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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    The Snowpeaks Festival has been extended through February 9th! Enjoy another week of the event. Let us know how you've found it!
    it was worth doing. it was worth doing hundreds of times. it wasn't exactly exciting or particularly inspired, but... with an hour of listening to music it was bearable in short doses. i say that because i ended up running the slopes over 300 times. each run took 40 seconds plus loading/recalling so i would set up a play-list and zone-out while skiing for coins at the end of a play session, for about an hour.

    and it wasn't enough. even grabbing the cosmetics and half-a-dozen of each augment, and many hundreds of cookies (big thanks for this, cookies are great!) i know i'll need more. so i hope it runs next year! and i hope there will be new courses with awesome layouts and power-ups and jumps! ;-)

    edit: just wanted to add... i'm one of those players who participates in every event. even the festival of the traveler. i think the snowpeaks instanced event is a huge improvement from the bogwater half-pipe and the harbor ski jump. the past few years i could usually pull in 250-500 purples a day, using alt accounts who just stood around near a purple waiting for it to reappear, while continuing to run quests with my main account. at the end of the winter event i would sell my surplus on the shard-ex and this year all my auctions sold. it felt like it was too slanted towards multi-box farming.

    not so with the snowpeaks! i couldn't get enough coins/keys to satiate my appetite for the goodies offered, and i suspect i will have to run it every year, making it a much fairer way to offer seasonal rewards. if there are new courses next year, 2 thumbs up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    No, neither the Frozen Keys nor the Coins you acquire will expire, and can be used in future versions of the event. If that were to change in the future, we'd let you know, but that is not the current plan.
    Uh... that's not the current plan? Gee, thanks.

    As a long-standing member who has been thru a crafting revamp, among other things, it gives me great comfort to know this game is like any other MMO: We Will Do What We Will When We Will and You Will Love It.
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