a side note I have only been playing for about a year (little less) so I know a little bit about the trees but not really the combinations and such so telling me to put X points in this tree and X points in that tree is not super helpful at this time.

    Thanks for any and all help.

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    Do you have access to the Inquisitive universal enhancement tree? If not, you could follow this build:

    It's old, but should still work for a pure Artificer. If you do have Inquisitive, then you would do something focused focused around that, it works well with Artificer and is much better than the Arti Battle Engineer tree.

    I can't think of a specific build to link for Inquisitive, but there are a lot around on the forums that are fairly recent. The main choices in the tree would likely be the same for any ranged build, regardless of class.

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