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    Sorry to hear Lynn doesn't like communicating with us anymore. He was probably the brightest spot amongst the

    That is sad.

    On a positive note - glad Lynn is still in the background (I think). Hopefully, he is still reading the forums, and getting some ideas about what makes players happy and what makes them mad. Hopefully, he still fixes bug and that they don't get ignored.

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    When the company has no customer service, and customer problems go unacknowledged and unresolved, the company employees interacting with the customers end up getting dumped on. Those employees end up backing out of customer interactions for understandable reasons. The end result is a lose-lose for everyone, all because the company refuses, or is not allowed, to have customer service. This is not a good indicator for the future of SSG or DDO.

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    But... we like Lynn, please don't stay away from the Forums if the Discord people are mean.

    I greatly appreciate all your work, the fixes of everything you are able to, and engaging with us in a MUCH more positive manner than the others over the years. Sorry you got stuck taking some unwarranted blame for what others have done wrong because you actually showed up and treated us with respect.

    I realize the stupid decisions and horrible treatment of the players/non existent customer service is above your pay-grade.

    It is a real shame you were brought into a company whose corporate culture is to despise its customers. I appreciate all your positivity.

    I definitely vote the new Swedish owners keep you on board!!

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    I appreciate every dev posting on the forum or in the discord because it is not a priority in their job. That would be the job of PR and/or someone else from customer relations, in this case most probably the community manager.
    As for the toxicity here or on the discord: there are a lot of things going wrong at the moment and very very little seems to change for the better. If a player is unable to play the game for whatever reasons and gets no to dismissal answers from the company, that situation is bound to get explosive. That is a situation where the communication with the player base becomes vital. It takes a lot of work and time to establish a positive customer communication especially when it is on a low like for now. And since nothing is done in that regard the situation won't get better.
    And if some dev or even all can't handle that situation, it is better to stay away. That is sad but it is the result of a long-time development and nothing surprising. If SSG likes to make this better it lies in their hands.
    I doubt there will be any change though. The forum will blow up even more often and violently.

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    In general we prefer that people don't call out specific developers for attention, particularly if the intention is to discuss frequency of posting and what that might mean. The thread is now closed ahead of the weekend, as the discussion is already veering into inappropriate territory.
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