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    Default Sorcer Build R4-R6

    Hello people of the forums! I'm coming back to DDO after a few months hiatus with a group that is about to freshly reincarnate. I've been playing the divine caster game for a good while but this time around it's sorcerer time and I'm in fresh territory. I run with a stable group that has an experienced tank and 1-2 healers, and I am looking for a sorcerer build that will be able to function in a party in reapers 4-6 usefully. Are there any particular builds out there right now you all would recommend? I've seen fire sorc builds all over the place but they mostly seem geared towards turning on in the later epic levels when all that tasty epic raid gear comes online instead of being functionally useful in R4-R6 prior to that point.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaoshin View Post
    ...I am looking for a sorcerer build that will be able to function in a party in reapers 4-6 usefully. Are there any particular builds out there right now you all would recommend?...
    There is no "R4-6" build - that is all gear and experience. With the right gear, any well-built Fire* or Elec sorcie can do the job.

    (* If you have Tiefling, Fire Sorc is the way to go, hands down.)
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    Feats: Max, Emp, Evoc/Wiz PL/Completionst, Enlarge, Quicken, Spell Pen ...

    Level 1-3: Use Fire + Acid SLA for damage. Take utility spells.
    Level 4: Scorch w/ max is amazing damage. Get core 2 in fire savant for more damage.
    Level 5: Fire Caves in 3bc only, swap to cold. Use Snowball Swarm with maximize. Then swap back to Fire + some acid for the other quests in 3bc.
    Level 6: Fire Ball
    Level 7: Acid Ball.

    Level 12: Swap to Electricity. Chain Lightning (the true powerhouse of the heroic sorc) with some Ball of Lightning and SLAs from the Air Savant. Cone of Cold for lightning immune mobs.
    Air Dance + run speed boost from Falconry + Chain Lightning = amazing.

    Level 13-19: Add in some cc using Disco / Mass Hold.

    Level 20: Back to fire. DBF + Meteor Swarm. You can swap back at 18 if you like.

    The rest is gear. Ioun Stone at level 5 for loads of spell points is very recommended so is the spell absorb ioun stone. RL belt for extra spell power. Anniversary sticks are good. Crafted Gloves for insightful spell power.

    Have fun.
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    Thank you for the advice. They are appreciated!

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    It's going to depend a lot on your gear set. Sorcerers have been really strong at levels 10 and 15 once they switch to their Ravenloft and Sharn gear but now the same is true about level 5 thanks to the Seasons gear from Feywild.

    I use something like The Prince's Scepter, The Leaf Mail, Cloak of Winter, Vambrace of the Summer Court, Deadringers, and Ring of Summer's Heat at level 5; Barovian's Scepter, Flame Sphere, Dragon Eyes, Kindred Pendant, Barovian Nobles' Regalia, Scarlet Scale Cloak, Blurfingered Gloves, Spinneret, Burnscar Sash, and Softsole Slippers at level 10; and Wild Flame, Arcsteel Brim, Collective Sight (Con), Blessed Vestments, Hallowed Trail, Hallowed Castigators, Celestial Topaz Ring (Cha) and The Shattered Onyx (Cha) at level 15. Some of these items might change if you're not a fire sorcerer, particularly at level 15.

    Sorcerer is typically really good in Heroics even without all this stuff but if you're running quests on R4+ they will almost be necessary, so I would recommend farming most of this gear out before running you reaper life on sorcerer. It will make things much easier.
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