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    Quote Originally Posted by droid327 View Post
    You can actually run the numbers - I surprised myself when I did, to be honest:

    I've seen people say they can clear the 7500 Slayer milestone in a good group with a 1 hr slayer pot, which is +200% bonus, then that's about 2500 actual kills. At 5% drop rate, that's 125 Favors.

    I've seen people say they can clear the event in a good group in about 3 mins, and a full clear gives 12 Favors, so that's potentially 240 favors an hour.
    Except the good group of players getting 7500 slayers in an hour will probably only obtain at most 1000 kills for the biggest aoe hitter of the group and thats only 50 favors at 5% drop rate. That is the actual relevant comparison here. So 5 runs of the event for a good group in 15 mins or 1 hour in TH will give pretty equal results. If however your not the top end aoe build then I expect an hour in TH will equal pretty much the same as 1 or at most 2 runs of the event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by koriolis View Post
    Wondering if taking the punch while doing the party challenge would substantially add to the favor gathering. Quite a few kobold mobs there, so if you either soloed it (slower of course) or be the one clearing the mobs it might add substantially to the party favor earned.
    But I might be wrong of course ????
    It adds, but it doesn't add substantially. With such a low party favor proc rate, you won't pick up a lot of favors even if you kill every mob in the quest yourself.

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